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  1. It's so dumb - it only really factors in year 4 if he's a disaster in years 1-3. Then you'd cut him in year 4 and he could double dip. But if you're cutting him, how much is he possibly double dipping?
  2. Just a mastery of cornerback leverage on that side is what he needs to do. Metcalf has tons of speed so you see his highlights, but when you watch him on back shoulder plays he's like unstoppable if he reads the corner right. Devante parker might be a better example for someone like Davis though.
  3. Speed kills but if you can be good on the back shoulder plays that's as much a killer in man coverage as speed. Buffalo's money plays seem to be in that 15-25 yard range (even with allen improving on deep throws beyond 25 yards).
  4. Well all of those players had YPA's of like 5, vs. moss's 4.3.
  5. Tend to agree. And you try to avoid taking on too much bad money or paying too much in compensation. This falls in the latter. If they could get an overpaid CB for a 5th round pick? get it done.
  6. Honestly knox made some plays. I just think backside blocking in the outside zone was poor - be it him or daryl williams. That needs to improve.
  7. With baseball doing what they can to get away from pitching substances it wouldn't surprise me if there was a bit of a crackdown to continue to boost offense. Then again the NFL has that hockey feel in the playoffs of "letting them play".
  8. Mckenzie is slot depth and primary returner (you have hyde as punt catcher - and depth KR would probably be Breida), hodgins is likely outside depth. Stevenson maybe on PS with kumerow/duke/gentry as probably the other one on the PS.
  9. I think that was the play more than replacing brown. It was moving davis to the boundary and having 2 challenging slot receivers on the field at once.
  10. I like the Easter choice - he played in rochester too i believe.
  11. Probably give the basketball nod to McAdoo - the Braves weren't around very long and he's the only player of note worth mentioning. For baseball - Warren Spahn? I know he never played in Buffalo, but he was from here. Fine with Kelly... for now. I think Allen will take the spot someday. Hockey - Hasek
  12. If its close - money says obada sticks. Addison has no major cap savings (maybe 2 million?), it looks like his base is not guaranteed unless he's injured but he might be able to ***** a late pick.
  13. Agree there. To me he's the best in the division at the moment. Guy seems to make plays - and makes them down the field for TDs and 1st downs.
  14. Atlanta could be interesting.
  15. Try just calling the ticket office - someone there will probably know.
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