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    We didn't look at going to J.P. as a step back, we looked at it as a step forward.

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  1. Allen got complimented by a guy who got complimented by Rogers. Josh Allen: "Kumerow gave a great speech. That's the word on the street, anyway. And I entertained Kumerow to no end with my touchdown story, so I captivated the guy who captivated Aaron Rogers. Can you believe that? Aaron Rogers."
  2. This is too far lol. It was reasonable otherwise. Fans tend to cling to these storylines, but it's clear the Bills and the NFL value Edmunds completely differently than this message board. And with good reason.
  3. I trust the coaching staff's ability to determine Jones value to special teams. It's hard for me sitting here to say. That being said, I sure would prefer Kumerow being on the roster over Jones if their play and intangibles are roughly the same on ST. I think the Bills win the AFC championship last season with healthy WRs.
  4. I think Hogan got a look from the Saints already this year
  5. Beas going full homeless. Making plays though.
  6. Maybe force everyone into the concourse when the O takes the field. We can't have them going 15 of 20 on passes, that won't do.
  7. We've got a D that can't play in front of no fans, and an O that can't play in front of fans. What do we do?
  8. I scanned the pic for slippery rubber mats, I won't lie.
  9. Maybe, but it comes with ESPN+. I have it for UFC, but it comes bundled with Disney+ as well
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