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  1. The Pats OL was called twice for holding. That's progress. The Hoodie has taught everyone how to push the limits of the rules in more creative ways than anyone else. Refs don't have time to make a judgment.
  2. I agree he will be the guy, but he needs to practice hitting broad sides of barns this spring....
  3. While I agree mostly with BPA, you take difference makers in the 1st round. If you trade down for mid level talent, that's where you will be in the standings over those years.
  4. I had to listen to the Miami coverage of the game while driving yesterday. First, they are really terrible. You have wait a long time to find out what happened on the field while they bloviate about what happened 10 minutes ago. Three guys in the booth doesn't work, btw. That said, they were constantly amazed by Allen - and their reaction when they though Clay had caught the ball was priceless. Yeah, but she leaves perfectly good AR-15s in rental cars.
  5. flmike

    Who's going to the Miami game?

    Wish I could but I have a concert that afternoon.
  6. flmike

    (hypothetical) Alabama vs. Bills spread

    Yeah, just spoke to former NFL player he shook his head, saying that the difference between the worst NFL team and the best college team is still a lot. He said the main difference was that he could run around or push around guys at the college level (major program) but in the NFL everyone is too fast and too strong. You have to execute to do well.