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  1. Ain’t me slick - I wouldn’t sign up for that cesspool
  2. You must be feeling good about these moves
  3. Imagine Deek's disgust when marriage is used in another context - ie The dark chocolate marries well with the golden tenderness of the brioche
  4. Not that it matters but Trump couldn't even get the conspiracy talking points right during the debate.
  5. We even use different words for different peppers - poblano, bell, banana, etc. Banana can also be plural - bananas - to imply multiple peppers of that variety or also a type of fruit, and your current state of mind.
  6. As to how we are giving out candy... for years we have tied a bucket of candy to a rope and dropped it off the balcony while the kids walk up the front step. Shares the crap out of the kids and the parents love it. Will be doing that again this year obvi.
  7. Should have accepted it tomorrow so you got Claypool this week assuming a 3 day trade review!
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