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  1. How did @BADOLBILZ & @ScottLaw get roles in the new film?
  2. Not live it won't. I am thinking of cancelling NFLN and contacted customer support and I was told they will only have the replay games. Some games like Bills trampling of New England I wanted several times and good that I had NFLN since Verizon FIOS will not allow you to record unless you rent their DVD recorder and when you stop paying you lose everything you recorded.
  3. Doyle has shown to be able to be utility player in 6 man rotation so it is another factor in his favor.
  4. Very sad. He has been a guest at our annual tailgate several years.
  5. Cute! In high school my science teacher had one and I used clean his labs cages. His boa would wrap around me and just hang on while I did the other cages and then fed him the mouse. He associated wrapping around me with dinner. I wonder how my wife would react if I wanted to adopt it.
  6. I am only ashamed of replying to your thread.
  7. I do not think they care about specific weekend especially President's Day weekend. They want playoffs during sweeps month and that goes up to early March. February 3 - March 2 is either this year or next, listing does not list year.
  8. I have always thought he looked like a JEST fan.
  9. The problem is the league wants no games prior to Labor Day and pushing it further into February IMO is asking for trouble like a playoff game needing to be moved. Maybe the NFL will come up with plan that teams which are #8 in ranking in hunt for playoffs for AFC and NFC will be emergency playoff sites assuming THAT stadium will be available for a game. I expect NFL has already told all teams that their stadiums must be available (not scheduled for other events) weeks of playoffs, Imagine the issues if they didn't and events were scheduled in their stadiums when teams were still in playoff hunt.
  10. It is hard to decide what to criticize $nyder with first since there are so many things to do so. It would be a PERFECT team for board members who all they have to say about Bills is criticism.
  11. Weekly package is 15 games out of 18 weeks. Last game is week 17 so people subscribing per month only need to pay for 4 weeks. I can see some people signing up for just the games with monthly packages and then getting hooked on other things converting it to yearly one. Not most television packages, NFLN is not on all packages only on higher level tier packages and they carried games last year. I added NFLN to watch Bills game which were mostly on NFLN at end of year and not only had to pay more I had to pay Verizon FIOS to pay them more. It also neglects to mention that currently Amazon does not have a commercial contract so bars which can show games. This I think will impact ratings and I cannot see Amazon not trying to cash that check so I expect one to come out this year but may be too late for many bars financial planning schedules. I do think that there will be a lot more broadcasting from computers in local areas of games for friends outside viewing area.
  12. Who will be fired/promoted to get him to come back?
  13. Well he is (in)famous. His thread is #4 in search for Gungy on google.
  14. I agree he currently sucks. It takes longer to recover from pounding he got as a JEST and it takes time to unlearn everything he learned. This made it a bad deal for Carolina. Darnold needs to be backup on a team with a good coaching staff and some work during off season as well. Sorry but Bills slots are full unless he wants to sign on practice squad.
  15. Would you have a different attitude if his career ended there?
  16. I am sure a lot of his browsing has to do with music. He sent me a track from his band and it was pretty good.
  17. Buffalo Is Still Reeling From Mass Shooting: ‘They Already Don’t Care’ https://www.vice.com/en/article/k7bqgz/recovering-after-buffalo-shooting Note: Singletary referenced in article is not player. His first name is used once.
  18. His baseball team may be of questionable taste but see no reason for him to delete history.
  19. So you are saying in today's dollars it costs as much as a few LA/LV style football stadiums. Hope that puts something in perspective.
  20. A friend was called and told "Happy Father's Day" by a childless friend. He was asked if you got a president on Father's Day what would you wish you got? His response was "A second vasectomy. The first one failed and if it was successful I would not be a father."
  21. Not Jake Kumerow (correct spelling). He is seen as a key special teams player who can do spot play as WR and who is a good blocker as a WR. Bills do not USUALLY ask for a restructure to save money and then cut the player the same year so his spot is safe as long as a player does not out perform him on special teams and can handle the spot plays Bills use him in. If a team offers Bills a pick or player they can use (not one cut in training camp) more likely.
  22. Cheating was the driving force and the Director of Spying and Cheating retired (supposedly, though since salaries of consultants and staff do not need to be reported not necessarily true. Billi-cheat never told a truth when he could tell a falsehood).
  23. On Mother's Day I called my aunt who is my godmother. Will no good to call my uncle who is my godfather for he is having memory issues.
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