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  1. dneveu

    Is this a playoff team with Tyrod?

    I can point to only 1 game where we may win instead of lose. That'd put as at 4-6. If we lose some close games down the line maybe? but we're still a sub.500 team at this juncture with him on the team.
  2. dneveu

    Bills Sign WR Deonte Thompson to a 1-Year Deal

    Plus you get a look to see if he's a fit. Holmes and Benjamin aren't making names for themselves, and will be gone. Clay hasn't either. McCloud is a rookie and hasn't been much of anything. Foster will be back but he's depth at best at this point in his career. This is a chance for him to carve out a role, and possibly earn some playing time next year.
  3. dneveu

    Bills Sign WR Deonte Thompson to a 1-Year Deal

    I just like that they see - the receivers aren't getting separation - and actually try and bring people in to address the situation.
  4. dneveu

    Is No. 1 Ranking Legit or a Mirage?

    Only major projected losses would be Kyle, Lorax, and jordan philips. I think any of them could be back next year - or other players could be brought in depending on FA and draft. Should be a good unit in 2019.
  5. dneveu

    How about Matt Barkley huh?

    I don't think a single person here has advocated for getting rid of Barkley. He's still here - he's still practicing. What i saw yesterday has an absolute CEILING of Case Keenum. I don't think you can win a super bowl with case keenum, and as far asi know that is the goal.
  6. I mean the tape is out - he will sail throws in the intermediate distance. Turn those into turnovers and you probably win the game. We had him upright all game and barely pressured. If that were to continue (it won't) i think he'd continue to have some success.
  7. dneveu

    Kelvin Benjamin needs to be cut

    Yeah - couldn't trade him for anything. Even if he gets a 1 year junk deal it still counts as the net player lost. However if you look at the players that we have on that list... https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/ufa/buffalo-bills/ - and the likelihood of something of a spending spree. I don't think 2020 comp picks are in the cards 😃
  8. dneveu

    The Best Team in the NFL is......

    Feeling like that time they won the super bowl and just ran through the league.
  9. dneveu

    2019 Offensive Line

    I just look at it like - this team isn't crazy talented - or crazy young. If we can snag the next donald or cox or something. Go for it.
  10. dneveu

    2019 Offensive Line

    I think it depends how FA goes. If we can get a WR in FA, or if we can get a C or OT in FA it might be beneficial to get BPA.
  11. dneveu

    QB's by round

    Who needs foles or wilson - we got TJ graham. Very tentative - looks like Tyrod more often than you would want in a starting QB.
  12. dneveu

    “Street” tickets/$7 Seats on StubHub

    Rough slate this year. Brutal opening stretch of games, mostly on the road, and 3 december home games.
  13. dneveu

    Jets defensive gameplan for bills...

    Just in general its buying time outside the pocket. They'll design ways to get him out of the pocket too. With peterman its like... expect him to throw fairly quick to his first read.
  14. Yeah - but i would say its been easier to be a coach/GM for rivers. He's had andy reid in his division for like 7 years, and had peyton manning for a bit. I also feel like the chargers are alywas injured.