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  1. Doyle would have looked good in that play but he is out on IR for season.
  2. I turned off game. I was actually starting to root for Tephlon T*m to have comeback in game rather than looking washed up. Yea we want the Chiefs to lose but not by T*m looking good.
  3. Just waiting for NFL filmed in 3D aren't you?
  4. For their own mental health they should be banned from shout box. They can spend the time getting counselling.
  5. Clearly you got lowest grade on criminal justice degree.
  6. Fifth round (#163). New England gave us that pick as compensation for signing restricted free agent RB Mike Gillislee.
  7. Iron McKenzie. He was a main target of this game good portion of game. Reminded me of his highlight game. Devin Singletary. He became a multi threat and even Thurman would like his performance. Only fair since they showed up in 1st half for Ravens.
  8. Agreed. Number of people I grew up with spent their time drinking and partying after working in gas stations during school. Most were underage but had someone in party a few years older. They used to criitisize me for my nose being in book but some of them are still working in gas stations while I have been professionally working since I graduating college. ironically I collected the cans they left behind each night for my spending money.
  9. Remember watching it with original shorter theme song as a kid. Originally it was on Mondays but I also remember it being shown on Saturday morning when I was bit older.
  10. I did not realize barbell curing was a spectator sport.
  11. I agree but diagnosis should be done as soon as possible for others' safety. Amazing that Teflon Tom could get coach removed but not get him a job again. Perhaps me meant arrest records.
  12. Shouldn't we be concerned about the Phish Fans who have the equivalant of a Volkswagon up their butts?
  13. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31850139/korey-stringer-death-20-years-later-lasting-impact-how-nfl-changed
  14. Wait to he has to go to Buffalo for playoff game. I mean as spectator since he will not be going as a player.
  15. The players will still vote for him as MVP even if sacked and knocked out for season. Bills are short Defense Linemen. They ought to sign Trent Murphy for the game and Lemur will find a reason to not play. https://www.buffalobills.com/video/highlight-trent-murphy-trips-up-deshaun-watson-for-third-down-sack
  16. He is a Billi-Cheat disciple. He will put 12 men on field and find some way to say rules allow it forcing rules to be updated.
  17. NFL should make a rule. Three hours before game there will be a coin flip with the 2 GMs. Opposing team gets to call and if calls it correctly gets to choose side of field for their team. Plenty of time for teams to set up equipment. Having to be on wrong side of field for game will make teams think about giving advantage to one side of the stadium. What is next? Having sewer run under opposition side of field?
  18. Beane should be checking PFF - like a hockey player.
  19. Good news for Hart. Think he saw future weather report?
  20. IMO if you are in front row best seats in the house. My friends (who are on this board) had front row seats in section 219. View depends on partly what row you are on. Bills used to have a seat cam but since I cannot get tickets now I have not checked to see if page is still available.
  21. He is getting a chance to prove he can be a starting QB and I am sure he is doing everything he can to be availabllity. Availability is one of the traits most football teams demand.
  22. I broke my arm playing pickup football and did not notice it. When adrenalin was out of my system I discovered I broke both of my bones in my forearm clear through and my arm made a Z shape. I was in cast for next few weeks. Broke cast over head of someone who thought it was funny that he could pin me with good arm in locker. While he was stunned I picked him up with one good arm and held him by his neck hanging over railing in Amsdell middle school (now called Frontier Middle School), I was suspended for a week and him for a month. No one ever picked on me again in school. It is a amazing what you can do when adrenalin and other hormones are high, The opposite can happen if your nerve is hit at wrong angle. Depends if Bills can get a doctor with reference from Mijami's doctor to clear him.
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