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  1. There's comparisons there though - uses his athleticism, not a tight window thrower, holds the ball sometimes, doesn't throw people open particularly often. He improved at a lot of this stuff this past year, and impovements to his WRs definitely helped. But i wouldn't say that last year the Bills WRs/TEs were anywhere near the top of the league. More likely bottom 3rd.
  2. Yeah, its like their bottom half mechanics don't matter as much sometimes because they have an innate ability to throw off platform. Mahomes and Wilson especially do this better than anyone. Allen's accuracy while scrambling isn't noticeably terrible, its more so when he's working the pocket and just widens his base. His deep throws also tend to be all arm, and he tends to not step into them. For whatever reason (could be reps, who knows), allen is not able to make those adjustments like mahomes and wilson while throwing off platform. What i want is for him to throw from the correct platform when he has that time and availability, too often he is way too wide. From a timing perspective he can be late a bit too much as well.
  3. That blueprint involves having really good safeties, and a stout rush defense. Now Moss also bleeds into that number. But when the goal lines there and your QB is a stud on sneaks I'll sneak it 100 times out of 100.
  4. Yeah - as is the case with pretty much every team in the last forever. There's the occaisional lightning in a bottle (Brady, Warner, Foles) - but for the most part you end up with guys closer to Charlie Whitehurst, Drew Stanton, and Matt Moore. A few teams prioritized it more this year - Jets, Raiders, Cowboys. But the jets offense was an absolute crater with the guys they had in there, so flacco's basically matt schaub in there - he gives you a shot. Raiders i think liked mariota to compete. Dalton was insurance in case dak didn't report (dak has missed 0 games since entering the league). In the 3 games without darnold last year the Jets offense scored 9 points. They also averaged 165 total yards across those 3 weeks. So i think there was room for improvement from - worst offense in the history of football
  5. McDaniels built an offense around tebow so I'm sure he has some plans here. Honestly since their offense is built around some new tight ends, and running the ball, he's probably a good fit assuming his legs and arm are healthy. A long layoff should help him there. Hopefully our rush defense is up to snuff because this teams likely to be ground and pound with defense. I think newton gives them a few things - Running threat, bigger arm (even with injuries i think his arm's probably still pretty strong), and he's just tough to bring down for sacks.
  6. I think you're thinking of troup. Either way. Neither did anything in the league.
  7. I'm not kicking 55+ yarders every time - some teams only kicked 1 or 2 times all year at that distance. But there's situations for it. End of half and end of game are the big ones. Would i like to be closer? Sure - but im not, and there isn't time or downs to get there. Missing in that situation isn't an end all be all from a field position standpoint. I need to know from 4th and 5 from the 40 that i feel good about the kicker making it at that distance to tie the game, or tack on points at the half etc.
  8. Houston doesn't have a 1 or 2 next year. So they're probably out.
  9. I'd be surprised if they gave up a weapon like gallup on a season with super bowl aspirations. Especially with nothing really behind gallup. I think they think lamb's main contributions this year will likely come from the slot with a fair amount of 11 personnel groupings.
  10. They did add claypool to their WRs with JuJu - but their offense just... isn't good. Even with Ben.
  11. There's always examples to demonstrate that each strategy does or doesn't work. I say play to your strengths - we are a running team. But I also don't think going into a heavy 22 personnel look is the way to go about it. Keep doing what got you there, mckenzie flip plays and jet motion, read-option, etc.
  12. Trade compensation will be tricky - how much is a team willing to trade? A first and other picks maybe? You have to immediately extend him.
  13. Pick 65! and Cleveland paid the bonus!
  14. Sheppard i would say. We traded a LB for one of the worst defenses in the league for an underperforming DE who ended up being a piece here for a long time. The shady alonso trade was good too - I give the hughes trade the win because of A- the $$$ extension we had to give to shady, and B- Alonso was a damn LEGEND here 😄
  15. I don't see why the Sabres situation would have any effect on the Bills operation. They are represented on separate P&L's. I also don't look at this as a situation where they can't like, make payroll etc. The Sabres have spent to the cap (and over) for years with 0 success. They brought in an extensive scouting staff to try and create an advantage... it didn't work. They're operating under the assumption that they won't have fans in 2020-2021, and that the many levels of player scouting (European leagues, Junior Hockey, etc.) will also be operating (or attempting to operate) without fans. If there are no fans, it becomes next to impossible for a minor league hockey team to work. I don't even think TP is trying to become profitable for next year, i think the idea is to not lose a buttload of money if at all possible.
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