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  1. This would be a very Jetsy thing to do. The Jets have an excellent group of RBs and even if it takes a few games for Breece Hall to get back to form they still have Carter and Knight who were very capable last year.
  2. Dear God...that's even worse than I remember.
  3. Could easily see Dalvin end up in Miami.
  4. I know this probably isn't worth much since its a "friend of a friend" type of thing but I spoke with a good buddy of mine last night who works at ESPN, most notably on College Gameday. This friend is not a Bills fan at all (he once had a full beer can chucked at him at a tailgate a few years back since he was wearing enemy colors) but went out of his way to heap praise on Dorian Williams of all people when we were talking about the draft. Said he had a chance to cover a lot of Tulane games and Williams always stood out not only on the field with his play but off the field where he was rallying his teammates and going over plays with underclassmen on the sidelines. My friend was convinced he was going to work his way into the Bills starting lineup by the end of the year just on his tenacity alone. Like I said, I know it probably doesn't mean much but interesting to hear from someone who works in college football coverage have such unprompted high praise for Williams.
  5. Matt Ioannidis might be the DT they are targeting I think. He's got experience in the Bills defensive system (played for Rivera for a long time), highly aggressive pocket collapser, former teammates with Tim Settle, also has DE flexibility which the Bills covet. Would make a lot of sense.
  6. There were reports at the start of FA that the Bills were interested in RT Brandon Shell. I'm guessing it'll be him, Murray and a cheap DT (not Poona Ford, I'm thinking he wants way more than what the Bills can offer). Would be extremely surprised to see any big name DEs like Floyd, Clark or Ngakoue sign with us, all can command much bigger contracts elsewhere.
  7. Drew Sanders would be an excellent addition to this team, I would imagine that McDermott sees him as another Kuechly because of his range, demeanor and reliability. I wouldn't completely disqualify the Bills trading up into the early part of the second round to land an OT prospect as well, I think having that extra third round comp pick next year gives them a bit of leverage to trade up if there's a guy they really covet this year to provide competition to Spencer Brown.
  8. My PalmPilot is totally confirming Stevie's beeper info.
  9. Doesn't look like its from the most reputable source, but hey...an interesting option. Although I would imagine his salary would be something of an issue too.
  10. Time to pound this team into the ground this year. Both times.
  11. I had a hamstring pull a year ago, pretty severe one that wasn't torn but was extremely painful. Took me a good month to feel back to normal but that was without any docs or trainers so obviously McCoy has that advantage. His timetable to me definitely seems like it is within normal parameters for even a severe strain.
  12. Don't discount Wood, he had a really strong preseason a couple of years back that netted him a job as an UDFA. I'm sure he suits up tomorrow, we'll see what he can do. I'll echo what everyone else says about Bryant though, great signing. I love the idea of an exhausted, beat-up and frustrated Guard finally thinking he gets a break when Dareus and Williams get pulled on a play only to see Red Bryant and Alex Carrington starring back at him.
  13. No reasons. Just the tweet roughly an hour ago. Here is the verbatim tweet: As I said last night, it remains unlikely -- despite Rex's dinner -- that the Bills sign La'el Collins.
  14. Its from Rodak (who I know some truly loathe) but he just tweeted that the Bills are unlikely to sign Collins, despite Rex meeting with him. Looks like all signs point to him signing with the Fins.
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