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  1. Cam was taking Taron Johnson's position but not his role. He was not doing everything Taron was responsible and game plan was designed to give him help. There is an opening for PS players to be signed. It is what happened with Eagles and signing our 7th round offense lineman.
  2. A late round pick is going to replace a veteran who is known for going over the middle and finding spots in zone coverage? Nahhh.
  3. It has happened for other teams in last 2 decades as they changed the rule in NFL and will happen again with 17 game seasons.
  4. Allen’s second TD pass to Knox was his 103rd career TD (passing, rushing, receiving), moving him one ahead of Jack Kemp for third on the franchise list among quarterbacks.
  5. Bills will not play 2 LBs with him not in MLB position. He is in MLB so he can cover most of the middle of field. If Edmunds is in Milano role the Bills will go with 3 LBs.
  6. Boettger is a better run blocker than Feliciano and has been improving every year unlike Feliciano.
  7. Terry is in charge of Sabres; Kim for Bills - she is even one who attends NFL meetings and on committees.
  8. Except he has not been covering TEs this year Poyer has; a better team would have exploited Poyer and Milano being off.
  9. He lost to the Steelers because they spent most of their offseason preparing for Bills rather than AFCC opponents. Evidently Mike Tomlin get a burr under his shoulder pads about loss to ex-teammate.
  10. Belicheat. Cheating in all phases was what transformed team into a winning one and the fact they could not stop after being caught or almost caught shows how important it was in their winning.
  11. Every time he has gone into game on defense he has done something good. He is probably going to be one of those players who when he retires fans and fellow players will be saying "he could have done so much more."
  12. Boettger is a better run blocker but he was making plays in passing game. He also made several holes for RBs.
  13. I hope Steve Tasker knows. She was a friend of his for many years and watched his children. Rest in Peace Cindy.
  14. It makes sense on way he presents stuff that he came from education. He can be a fan boy when things are going well but does not pull his punches.
  15. Some people are Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and makes part of each not alike. I have been told I am that way, I was posting late and forgot to include "and Allen".
  16. The Buffalo Bills Backers of Northern Virginia are having their 25th Annual Buffalo Bills Backers of Northern Virginia Tailgate on Sunday, October 3 in conjunction with UB Alumni Association. We will have Bills games shown on all screens, inside and outside, including the huge one obtained each year for the outdoor beer garden. If you have not been there recently Jimmy's has expanded with a new "Buffalo Wing" designed by our member Uncle Dave. Please pray for him as he lobbies in heaven for a miracle - referees calling a good game. The alley will be opened up with autographs and pictures with guests including Scott Norwood. Regular NFL Hall of Fame FB and WR Charley Taylor health has not been good and will not be with us. Our thoughts are with him. We will be having our usual raffle with large variety of prizes, small and large raising money for charities including Hunter's Hope and UB Alumni Scholarship fund. Buffet will be available as items ala cart. Jimmy's Old Town Tavern http://www.jimmystavern.com/ 697 Spring Street Herndon, VA 20170 (across from Ice House) Location: Google Maps Free Parking at Municipal lot behind Ice House. https://weather.com/weather/weekend/l/8c3fb9f46f4f410c24fef3e7758d615649be32e34f2d1953eebed8dfcb823ca7 Weather Forecast for Sunday
  17. I believe those are mostly goal line TDs. More interesting would be record of running yards by QBs for TDs.
  18. It does not help with crowds when opposing team has many fans because Bills are selling tickets to travel agencies (some out of area in zip codes Bills will not sell season tickets) which sell them to opposing fans. They used to sell them to Bills Backers Groups.
  19. Zach Moss and Allen are a lot alike. They both are full of nervous energy until they are hit. Zach has been using mediation to help him focus. Josh ought to talk to Milano and get his trainer to help him.
  20. It reminds me of Jim Kelly. He would switch to defense when opposition player caught his. He broke the leg of one intercepting player although it was not intentional.
  21. Usually those conditions are kickbacks and access to box seats for contributors.
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