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    We didn't look at going to J.P. as a step back, we looked at it as a step forward.

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  1. My father told me I should have been a megaphone salesman and I said "no dad you can't tell me what to do anymore" so I went and did something else that is not as successful as megaphone sales apparently so guess who has the last laugh
  2. Can you explain further? I'd be concerned if we didn't get some competition in here for our 3rd-year starting right tackle with a history of back injuries and a long development path still ahead.
  3. Diggs wants to play in the super bowl. he's quiet when we win games
  4. ill put some money in if the bills need it
  5. Hopkins would be good on this offense what do you guys and gals think if you disagree with me you are crazy
  6. Really great schedule Late bye, “easier” start, “harder” teams later
  7. At guard, I don't mind so much about him being a player with weight issues. At tackle is where you run into problems with those guys, like Becton and Cody Ford for example.
  8. Exactly. Let's use them. Dig these old boys up, get them in Bills gear, and put them around the stadium in various places like the Bills store, the giant Buffalo, and next to the pissing troughs. Respectably, of course. Put "No Touching" signs on them, hose them down after games, that sort of thing.
  9. Pennies on the dollar for the expiring contract. 1 year of solid Ed play is worth hanging on to him IMO. And maybe we sign a deal with him in the meantime.
  10. It's hard to get upset about something if there is nothing to get upset about
  11. He only played in 3 games last year, started none, and had one tackle (special teams). Scored the second lowest score ever on the wonderlick. Weighs 146 lbs. His back has been fused in 3 places due to back injuries. Will probably retire. Great pick beane
  12. This is where I'm at. If he's a good player, beane did good. If he's a bad player, Beane did bad. But if you ask me today and you need an answer now, I say: "I don't know". Perhaps a "maybe".
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