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  1. I mean - everything Garrett did was dumb on that play. Everything Mason did... was also dumb imo. You're seriously going to kick at the groin of a defensive end and try and rip his helmet off? I'd expect 90% of QBs to get up looking for the ref to complain. But i guess since the game was over they were just saying lets fight.
  2. I mean, richie used to chuck them. And he'd get tossed/suspended for that kinda stuff.
  3. 6 games feels a bit light to me. I'd say indefinite so he misses regular season, and playoffs, and then decide the rest of his suspension in the offseason.
  4. Haven't even brought up how you are more likely to get a holding penalty on a running play than a passing play - which i believe is also true. Especially when you employ Lee Smith 😄. So you're more likely to gain fewer yards than on a pass play, and more likely to get a penalty (and the defense is less likely to get a penalty like PI, Illegal contact, or defensive holding). To me Play action is like a pump fake - its not going to get them every time... but if you keep doing it and run out of similar formations - its not even that they have to respect it, it just creates some space.
  5. Can't blame them... each team only plays 16 games which is by far the lowest. Yankee stadium seats 47,000 - if they make the playoffs, they'll play a max of 11 home games. The patriots finish with the best record and they get 2.
  6. Yeah 1 bye, 3 wildcard games and then everything else is roughly the same. The #2 seed no longer gets a bye, and the #1 is even more incentive than just home field.
  7. I'd do division leaders tbh - gives a division title some sort of meaning - you get a home playoff game. Wonder how they'll do tv schedule wildcard weekend with 6 games. I assume you have 2 1 PM and 430 PM games - then do you have sat and sun night? Sun and monday?
  8. Or called timeout... to call a play - and either clock it or have a 2nd play prepared. We basically took a timeout and didn't use it (i know we technically used it)... its not like it carrys over to OT or another game. Be smart.
  9. Why didn't he just tell mcD? maybe he would've actually ran a play on 4th and 4?
  10. And Goff got PAID. And it seems like he also got figured out right around the time he got paid. They need a powerhouse Oline to dominate the LOS for that O to work... and now they have no cap room since they paid - Donald, Cooks, Goff, Gurley, Woods, Higbee, Havenstein... even Hekker. They also will have to negotiate with or trade ramsey this offseason - and they carry about 25 mil in cap space including what they carry over. They can't really extend anyone, and there aren't cap savings to cut anyone from that group. They have no first round pick in the next 2 drafts... and their oline (which isn't very good right now) will probably get worse. I still can't believe they extended gurley, huge mistake looking back. Oh - and their best offensive player becomes a free agent in 2021. Yikes... Wentz is in need of like - 1 more target i think. Sanders does look legit though - so that helps. Jeffery is good but he doesn't scream like top dog #1 WR, I guess he's better than John Brown but i think he's just bigger. Ertz is awesome... but agholor has hands of stone and desean jackson is always hurt (and old). Arcega-Whiteside should be able to eventually fill that like #2 do-all guy (your robert woods type), but they could use someone in the slot with a bit more talent. 2 young players, an all-pro TE, and a former 1000 yard receiver/RZ threat - just missing another chain mover. If Emmanuel sanders has any tread left I think he'd fit nicely in there, allowing them to use the draft to focus on defense.
  11. Well.... we can't fix it midseason. The options are not great. I do think they'll bring in some competition again though
  12. Stupid press conference question. If you had an interview? Maybe... but in a press conference talking about either the cleveland game or miami game it has no place. He isn't on any of these teams.
  13. Screen got blown up, singletary doesn't get out of bounds, substitute for some odd reason and just throw a back shoulder to JB anyway. Burn the timeout trying to get them to jump Offside... Not great. Singletary really messed it up. If the screen pass got through we may have won though. Play calls are whatever. Call the timeout after 2nd down once they started winding the clock. It's 3rd down, need to talk to my QB and get a good play and plan to get yards. Make sure it's a completion, get up and clock it. Gives u chances to A get closer, and B take end zone shots. We played under the assumption of the fg make, and didn't want to give the ball back with time, it's chicken-s--t
  14. I dunno. Do nothing with coins. Prioritize adding a WR in the draft, a mid-late round QB, and Andy Dalton. 1- WR can help our team and Allen and is a need this off-season. I prefer draft to FA since our 2 top WRs are already 30 2- plans for the future if Allen isn't it. Seeing teams win games with minshew and Kyle Allen makes me think it's something where you should constantly be drafting. 3- have an upgraded backup if Allen fails. It may put extra pressure and shorten the leash, but Id want a backup who can possibly help get us back to the playoffs If drafted QB looks good preseason? Wonderful, carry on the 53 and stop carrying a fullback or extra lineman or whatever.
  15. Yeah - it's a tough call. You don't have time to motion or do much of anything. he took 2 seconds to point at JB and say... something that means back shoulder... JB nodded and that was the play. It's the best you can do there. If we hadn't bunched they probably don't give that look. Either way... wish we had another timeout. Wish we just rushed to the line and ran whatever play is in the book there so you get a chance to think at the LOS - instead of having coach calling a play and in your ear. Yeah - he was lined up super tight and had a ton of boundary space but he should know that that ball is going to the sideline.
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