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    We didn't look at going to J.P. as a step back, we looked at it as a step forward.

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  1. We'll see, I couldn't disagree more. That ageing defense absolutely stopped the Jets last year, twice. The offense put on a show. The Jets drafted some nice rookies.
  2. The Pats destroyed the Jets last year. I'm not sure how you rank the Jets ahead of the Pats. 54-13 and 25-6
  3. Can't beat round 1 of the draft for replacing starters with inexpensive players. if they work out that is lol
  4. I'll never get over McD literally licking his chops over that notebook
  5. Jerry, I don't know if you'll read this but if you do a guy who may or may not be masquerading as a former Bills GM who you probably don't know anyway wishes you luck in Houston.
  6. Im sure we'll represent well. I just mean it's the season opener so I would expect a big home team turnout and high prices
  7. Oh. Yeah I don't know about that. Certainly we'll have a big crowd there for the Bills though
  8. I'm sitting here struggling with figuring this out lol. What do you mean? The game will be in LA
  9. Good point, that was a big one. I feel like there was one other game, San Fran maybe?, that was discussed.
  10. I love this place ”mcduffie is better we all agree react to me” We don’t know who the bills had rated higher. We only know the chiefs had mcduffie rated higher. We’ll see how it plays out. My feeling is McDermott gets the most out of his guy
  11. Eisen can be a tool, sure, but puppet? For whom? He roasts his favorite team when they deserve it. He's a fan, no doubt.
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