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  1. What do you have as the WR rankings? Like who would you like to see at 54?
  2. Old school training techniques. Those torn muscles are caused by a lack of flexibility and overexertion. You see it a ton with professional wrestlers - Torn pecs, biceps, triceps, hamstrings etc. Seems like Trainers and players put a much greater emphasis on flexibility. Training also seems to lead more to plyometrics and trying to create speed and usable strength.
  3. If Jefferson ends up in NO, I think he'll do well. Seattle might be interesting too - lockett metcalf and jefferson. Maybe GB. Somewhere where he's not expected to be #1, and can play in the slot, move around etc. He probably slips - but deep ball tracking and actually catching the ball on deep routes is more important than running really fast. Same with Getting off the line in press, as well as running more of a route tree. I think a super fast 40 would have got him picked higher, and thus more money. But it doesn't really change who he is as a player.
  4. Big 3. Higgins probably. Jefferson. Mims or Reagor maybe? Aiyuk could sneak in there too. I think all of those guys are gone by our pick, as well as probably shenault, Claypool, maybe Pittman too just because of size. I'd like to see Tyler Johnson later in this draft, guys just a football player.
  5. If the WR we get is the 10-12th off the board. Who would you want it to be? Do you think the 12th one off the board has all-pro potential?
  6. And just because players have high 2nd round grades doesn't mean they don't go in the first. My guess is at least 5 WRs are off the board in the first. Maybe 6. And i think 10 or 11 will be selected before buffalo picks at 54.
  7. Define "Generation". Is it better than 96? 2014? Is it that the top 3 are can't miss? Or is it that it's super deep? Why does it HAVE to be in the 2nd? Whats wrong with a WR in the 3rd? We don't even know who's there in the 2nd vs. 3rd.
  8. It also helps if you're good at football. RB2 in a Greg Roman offense has traditionally put out some pretty good numbers. Edwards Last year... Gillislee... Hyde... Kendall Hunter...
  9. It's a projection. They dont factor injuries, growth, anything. They basically just use a computer to figure out who is likely to win games, and how many total points. The total points would = X TDs. Divvy up the TDs based on projected offensive output etc. Then get an expected yardage total and do the same. Sack totals, all that - its not based on how many sacks the players have had, they are probably basing off of the rotation that McD does. How many total snaps, how many sacks per snap career. Etc. This is solely a projection based on quantifiable data that they have. It helps - but its a football game, not a baseball game. Batting projections work because of trends - and the fact that its a 1x1 with batter and pitcher. The Hitters goal is to get a hit and get on base. The pitchers goal is to get outs, limit baserunners. Simple. Everything about football makes data collection hard, as well as hard to use. You give up a 45 yard TD as a corner because mahomes broke contain and scrambled for like 8 seconds. You eat the TD there even though it's likely a defensive ends fault. Without knowing the play calls, the assignments, etc. you never really know what you were supposed to do there. Same goes for offense - RB could get 80 yards and its truly just a blown assignment by a safety or something. How do you factor that into a projection a year later? I'm hoping McD starts coaching like a winner. Not saying he needs to go nuts here, but don't be afraid to win by like 10... or even more! lol
  10. People keep calling it that and I'm like HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN STAR WARS? THE DEATH STAR IS GREY!! ;aklsdjf;klakjdf;a
  11. Anyone else excited for the MSG sphere? I'm not sure why I'd ever go there, i just think it looks neat.
  12. Lol at the Whaley hate. Stop showing up fat and high as hell and maybe we'll talk. I love how he complains about Jonathan Williams, when he lost his job to TD Mike. He was a backup RB to Shady - you have to respect that your job is not locked in and act like a professional.
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