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  1. From ESPN: In a pool report, referee Carl Cheffers said down judge Mike Carr saw Toney lined up offside. "Ultimately, they are responsible for wherever they line up,'' Cheffers said. "No warning is required, especially if they are lined up so far Offside where they're actually blocking our view of the ball. "We would give them a warning if it was anywhere close, but this particular one is beyond a warning.''
  2. This may have already been posted. It shows how far Offside Toney was much better than the screenshot with the deceiving blue line. how spoiled are Mahomes + Reid that they think this call should have just been overlooked? offensive Offside has been called a lot more frequently this season (I think this was the 12th time)
  3. I really hope they are able to find a way to bring Floyd back next season.
  4. Holy moly, talk about disfunction… Reich never stood a chance win Tepper meddling. https://theathletic.com/5105215/2023/12/06/carolina-panthers-frank-reich-firing-david-tepper/ There’s a lot more details in the story. Any coach with options would be nuts to take the head coaching job in Carolina. I don’t see anyone having success there with Tepper meddling so much.
  5. Seems like the typical Kevyn Adams trade… low cost, bottom of the roster replacement level acquisitions. lol Hopefully we only gave up future considerations. He was on waivers earlier this season and has played more in the AHL than NHL this season.
  6. Well, that rochester stint didn’t last too long… he played a whole 2 games! lol Probably has to do with Comrie looking like dog **** in both his starts. Maybe they felt the competition with Levi was pushing UPL more too? Levi did look good in Rochester but again he only played 2 games. I’m not really understanding the point of sending him down. Unless they felt he just needed a couple good games to get his mojo back?
  7. Yeah, I’ve already kind of lost interest again. Not totally. I’ll flip the game on to check the score, and will maybe watch a bit if they look decent. But I haven’t sat to watch a whole game in a couple weeks now. such a shame. They were finally winning the fans back and now they’re pissing away all that progress they made with the fan base. I don’t know wtf happened to the fun to watch team from last season 🤷‍♂️
  8. I’m glad to see them make this move. It needed to be made. Now we have 2 goalies, like normal teams and they can start getting into a groove playing games instead of trying to rotate 3 goalies. Plus, like you said, playing so infrequently wasn’t helping him. Now he can hopefully play more often (though it looks like he might enter a similar 3 goalie rotation in Rochester). I think this sends the right message to the Sabres players too. This season isn’t about development, it’s about winning.
  9. Detroit Red Wings signed Patrick Kane to a 1 year, $2.5 million deal. Fine by me! I was nervous about Buffalo signing him after the hip procedure he had. I don’t think any NHL player has ever been able to come back from it. Iirc the most games played by someone who had that procedure is 30-something games (?)
  10. It’s great to see him playing so well. I know it feels like he’s been around for quite a while but he’s actually still young for a goalie (24yrs old). Ryan Miller didn’t become a starter for the Sabres until he was 26. I hope he can grab the #1 job and run with it! If he keeps playing like he has been, Granato needs to start using him more like a #1. I know they want to get Levi games but he’s struggling right now and the Sabres can’t afford to develop a goalie at the NHL level. If UPL and Comrie keep consistently out-playing Levi they need to bite the bullet and send him to Rochester, where he can get a #1 workload.
  11. Holy moly, what an amazing first goal for Benson! When I played hockey that was always my favorite move to try on a breakaway. It usually worked better in roller hockey than ice hockey though. lol
  12. what did you do to get it to embed? Just change the x.com to Twitter.com and then hit enter? trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong…
  13. https://twitter.com/danorlovsky7/status/1724488266890534965?s=61&t=mvFwLU5P2NuqNnOmVpYtwg edit- can someone tell me how to embed tweets now? i tried changing the link to Twitter.com then hitting enter with my cursor at the end of the link. What am I doing wrong? it used to work here when Twitter first changed to x.com. But now it doesn’t.
  14. For those who haven’t seen this video yet, it’s a good watch.
  15. I think he’s probably been their most consistent player so far this year. I hope they can sign him to a reasonable extension.
  16. thanks! I tried it using the original x.com link (posted it and hit enter) and also tried it when I changed it to Twitter.com is it different on mobile? (I’m using an iPad) it used to work for me then it stopped when it changed to x.com. Then I was able to get that to work for a while by changing it to Twitter.com and hitting enter. But now none of the methods I try seem to work anymore.
  17. https://twitter.com/BuffaloSabres/status/1723013868706783546?s=20 Savoie making his debut tonight! edit - can someone tell me how to embed tweets now? i tried changing the link to Twitter.com before I posted it but it didn’t embed. https://x.com/BuffaloSabres/status/1723013868706783546?s=20 https://twitter.com/BuffaloSabres/status/1723013868706783546?s=20
  18. I am not feeling overly optimistic about getting a win tonight. The Sabres haven’t won an away game against Carolina since 2016! https://mcubed.net/nhl/buf/car.shtml This is one of those teams that gives the Sabres fits. edit - they lost in OT. At least they got a point.
  19. Everyone always talks about Buffalo being at a disadvantage when it comes to recruiting players but I always said that I thought it could be used to our benefit (if they ever built a winning team) and I feel like this regime shares that view. You aren’t going to attract players looking for the nice weather or night life and big party scenes but that’s a good thing. Anyone coming to Buffalo (now) is coming to play football and try to chase a championship. There’s also a lot less off field distractions in Buffalo vs big cities and as Josh Allen said, because of there being less to do off the field it gives teammates a chance to hang out more and become closer.
  20. I am the same way with dogs. I feel like I just get them (better than humans sometimes. lol). Working with dogs is just something I very much enjoy. I am very big into training them and have spent years studying and learning their language (like what different gestures and behaviors, etc, mean). I can pretty easily read a dog’s body language and gestures/behaviors. It’s so much easier to train and communicate with them once you learn how they “speak”. Anyway… Yeah, losing a pet sucks. I’ve owned dogs my entire life and it never gets any easier to lose one. My condolences on your loss. My best advise is get another dog as soon as you feel ready (IMO, as soon as possible). I don’t mean that to sound cold in any way. I know No new dog can ever replace the one you lost but it can sure help fill that void they left. I lost all 3 of my dogs over a 3 year span back about 8 years ago and it was awful. After the 3rd passed away I swore I wouldn’t get another dog for a while. I made it 2 weeks and decided to just go to the SPCA just to “look”. Well, I adopted a dog and it was the best thing I did to help me heal. Don’t look at it as “replacing” your previous dog. Like I said, no dog can do that. They all have their own unique personalities. No dog will ever be the same as the one you lost. But getting a new dog really helps fill the void. The house is just sooo empty when you’re used to having animals. Getting a new dog brings that life back to the home and gives you something new to focus on. You will still miss your old dog but it really helps getting a new pet. Anyway, that would be my suggestion. I’d also suggest adopting from the SPCA (especially if you live in a state that kills their shelter dogs) or an online group that rescues dogs. Then you get the added reward of knowing you helped save a dog’s life. My most recent rescue came from a kill shelter in Virginia. He was scheduled to be put down in days (before I got him). It still makes me so sad to think that anyone would even think about putting this dog down. He’s probably the smartest dog I’ve ever owned, and maybe the most trainable dog I’ve ever owned too. He was a bit high strung when I first got him but he just needed a little training and direction. He’s so eager to please but he didn’t respond well to certain training methods, and trying to yell would actually make him get More hyper (I try never to yell at my dogs anyway, it’s unnecessary IMO). He just needed to understand what was being asked of him and once I found the right method the change was drastic.
  21. It’s being reported by multiple sources that the 49ers traded one of their two upcoming 3rd round comp picks for Chase Young. https://twitter.com/MaioccoNBCS/status/1719434535698616499?s=20 https://twitter.com/albertbreer/status/1719428975250768379?s=61&t=mvFwLU5P2NuqNnOmVpYtwg https://abcnews.go.com/Sports/commanders-trade-chase-young-49ers-round-pick/story?id=104524725#:~:text=The 49ers are projected to,sent to Washington for Young. So maybe you can trade them before they are officially issued? Unless it’s being reported wrong. I know they changed the rules 5-6 years ago to allow teams to trade comp picks but I don’t know the specific rules on it.
  22. Good point! and they replaced Edmunds with a much cheaper LB that’s played very well.
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