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  1. Enjoy the CFL. You and the rest of the flakes deserve each other. What does 3:16 convert to in metric?
  2. Get over it! Tebow lost, again, and looked horrible doing it. Hope you enjoyed your little run though, because I doubt Elway sticks with him as starter.
  3. I don't know, but it seems they should have the money, and they have to spend it somewhere.
  4. Hmmm, you seem to be lumping everyone elses comments back to me. I just asked that his many supporters show up, win or lose. I thought it might be amusing, and it has been.
  5. Funny, I thought I read many times in these very forums that "Tebow" just wins.
  6. Didn't see too much Tebow love in this thread after that embarrassment. What thread are the Tebow supporters hiding in this week?
  7. Cowher has already turned down 3 teams this year (didn't say who), plus Dolphins have confirmed Jeff Ireland is making the personnel decisions there no matter who the coach is, so that pretty much rules guys like Cowher, Fisher, Gruden, etc. out.
  8. I didn't bump the "TEBOW!!!" thread. Nonetheless, looking forward to hearing from the Tebow supporters after the New England game, in whatever thread they choose.
  9. How 'bout his supporters show up, win or lose? See everyone after the New England game
  10. I'll stick with the one we know. VJ is no angel himself.
  11. I got over that awhile ago. Time to let it go. The Bears certainly are not among them, and thus lost their GM as well, and are rumored to be interested in Polian (and the wheel goes round and round).
  12. How many signs do we need that SJ is as good as gone? Guess we'll just have to wait until it's official, but he's gone.
  13. Must be nice to have $10,000 to flush down the toilet. What a maroon
  14. Wow - strange bedfellows. Going to WGR! Maybe Schopp starts talking Bills. http://www.buffalonews.com/sports/bills-nfl/article694869.ece
  15. I'm just glad he's out of Buffalo. Don't really care what he does elsewhere.
  16. All those thinking Denver will win, please contact me via PM and put your money where your mouth is. I'd be happy to take your money.
  17. Thank you KTD, that was my point. Some are way too fast around here to pass judgment and make false assumptions. Not sure if they need surgery to remove the broom, but let the facts come out before making stupid statements about a player deliberately wanting to hurt his own team.
  18. No, no it was obvious and he knew full well and pre-meditated a way to hurt his team.
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