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  1. no way I take this post serious.
  2. no name

    Ice Cream

    I dig those blizzards. m&m's and reese's peanut butter cup. nothing beats a vanilla soft cone on a hot day as well.
  3. no name

    Wolf? Dog? Werewolf? Bigfoot? Beerball?

    wolf. but hey, if it were england then
  4. no name

    I miss Leodis McKelvin interviews...

    this thread is worthless and led to the usual idiocy that some portray on this board.
  5. no name

    Video Games

    for now until I get an ssd I play the older games. BFBC2, BF3. I will hopefully have the ssd by the time BFV is released. I miss the old BF2, I played that until it was no longer supported and my favorite of the BF series, chinese maps were the best. BF1 or BF4 I have no desire for either. bought BF1 and uninstalled/money returned, it sucked and BF4 is full of hacks, likely the worst of the series. Release Date October 18, 2018 BATTLEFIELD™ V DEPLOYS OCTOBER 2018
  6. no name

    Video Games

    I'm in to PC gaming. I'm this side of 60 and the popular server I play in is named old men gaming, go figure.
  7. no name

    Favorite Bills game last season

    yep, this one.
  8. I hope the young man gets the help he needs.
  9. no name

    Gronkowski to be a Bill....

    for initiation can we take him behind the wood shed with everyone wearing forearm guards and beat the living snot out of him?
  10. no name

    What are your plans for this weekend?

  11. no name

    Josh Allen already impressing in Buffalo

    it was mockery, at it's best I may add...
  12. no name

    Josh Rosen already impressing in Arizona.

    hey OP, other then a few rosen fanboys here I don't think his "impressing in camp" is important to the buffalo bills or the fans that could care less about that blowhard. but here you go, you can follow him closer here http://forums.azcardinals.com/
  13. no name

    The Bills did not "luck" into the playoffs

    no, but the bengals sure got lucky beating the ravens, no? had that not happened, this thread would never exist.
  14. worrying the hell out of me. I must of gained more gray hairs just in the past few hours...