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  1. I don't remember much "winning going away" when grant was in there.
  2. Wire to wire home loss on senior night to a four win GT team... Add that to a home loss to a two win BC team. I wonder if duke has ever had two home losses in a season to teams with a similar record. In my opinion the season is over, grant's 11 points 7 rebounds is not saving this.
  3. This isn't even a top 25 team at this point... Terrible
  4. What hurts most is fair's and cooney's shooting. I have no idea where we are going to get points from
  5. I love watching this team and their hour long scoring droughts... I can't stand hearing how teams get hot shooting from three like it's an excuse. It happens all the time because of the zone. The zone leads to win accumulation in the regular season but you always run into a hot shooting team at some point in the tourney.
  6. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this game comes down to the end
  7. I don't buy all the talk of ennis and grant being gone, they need a lot of work. If I'm an nba team I want a player that can actually score
  8. I don't think it's an either/or scenario
  9. It was going to feel like a loss if they didn't blow them out. BC is bad, they have 2 wins in the conference both against VT- and we lost to them at home... It's pretty bad.
  10. I'm worried ennis is starting to hit the wall. Minus that last amazing shot he hasn't been playing well lately.
  11. Another close game... They play every single game close. I can't think of another #1 rated undefeated team that plays every game close. You would think they would mix in a blowout
  12. I can't believe this team is undefeated. They are maddening to watch at times, they can't score or rebound.
  13. I don't think SU matches up well with Duke, they shoot too well. Cuse played about as good as they could in the first half and they're only up 3. I don't feel good about the second half, don't think they can score enough. Hopefully cooney can get hot and Duke gets cold
  14. Amazing!!! Congrats 83!!! I was beginning to wonder if it would ever happen
  15. Mack's not an ILB, he's a pass rusher and the superior talent. I'd pass on Mosley. I agree, you don't take an ILB that high, unless he's super special.
  16. Maybe he needs to put together his staff quickly and this is the best he could do. Maybe he thinks he is an absolutely amazing coach, I don't know. I do know that it is ridiculous to think that it is some sort of message to Marrone.
  17. We went out and got arguably the best guy out there and still kept our best assistant in Henderson. There is nothing to complain about except to complain. Our defense will be just fine and might actually stop the run.
  18. Very impressive that our first year coach's assistants are all being hired for promotions.
  19. No arguing that. All I'm saying is these QB's are not all that. Any QB would be successful on these teams.
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