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  1. Makes sense when our QB is on his rookie deal.
  2. dneveu

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    I doubt he cared about the furniture. He was trying to take the furniture out - so she would leave.
  3. dneveu

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    They have posted plenty of pictures since then of them together and happy... The lawyer's description of events doesn't seem to have enough for probable cause. They would need to catch the actual people who did it... search their phones or have them make a statement implicating McCoy.
  4. dneveu

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    It's also incredibly possible that a "friend" of shady's knew he didn't live there currently and went there to lift some specific valuable items for their own personal gain.
  5. dneveu

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    If he asked someone to go there to retrieve say - a piece of jewelry. It's going to be hard to say that he asked him to assault her. If there isn't a phone record, and you don't know who did it though - how can you accuse him of literally anything?
  6. dneveu

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    Right - but why would you want to be in a house with no power? Can't see anything, can't cook anything, cant even charge ur phone to order a pizza. So i have to think they made him turn the power back on or something.
  7. dneveu

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    So she's living in a house with no power...? and inviting friends over? Not saying anything about the assault or whatever - i just think that is strange.
  8. dneveu

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    I guess they could subpoena for his phone or something... but if they don't catch the people who actually entered the home and robbed her - its going to be really hard to find him responsible in the slightest. Even if he asked people to sneak into the house and take his jewelry, etc. from the house - it's unlikely he asked those people to assault her. It seems like a lot of the problems in her life at the moment are stemmed from a bad break-up with him, and her side of things is that he must have been responsible for this happening. It could also just be poor timing and a home invasion/robbery. I don't know the house - or his role in any of this... so no matter what it will be difficult to find him guilty of anything. The additional accusations levied against him also seem a bit out of bounds as the people accusing him are unlikely to know him well enough to be able to determine any of those things other than hearsay from what his angry ex told them.
  9. I had quite a few the night before, blacked out, messed up my hand in a fight, and was puking into the woods/porter for a good couple hours that morning... classy i know.
  10. Jeff Tuel start against KC. I should preface this by saying that i was incredibly hung over which didn't help the experience. Just an absolutely frustrating game that epitomized the last 15 or so years. An 8-0 Chiefs team came in and was completely outplayed, and Buffalo lost by 10. Pick six was terrible - as he scanned past a wide open stevie to throw it to double covered TJ Graham. Graham also fumbled away the game in the 4th quarter. Held them to 115 net yards passing and sub 100 rushing and lost... by 10!!!! Such a terrible game to attend.
  11. dneveu

    6-15: Brandon Beane on One Bills Live

    We're tight on space right now and its a double cap hit if we cut him. Theoretically you could trade him, as they would assume his guaranteed 2018 base salary. Shaq lawson is also unlikely to be cut as it costs more to cut than keep. He's also a trade candidate, but Murphy's coming off an ACL and Hughes isn't getting any younger. Yarbrough showed flashes, but he didn't impress in the extended look at the end of the season. I think I'd prefer both players stick around as it is likely we're not in for a particularly successful season. We're already carrying 47 million in dead money in 2018, and I'm not sure how wise it is to add to that pool without getting a return. Currently we stand at 15 million in space going into the year for the top 51 but we still have to sign Allen, and we need to have flexibility to add players mid-season for injuries. They would probably also like to carry over some cap space into 2019 so they can front-load contracts a bit more to manage the cap down the line.
  12. Too many injuries for this to ever work.
  13. Wasn't he hurt for most of that time? He has no practice squad eligibilty, and no ones going to give a camp tryout contract to a player mid-season. We brought him back because we saw a bit of what he could do, and he probably liked it here.
  14. I guess off topic - but can people be rehabilitated? I don't know what he did, but it was also 20 years ago... he attended anger management, did community service, substance abuse counseling etc. Is it possible he's a better person now? Like why is Tim Graham bringing this up?
  15. dneveu

    Cavs, Bills, and Situational Awareness

    Yes, Norwood was a first-team All-Pro in 1988. But to that point, his longest career field goal on grass was a 41-yarder against the Miami Dolphins in 1987. According to a 2005 episode of a defunct ESPN series entitled The Top 5 Reasons You Can't Blame..., during the previous five years leading up to Super Bowl XXV, kickers missed more than half of their attempts from 47 yards on grass. Norwood didn't have a strong leg to begin with and was less familiar with kicking off grass than some of his peers were. He spent his entire career playing home games at Ralph Wilson Stadium (known then as Rich Stadium), which at the time had artificial turf. Thus, during the course of a 108-game career that spanned seven seasons, he had made only 18 field goals on grass. To that point, he was 8-of-17 in his career on grass, with most of those good kicks coming from short range. He had attempted just one field goal of 40-plus yards on grass in the prior two seasons—a 42-yard miss in Cleveland—and was 1-of-5 in his career under those circumstances.