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  1. Are either of these guys even good?
  2. dneveu

    Vlad Ducasse...NFLs best pass blocker?

    Honestly in week 2 the problems were communication. There was a free rusher on one. On another Logan thomas absolutely whiffed. I think at least 2 of the other 3 were on allen holding the ball.
  3. Yeah - Beyond the Legion of Boom was a really good defense. Avril, Bennet, Wagner to name a few.
  4. We would've had to double down on tyrod. Plain and simple. I don't think Beane was willing to do that.
  5. dneveu

    McDermott- Highest odds to be fired..

    For one - profitability. Dead money is typically some money that was paid in past seasons via signing bonuses and restructure bonuses. So by having it on this years salary cap - spending is kept down, but we still are "spending" to the cap threshold. If you're not going to be good... it's helpful to the owners that the bottom line looks ok. Two - Assets. We got a lot of picks in trades and were able to do what Whaley never could - get a QB. We were going to cut tyrod and got the 65th pick for him - and didn't have to eat any base salary. Sammy was a pending UFA, who we were unlikely to negotiate with at the time (his value was really up in the air and dependent on his performance in 2017) - and we got a 2nd round pick for him. Three - Flexibility. When you don't have cap room, you tend to not negotiate extensions for players. You then lose players in free agency. We were unable to keep hogan and gillislee because we were cap-strapped. We had to lowball their tenders, and lost them on offer sheets. Gilmore/Woods are the same kind of thing - couldn't extend them prior to losing them. Last offseason we had to bring in help at safety (google our 2016 safeties) - and that was about the only position where we brought in a top tier free agent. This season we had to address rush defense, so they went with Star (don't love the signing).
  6. dneveu

    McDermott- Highest odds to be fired..

    Well Beane's tearing down the mediocre roster that was assembled. We had some of the worst bloated back-loaded contracts in football and no QB when he was brought in. Clays contract works out to 5 years 38 million (already absurd) - 34 guaranteed after the 2016 restructure. He's not even good!!!
  7. dneveu

    McDermott- Highest odds to be fired..

    How about Hue? They still haven't won since 2016...
  8. dneveu

    The OL Is Bad....How Do You Fix It?

    I sit pat in this draft and in the 1st go BPA. If we go 1 overall, i think we should go Ed Oliver. He'll immediately improve our defense, and is a potential all-pro DT. After that I would look to improve the oline. Maybe trade down to accumulate a couple extra shots, and try and come out of the draft with 3 offensive linemen. From a free agency perspective - i'd look at pass rushers. There's a ton coming up, and i don't think they'll all get tagged. Clowney probably will, but lawrence won't get tagged again. Fowler will be available and he's probably better than everyone we have but hughes.
  9. His guaranteed base salary is gone when you don't play. His bonus was paid out per game active on 53/46 man roster. I assume they can go after him for a % of the original signing bonus too. Usually team's dont do that... but usually players don't retire mid-game.
  10. dneveu

    Max Kellerman is a total jerk

    Or ESPN in general. I don't even have it with my Fios package... honestly don't miss it other than college FB
  11. He played like crap. He knows it too. Doesn't really mean anything other than that it was a very bad game, and hopefully he learns from it.
  12. Seemed like McD lit a fire under someone because they came out in teh 2nd half looking like they actually gave a S.
  13. He's guaranteed nothing. 2 game checks, and maybe a % of signing bonus.
  14. dneveu

    Taiwan Jones Injury Update

    They also no-called a ton of false starts. The buffalo TD run was one in our favor, but Okung was moving early all day
  15. Tampa 2 is tough with a rookie MLB. It also doesn't work as well when John Lynch can't destroy any receiver OTM on a post. Getting too cute.