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  1. Cut Murphy and u get some space.
  2. They play off coverage cover 3, and we run it for 2 yards. That is an issue too.
  3. They could've had 8 in the box all day and still got gashed. The defense couldnt control the LOS. There isn't a scheme that works when ur not getting any push
  4. Everything starts up front. No pressure on 3rd downs, no push on 1st downs. They can't attack the RPO mesh point, they cant cover on third down. Massive rush lanes. They aren't figured out - they're just doing a poor job at all the things needed to make the defense they run successful. It's not "edmunds needs to do this" or whatever. The dline unit must be better. The LBs must be better. The DBs must be better. We "held them" to 26 points, but also held ourselves to 50 total offensive plays.
  5. Well, it was raining. So... the deep balls are going to be tougher to throw, catch, time... everything. So maybe we should stack the box a bit more to help out the terrible defensive line.
  6. I do wonder if Oliver is still banged up. But man, why did we pay vernon butler? He flat out sucks. Zimmer was also largely terrible when i saw him. Edmunds is a function of the defense. You play soft zone, they can use RPOs to force you into a decision. He kept playing pass (as he should), and they'd run over the joke of a dline. The zone helps when they run pass plays, but we'd get caught up with mahomes eyes and lose track of players. The entire defense is disjointed and it starts up front. Lost the edge last week, flat out lost the LOS this week.
  7. The issue in this one was up front. Some of the "late processing" is by design. If you are in zone in an RPO you can't just fill your gap because now your zone is vacated. Our lines inability to disrupt rush lanes allows linemen to get to the 2nd level and block linebackers. Butler stinks. Zimmer stinks. Phillips stinks. The heavy set with butler and zimmer would still get pushed completely out of their gaps. Could have ray lewis and it wouldn't matter. Who would you sign? Jax is on like their 4th kicker this year and already cut hauschka. It's not like the available players are any good.
  8. Zimmer and Butler were getting tossed around all game too. Just a total lack of push.
  9. Hes a 3t. Forced to play 1t. Butler just flat out stinks. I don't know what position he plays
  10. Him and Jefferson were getting blasted off the ball regularly. He made some plays when we sold out down late, but the rest of the game they were both just getting rolled
  11. Whatd buffalo run 45 plays? Poor performance on both sides.
  12. The moss call was bad, I would pass there... ur going for it anyway
  13. May have been why they waited on the 4th quarter
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