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  1. And AB was a much better player. AB was 4 time 1st team all-pro, and 7 time pro bowler (led the league in TDs in 2018 and didn't get 1st team all-pro, so probably almost 5 time). ODB has 0 all-pros, 3 pro bowls and none since 2016, Missed time with injuries, and hasn't been very good the last 2 years. If only ODB was as good in real life as he is in his mind.
  2. If he costs 10 to play, and 8 to cut. You would need to ideally use the savings to improve the position. If you don't do that... you shouldn't cut him.
  3. 2 years for an ACL is a bit strange too - maybe some kind of infection slowed his rehab? I'm sure he probably could've played this year but its easier for the team to IR a guy at a position where you only carry like 3 guys. You only can take 2 back from IR too, and coleman/mostert/breida trifecta with Juscuzkyk is about as good a group as you can get.
  4. AB seems like he is a narcissist who has surrounded himself with people who puff him up. He's a great football player, but he's been propped up in his mind that he's some larger than life persona. And like no one agrees. I don't know that its CTE, so much as narcissism going fully unchecked and untreated.
  5. Any thoughts on Mckinnon? He's a guaranteed cut... because of his contract. I'm leery of the injury history, but i doubt it would cost much to bring him in. I always found him to be pretty quick and dynamic, fast with a do all style as well.
  6. He'll get moved post-draft. Miami will pick a QB in this one whether its Tua, or Fromm, or Herbert etc. Free agency will shake out, and there will be teams out there looking for a young QB to groom/compete. How about i dunno - one?
  7. Yeah - the YPA, NY/A, ANY/A numbers are where the biggest improvement needs to come. More completions, more attempts, fewer yards. Completion % will bring those numbers up, as will hitting some of the deep ones.
  8. If you're the bengals AJ green is exactly the guy you keep if you draft burrow. Assuming some of their offensive linemen don't get injured this time around.
  9. So are pitchers on performance enhancing drugs. It helps with recovery etc. Clemens and Pettitte didn't give their rings back if i recall.
  10. That would have been great.. just meet him at his favorite lunch spot. "OMG are you jerry coleman?!" and of course he's like "yeah" cuz he thinks hes super famous... then WHAM knockout punch. and get out of baltimore.
  11. I don't think so - it just prolongs it. Nobody stripped anyone of anything after all the steroid/HGH allegations.
  12. He played about 66% of snaps this year for them (inlcuding missing an entire game). Murphy and Hughes both played about 63-65% of snaps with lawson at about 45%. So his snaps probably decrease in a role here.
  13. Yes - Liuget will be significantly cheaper than phillips. I liked him though - seemed to make plays. Big strong butt 😂
  14. I do think pass rushers tend to age fairly well? There are examples of guys playing well into their 30s. Especially as a rotational pass rusher.
  15. My thing - everyone is tough on their phone. And yes - this guy was running his mouth. I would never comfortably insult people like this guy, and he's like a (relatively) public figure. He also has an incredibly thin skin to just let people get to him with insults - DMing strangers and reporting them? I thought you were a tough baltimore guy! You can apologize, or you can literally do nothing and it will go away. Instead he kept provoking people, and then baltimore lost which just resulted in even MORE confrontations. Just spiraled out of control. Either way - flying to baltimore to fight him is crazy. Don't do that.
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