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  1. If Carrie didn't get voted out last night after this week's peformance, then she ain't getting voted out! I've liked her all along, but she saved her worst for this week and was still in the top two. If she rebounds I think she should take it easily.
  2. The most telling part of that article for me was the mid-November reporting date to get credit for service, thus fulfilling Henry's contract obligation to the Bills. Don't expect to see him here before that if he doesn't get traded or outright released. And if it comes to that, just how valuable a backup is he going to be for the last month and a half of the season after not playing football, no training camp, etc?
  3. I'm all set! Just waiting for them to pull the plug
  4. Yeah, nothing against Artie, but IMHO compared to the likes of Corrolla or Breuer he simply doesn't stand up to them. Mimmicking and stupid and/or obnoxious comments don't cut it for me. You can get that stuff every day hanging out with your friends, but someone who is actually funny and lends comical perspective to every day current affairs is more rare and brings a lot more to the table. Although, I have to admit I was crying when Artie relayed his story of doing coke in his pig outfit
  5. Wasn't that Vinnie Favali - CBS VP of late night programming, east coast?
  6. Yeah, he was pretty good. Actually reminded me how much better the Stern show could be if he actually got somebody funny in there to replace Artie, like a Breuer. I loved when he used to have that guy Adam I think from the Man Show sit in and just chime in with his comical commentary. Very funny stuff. Artie doesn't do anything funny for my taste - just makes stupid comments whereas those others add some comical creativity.
  7. OK, here's the procedure for AOL: 1. Select settings from the AOL toolbar 2. From settings main view by category 3. Under customize AOL select view all 4. Under How AOL works select internet (web) options 5. On the browser settings page select Clear My Footprints tab 6. Select Clear my Footprints 7. Select Save That should do it. I was able to get to the stadium wall right after following that procedure
  8. Gandy cannot be our starting LT on opening day. If he is, get ready for Holcomb
  9. I'll predict Bo in the bottom two. I didn't think he did anything special, and frankly, I don't think he has that great a voice. If I voted I'd get on this votefortheworst campaign and keep voting Scott on! Simon makes his money from the record sales after the season, and it'd be funny to see him have to market the worst to make his money!
  10. I was getting the test page for www.stadiumwall.com using AOL dial at home. I was able to resolve this issue by clearing my footprint. During this time I was able to get to www.twobillsdrive.com
  11. It might have been a little soft, but I thought Clay er Anthony's second performance was pretty good, better than Scott's. I think it'll be between them two, and I think Anthony probably has more fan support. I see Bo and Carrie in the finals.
  12. I was one of those having the problem for a good week or so. I tried refreshing, then typing in the URL, to no avail. Scott advised to clear my cache, which I did, but that didn't work either. Finally went to live AOL technical help and they had me go to settings, internet options and select clear footprint. It worked right after that
  13. Being in Chicago, that's pretty much the consensus around these parts. The only thing we've got to pin our hopes on is JMac, but as someone already alluded too, he can only do so much as was evidenced by Lawrence Smith last year. As a diehard fan, I am praying they have another plan for a starting LT. In my amateur view, LJ Shelton would be a better option at LT than Gandy. We'll see when he's released whether TD was blowing smoke or not. If Gandy lines up as our starter on opening day, I can't help but recall the Jerry Crafts disaster years ago when we were sold that he was a starter
  14. Last night restored a little faith in the voting system! Constantine was absolutely "horrid" and deserved to go. And just to prove it wasn't a fluke, he followed it up with anohter horrid performance on his way out. Good riddance! And BTW, the GF was also happy he was gone, because he is "creepy" the way he stares straight into the camera - "looks like he's undressing you with his eyes - EWWW!"
  15. No thanks. Anyone who missed TWO extra points in ONE game is officially dismissed in my book as being anyone I would ever want around my team.
  16. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - Gandy sucks! I don't know where people are drawing their conclusions from that Gandy, and even worse, Peters, are starting left tackle material in the NFL. I've seen Gandy play, and he couldn't cut it on a woeful Bears line. Now all of a sudden he's the answer at LT?
  17. I saw some reporter from the Dayton Daily News reported it, but we don't really know what's going to happen. Just because someone today says a 3rd is their best offer doesn't mean they might not give a 2nd tomorrow.
  18. They've been running these all week, so I think this is a new show. Thanks to TiVo I've been able to catch most of these, but I'm still not sure why they've only been running them at like 1:00 or 2:00 during the weekday
  19. At this point, I think my preference would be to see if we could steal a 2nd outright from somebody. If not, then I'd take Kelly. Either way, we'd still get LJ post June 1. So we could end up with 2 2nd rounders and Shelton or our 2nd rounder, Kelly and Shelton.
  20. I put in a write in for pretty boy Mike Doser There's a Doser fan club around here somewhere that I haven't seen in awhile.
  21. Gandy is not a starter at LT! He is the equivalent of starting Jerry Crafts if he ends up out there on opening day, and we all know how that turned out
  22. I've seen plenty of Gandy here in Chicago, and believe me, we do not want him starting at LT!!!
  23. It's also about frequency. Get enough "no faults" and your risk rating will still change, affecting your rates. If this is the only accident he should get a flier.
  24. I'm looking forward to trying the Buffalo taste out. Does anyone know the specific dates? I think Chicago might have about the best Tastes in the country, but you can't go wrong with all that Buffalo food
  25. I expect about the same level of play we got from JJ. A little better in the run game, and he may need some help with chipping against some of the speedier DE's. I fully expect JMac will upgrade his level of play and we'll be pleasantly surprised. I certainly prefer this option over Plan B, which would be to move Teague out there.
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