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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if dimarco was also not here week 1.
  2. dneveu

    moving up?

    Trading up in the first costs a lot of ammo - i'm not sure its worth it. Wilkins or Oliver likely makes it to 9 - and we still have our 2nd and 3rd to address DE and/or Oline/TE.
  3. dneveu

    Dez Bryant: I'll be a steal wherever I go in free agency

    Yeah - likely the same skill set and less tread. Wouldn't pay someone just for a name.
  4. dneveu

    53-Man Roster Competition

    Love the depth at corner, and along the oline. Corner i think they noticed how hard it was to replace people when others went down with injuries. A couple cheap contracts like johnson and gaines go a long way in fixing that depth. Oline was a disaster but they have brought in a ton of competition with guys like feliciano and long. I think the LBs could improve depth wise - not sure where alexander and bush both factor in.
  5. dneveu

    Shaq Lawson 5th year option

    Can't figure out how to edit it - the amount would be about 12.3 million based on the average of the average annual value of the contracts ranked 3-25 on sportrac.
  6. dneveu

    Shaq Lawson 5th year option

    It's a gamble either way - pick it up and he gets hurt, you're stuck with him. If you don't pick it up and he has a career year, you have to pay him more. The 3rd option is pick it up - and if he doesn't get hurt, you have the flexibility to cut him with no cap ramifications, or keep him and pay him the contract. Lot of different ways this could play out - but assuming we're carrying a healthy amount of space over into 2020 (we have 75 million currently available in 2020 without carrying anything over, and we have 33 currently available in the top 51 that would carry over), I'd be open to the risk I think. We only have a couple of higher profile free agents in Hughes, Lorax, Phillips, and McCoy - so no major extensions looming for 2020 specifically. Assuming Lorax/McCoy are gone and replaced with younger players that would just leave Hughes/Phillips as the only real candidates to extend.
  7. dneveu

    Shaq Lawson 5th year option

    somewhere around top 25 money. the 3rd-25th highest Prior Year Salaries for the player’s position will be used.
  8. Decision is needed by May 3rd - What say you Two bills drive?! I voted yes - mostly because cap space isn't at a premium for next year, and you can cancel it for any reason other than injury.
  9. dneveu

    All Troublemaker Team

    Schlicter's wikipedia page is pretty nuts when you read through it. There's like a 2 inch article about his football career. Then like 5 pages of gambling, stealing, fraud... pretty crazy.
  10. dneveu

    All Troublemaker Team

    I mean - is it... all time criminal disappointments? Or are we looking for actually talented players? Schlicter and Marinovich's career lines are... ummm. not good. They barely played
  11. dneveu

    All Troublemaker Team

    Gotta have Juice in there! Larry Johnson had a decent couple of years too Chad Johnson/TO combo - worked for the bengals right? Tyreek hill in the slot, assuming this all plays out like it probably will.
  12. dneveu

    If Allen is real deal, bills make playoffs

    Maybe... for once... we'll play NE in the first 4 weeks of the season when they tend to struggle. We probably have never beaten them in december unless brady literally just sat on the bench. This is the year baby! Bury em!!
  13. The downtown Buffalo casino honestly isn't bad. They charge for drinks though... like cmon - you're raking in money and you gotta charge me 8 bucks for a 7 and 7?
  14. Yeah - i don't think you want to create like a horse-racing type of atmosphere though where the sole reason you are there is to gamble.
  15. If some flaming idiot jumped through a craps table they would have some angry gamblers on their hands 😂