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  1. Yeah - i questioned the julio addition when they did it. I think the idea was to replace corey davis - limit the route tree and have that deep threat over the top, and someone who can make contested catches. Tannehill throws a good deep ball when its there, but Julio's lack of health has harmed them and now without AJ brown they're missing their main threat in the passing game. I'm not sure Julio is straight up washed though either. I also don't really know how to fix a player whos hamstring has been screwed up since the beginning of 2020. Prior to this consistent hamstring issue his injury history was mostly stuff he could play through, and the broken foot that took him out of the 2013 season.
  2. Some injuries on D as well. Obviously on O they're missing henry, julio, brown so... a lot. They're also missing bud dupree, david long, rashaan evans, caleb farley on defense vs. the team that played buffalo. Landry and autry gave us problems, but dupree on the other side requires some additional thought. They were missing both ILB's on defense and it seems like NE made their money in that area of the field. Farley was their 1st round pick and starting CB.
  3. I'd look at patterson. Can take carries in backfield, and mckenzies role - returner if you want. Will probably be more expensive but at least he fills a couple of holes.
  4. I've had him for 2 years. 1st overall, then kept for pick 10 in the first the next year. He's dead to me 10 games played, finished 6 of them. 0 100 yard games in 2020 and 2021. 0 rushes longer than 20 yards. 34 first downs on those carries 158 carries. 29 1st downs on 54 catches 8 TDs across the 10 games 667 yards rushing on 158 carries - 4.2 YPC 492 yards receiving on 54 catches - 9.1 YPC Fantasy wise the usage is high - 20-25 touches per game, and PPR he's good for like 5+ catches per game. His yards per touch were up from 2020 to 2021, but usage per game was probably down a bit. At the end of the day though - High ankle sprian, shoulder injury, hamstring injury, and ankle again. He's still a dynamic player, but could you get similar production out of 2 cheaper backs? Factoring out some truly small sample sizes - Hines, Pollard (this guy is better than zeke), Chase Edmonds, Kenyan drake - these guys all have similar yards per touch. All are paired with more conventional between the tackles rushers. All have better offenses than Carolina, obviously QB is a huge factor here. But he's the among the highest paid players at his position and I don't think his impact is great enough to change them from bottom 5 to top 10. Through looking at all this, i did find some interesting numbers. Despite Kamara averaging more than double the yards per reception (9.7 to 4.5), devin singletary and him have the same yards per touch. Singletary has 5 fumbles and has lost 0 (I feel like all of these aren't fumbles, but why would you challenge something for stats if you recovered it)
  5. Yeah, Brown hammered us in that game. Much more effective contested catch receiver than... checks notes... cody hollister?
  6. I think buffalo can beat any team in the AFC if they play well. They may play NE 3 times as well, which is both good and bad. Baltimore is also an interesting case - their defense is up there with Buffalo and NE. They just need to figure out how to more effectively pass the ball, they are loaded with weapons. Cincinnati could also surprise someone in the playoffs.
  7. Those AFC teams all play each other the rest of the way with a few jags/texans games sprinkled in. Even Miami with a losing record has won 4 straight, and i don't think anyone wants to play them at the moment.
  8. The titans were also basically a shell of their team as well. Every team is banged up and guys all over are less than 100%, but they're missing WR1, WR2, RB1 as well as starters at LB and G. Out - Julio Jones, Nate Davis, AJ Brown, Rashaan Evans, Jeremy McNichols, David Long, Derrick Henry is on IR too.
  9. They've had 2 punts blocked this season, neither were for TDs and 0 points were scored from them.
  10. Didn't stevenson have a muff in the game this week?
  11. Dobbins isn't a 2000 yard back (i guess if you go by college, but Singletary had almost 2000 in college). He had 800 in 2020, and blew out his knee this year. He also only has 18 career catches. If you're thinking of taylor, he was selected prior to Epenesa. I like dobbins, but ravens have made running backs look good for years.
  12. While possible its likely the AFC west cannibalizes itself. Chargers - Bengals, Chiefs, Raiders, Broncos - assuming they beat giants and texans they need to win 2 of these 4 to get to 10 wins. Broncos - Chiefs, Bengals, Raiders, Chargers, Chiefs - assuming they beat detroit, they would need to win 3 of these to get to 10 wins. Raiders - Chiefs, Browns, Broncos, Colts, Chargers - assuming a W against washington they would need to win 3 of these to get to 10 wins. Chiefs - Broncos, Raiders, Chargers, Steelers, Bengals, Broncos - They would need 3 W's to get to 10 wins. Colts - Patriots, Raiders, cardinals - They need to win 2 of these to get to 10-7. Patriots - Bills, Colts, Bills, Dolphins - 8-4 and need to win 1 of these to get to 10-7. Browns - Ravens, Raiders, Packers, Steelers, Bengals - need 4 wins to get to 10. Titans SHOULD get to 11 wins with jags, steelers, dolphins, texans, 49ers and needing 3 W's. They obviously have a head to head matchup with buffalo. Looking at those scenarios above i don't see how 3 wildcard teams finish with 10 wins.
  13. Guess we should just pack it in... even though literally like every contender is flawed.
  14. 1 - He seems to have some juice to front-side those outside zone runs we run so much so we aren't constantly getting hammered from the backside. 2 - We have no idea if he's any good - the line is cobbled together at the moment and it shows. I'm good with trying stuff out though, if it doesn't work its not like Ford isn't around. 3 - Agree, especially if we're going to try and run the ball more effectively. I like sanders - but at this point with bease banged up i'd like to see him splitting some time with bease. 4 - I'd actually argue that he should be used more on offense. The jet action creates issues for gap integrity, and hes shifty. 5 - guys invisible so i'm good with anyone else taking his snaps. 6 - He's not that bad, I'd like to see Hughes getting some more snaps at his original position on that side though. 7 - disagree, dont get away from what you do well just because of a bad day at the office. 8 - No need to fire people mid-season unless there's an active issue. You can move other coaches into the room if you want additional input. I would argue tempo as the big thing that they can change. Obviously you can't always run no huddle, incompletion basically kills it - but after a 1st down to hurry to the line with a 2nd play and get the defense guessing? This is how you can get them on their heels, get them confused, get them caught etc. If the next play is a plus play, keep rolling them and force them to abandon their plan.
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