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  1. I think the impact of 4.9 YPC and 4.3 YPC is tougher to quantify than a WR who can have a higher YPC (by yards), or who catches a higher % of targets (gets open,makes plays in traffic etc, creates a higher yard per route run).
  2. They're right on the cusp of paying the QB though, and that means you need more players on cheaper deals. Especially along the lines.
  3. The jump from 2-14 to relevance takes some time. The jets will have a rookie QB and added 1 WR to the worst offense in the league. Defense stunk last year too. So i doubt they move much. I think NE will be more improved, and probably finish ahead of Miami in the division. They added a lot of talent to a team last year that honestly probably performed better than their talent level suggests. Miami will get a premium pick at the top of the draft, but their offense was pretty bad last year and their defense was really overrated. I agree on NE. I think between Kelce
  4. If Bojo signs for less than 2.7 its cheaper to cut hekker. Its one of the worst places to punt in the NFL. He probably thought he could do better numberswise elsewhere. I know moorman had a nice career here, but he was clearly the outlier among buffalo punters in the last 30 years.
  5. I think you only do the trade-up if you're comfortable with a group of top tier guys.
  6. I think at 6 they can get 1 of chase, pitts, sewell, smith. So no matter what they're positioned for a playmaker on offense, or upgrading the offensive line. They also still have 4 of the first 50 picks. But they're a 10-6 team with 1 win over a playoff team (a rams game where they had under 150 yards of offense, 8 first downs, and 2 D/ST TDs), and 4 losses to playoff teams where they gave up more than 30 points a game and like 450 yards in each. They aren't a finished product on either side of the ball - and Tua needs to make a big jump for them to stay where they are in the
  7. I agree on many of the points here. 3 1st rounders last year, and ii didn't really love any of the picks. In a talented WR draft - and at a position of need - they didn't take one. I wasn't impressed with Jackson, and the corner they picked played like 25% of snaps behind jones/howard. If you have 2 good corners under contract for a while, why would you take another? By the time he has a spot to start he'll need to get paid. They also moved fitzpatrick (an all-pro) for picks, and didn't exactly replace him. 4 picks in the first 50, they still need front 7 help, they could u
  8. And they're positioned well if someone wants a QB ahead of detroit/denver.
  9. And thats the first pick of the draft! how can you not get that one right?
  10. It's also what Whaley did with Manuel FWIW. They still don't have much of a run game, and their offensive line isn't noteworthy. Parker/Fuller/Williams/Bowden isn't bad, and Geisicki is a good player. I think if the option to move down a few picks and get something else in this particular draft year - could be appealing. But to state that a WR/TE pass catcher is the biggest need is failing to look at the big picture. They currently have 2 coordinators this year so i have no idea how that's going to work for playcalling/QB development, and to me a solid run game is
  11. Also kinda difficult to really thump with a messed up shoulder.
  12. Same, i don't think i've watched anything bengals since the last time they played buffalo.
  13. I think a bucs brady cover might be in the cards tbh. Make up some of that money he's not getting with the team friendly deal.
  14. I'd at least have him line up where he fits. I know he was playing 1T a fair amount especially early on with Phillips and Jefferson struggling.
  15. Geisicki, Smith and Henry in NE, Kelce, Gronk+Brate/howard, Hurst, Ebron - some good ones on the schedule this year.
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