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  1. Losing the week 17 game to get into the playoffs... while playing terribly? I'm not surprised his teammates aren't sold.
  2. Gotta cut him in the first 2 days of the league year or he gets a 15m roster bonus and ur basically stuck with ben.
  3. Baltimore's rushing attack is a lot different than anyone else. But I think we can crowd the LOS - attack the mesh point and identify the RPO read. You can't let the 5-10 yard completion turn into 20+. 3rd downs and 3rd down defense. If you can create turnovers, even better.
  4. That was mostly just switching how they were blocking heyward. He was a problem, they adjusted and the steelers couldn't fix it. I'd like to see some mckenzie motion in this game, same with diggs. A timely screen to knox. The john brown screen call if they give those 0 looks.
  5. 3 playoff wins since arians left, and i outlined them. Playoffs in 5 of 9 years, 3 total playoff wins. Never beat manning or brady in the playoffs. So for basically the 15 years coaching, it was patriots colts and later denver that you had to beat - and he has 0 playoff wins over those guys.
  6. He's a vastly overrated coach imo. His super bowl win - Avoided manning in the playoffs (played chargers and ravens), and it was the year brady tore his ACL. 2010 they made it to the super bowl, and guess who they avoided again... manning and brady. This time it was ravens and jets. Hell, his last 3 playoff wins are against miami (that 2016 gase playoff team that was bad on o and d and somehow made it), cincy (aj mccarron), and KC (pre-mahomes) - those are the 3 playoff wins since 2011. Losses to Ravens, Broncos, Patriots, Jags, Browns.
  7. If you're doubling diggs - you don't have 2 safeties, and you aren't blitzing. If you spy allen with a LB, that likely means max 4 man rush, and spies are usually within 5 yards of the LOS. Seems like you'd then have a big gaping hole 10 yards down field in the center of the field. 3 of their top 10 paid players are corners, 3 more are pass-rushers. Rush 4 or 5, occaisional blitz and play man. I wouldn't get too creative here - you will get burned occaisionally, but pressure leads to turnovers and thats probably going to be the difference here.
  8. He has the ability to take over a game - and i'd consider him the only player on their offense with the capability of doing so. To me though, its at least as likely that their defense plays well and limits the buffalo offense. Lot of talent in that unit and they're healthy.
  9. Addison lead the team in sacks and TFLs. Butler I feel was forced to play out of position, and jefferson has as well. The interior has been a mess and a lot of that is missing star on early downs. I don't think keeping both makes sense at this point - as i don't believe either has really outplayed or even pushed oliver that much. Addison is probably the one of the 3 i wouldn't release.
  10. Allen seems to have the understanding of what to do after they shut the communication off though. If we tried that i think were getting gus/ricard/andrews and a lot of hurt. He had the same problem in San Francisco too.
  11. I kinda like mckenzie more than stills as a receiver threat at this juncture. We already have 5 WRs with skill sets - Only way i think he goes, is if bease can't.
  12. Which is crazy - they are season ticket holders who were willing to get covid tested to get into a game. Now they lose their tickets... and will likely get arrested if they ever get in trouble at a game again (If you're banned you are trespassing)
  13. Would the eagles consider roman? Or are they set on trying to lure a college coach like Riley?
  14. The only guy i might consider is shula, since he has relationships with McD and Dorsey. I'd probably prefer dorsey
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