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  1. The only thing that is clear from that video is that he put his hand up to his lips. Did he blow into his hand? Was he hitting a vape? The video cuts away too soon to tell. Don’t you agree? Also, even if we saw a vape cloud I think it would only tell us he was vaping. Not what he was vaping. You can definitely produce huge clouds of vape smoke from nicotine. I’ve been in a vape shop/lounge where guys filled half the store with a cloud of nicotine from a single inhale off a vape using one of those vapes with the big wide mouth pieces on them (can’t remember what they’re called).
  2. I would love to see Gronk sign in Buffalo as long as Tre White was cool with it, and I’d imagine he probably would be. Gronk was still a very dangerous weapon when he last played. If he could help the Bills win a super bowl I’m all for it!
  3. How can you tell from that video? You never see a vape at all, let alone the color of the substance in the vape tank. Its not even clear if he’s actually vaping.
  4. Bills seem intent on trying to lose this game. For as good as their record has been this season, there’s been too many games like this.
  5. If you have a 4k TV, the game is being broadcast in 4k + HDR if you use the Fox Sports app to watch (just sign in with your Tv provider to watch for free). They are going to broadcast all their playoff games in 4K HDR.
  6. So sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and your family and her kids.
  7. I swear, the Sabres are allergic to being in the playoff race. 😂
  8. Thanks! Yeah I figured out they didn’t send him down while watching the Sabres game last night when they mentioned what Kevyn Adams said about 3 goalies during the broadcast, and Comrie said after the game that UPL was supposed to play last night but was sick when he came to the rink that morning. Im glad. UPL has been our best goalie this season. If they are trying to win there is no reason to send him down. He needs to be playing.
  9. I’m guessing UPL was an injury call-up and had to be sent back down to Rochester when Comrie was activated. I guess they could’ve tried to clear a roster spot to keep UPL but I’m not sure who you waive. But they definitely need to get him back up in Buffalo, especially if Comrie looks like crap again. The Sabres just played one of their worst games in months right after UPL was sent down. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. They looked flat, and Anderson struggled. They can’t afford to piss too many more games away like that (especially against crap opponents like Philly) if they want to get into a playoff spot…
  10. I’d be surprised to see Pete Carroll retire. He’s seemed reenergized all season long. And Seattle just made the playoffs + they have that bounty of picks coming from the Wilson trade. Would Kraft move on from Belichick? I think he gets at least 1 more season, but who knows. I don’t think Belichick retires though. I think he might be chasing Shula’s all time win record. Rivera - who knows what Washington will do. But with all the turmoil would they really want to have a coaching search right now? How would that even work with the whole ongoing ownership situation? i could see Rivera retire for health reasons though. And I could see Washington fire him.
  11. thanks! I follow some other DIY speaker channels but I wasn’t aware of that one. Those speakers look amazing. Definitely way above my skill level. lol I was originally thinking something like one of these kits (link below), but ideally cutting all my own wood. Or just having a cabinet shop or some place with a CNC do the cuts for me. It would still be cheaper than a kit. All the cuts are available for free online. They’re even optimally laid out on each 4x8 sheet to use the least amount of wood as possible. https://shop.gsgad.com/products/devastator-mkii-horn-baltic-birch-single-unit Or something more simple, like just a sealed subwoofer box with lots of bracing. Something like this https://www.parts-express.com/Denovo-Audio-Knock-Down-MDF-4.0-cu.-ft.-Subwoofer-Cabinet-for-Dayton-Audio-18-Ultimax-300-7089 but if I went that route I’d be building it to hold a 24” subwoofer driver (stereo integrity HS24 or Harbottle 24). I actually just bought a 2nd 18” subwoofer for my home theater so I don’t think I’ll be building a DIY one in the near future. But I definitely want to try the 24” sealed subs and one of those refrigerator sized 21” devestator bandpass subs some day! I think what I’ll most likely try to do is build a speaker kit for my front L + R + center speakers. There’s lots of different kits available online. Some you can buy flat packs for but most are just the speakers and crossover parts + plans for the cabinets (list of cuts). maybe something like this. They get silly loud with tiny amounts of power from your amp (so you can just run them off a basic av receiver instead of needing more complicated and expensive separate amplifier setups). Btw, how did you get into woodworking? What are your favorite types of projects to do? love that tv stand
  12. Going to be a tough game if he does. This was the matchup I wanted the least. Would’ve rather had the Steelers or patriots.
  13. Wow that’s some nice work! You have some skill! I’ve thought about trying to build my own speaker/subwoofer cabinets but I don’t really have much experience with woodworking and only have basics like a jigsaw and circular saw. I don’t even have a router. It would have been tough cutting the holes for the speaker/subwoofer in the front baffles without a jigsaw. It’s still something I’d like to try in the future though. You can get an awful lot more performance for the money by going DIY with speakers and subwoofers, and there’s tons of free plans available online. If anything I’ll probably go with a kit that comes with a flat pack for the cabinets, so all I’d have to do is glue + clamp them together. But then it would add to the cost, obviously.
  14. That part sucks too but at least with that, I have faith Bills fans will fill up that stadium! I’m more aggravated about the #1 seed being handed to KC. yeah they may have. There’s no way to know. But since they didn’t it’s hard not to feel like the #1 seed is being wrongfully taken away from us. This is the first time the Bills have held the 1 seed this late in the season. To see it lost because of unprecedented circumstances feels pretty “Buffalo”, don’t it? 😂 It is what it is though. If the Bills can’t get through a #7 seed then they probably weren’t going anywhere in the playoffs anyway.
  15. That’s a lot of money. You could get a high end OLED TV (or mini LED or QD-OLED) that you know will have an amazing picture for the same type of money. What type of screen is it using? Is it just a cheap LED? Or is it OLED, mini led? Id also be skeptical of it running off a battery. I feel like that’s going to negatively impact peak brightness levels of the TV. I don’t see how the battery will have enough juice for a good HDR experience. But maybe it will?
  16. Well, it looks like we are going to have the #1 seed stripped away from us. Over a game we didn’t play, despite beating KC head to head and holding the 1 seed most of the season. Such BS. I still feel like if we win tomorrow they should at least flip a coin to decide the #1 and 2 seeds. Seems more fair than going off win %.
  17. you had me agreeing until that part about how you know for sure the bengals would’ve won. We bills fans were also confident in a win. Our defense always seems to struggle the first couple drives of the game but then dial in as the games goes on and bend but don’t break when the games on the line. I believe Every game we started down by a score we won, too. but anyway, that’s besides the point. None of us know how that game would’ve turned out. I feel like both the Bills and Bengals are getting the short end of the stick while KC is the team making out (if they base the #1 seed on win %). The Bills have held the #1 seed most of the season. They controlled their own destiny. Nobody could take the #1 seed without a Bills loss or tie. Now, if they go by win %, the Bills will be stripped of the #1 seed even with a win on Sunday. Despite the fact they hold the #1 seed now and beat KC head to head (like Cincy did). And if they go by win % we don’t even get a 50/50 shot at it with a coin toss. I agree the bengals did everything right. I feel the same way about how the Bills handled it. I think both teams are first class and I have a lot of new found respect for Zac Taylor and Joe Burrow. Between this incident and the Andy Dalton miracle pass that helped break Buffalo’s 17yr playoff drought I feel a kinship with bengals fans. I’ll be rooting for Cincy to go all the way if the Bills are eliminated.
  18. If they are going to flip a coin to determine home field advantage for Cincy/Baltimore even though Cincy would have the better win percentage, then they should do the same for the #1 seed if both Buffalo and KC win Sunday. Its certainly better than stripping the #1 seed from Buffalo to hand to KC even though Buffalo holds it now, and has for most of the season plus beat KC head to head. At least a coin toss would give the Bills a chance to hold onto the #1 seed (if they go by win percentage).
  19. That was the name of my first dog!
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