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  1. Seahawks may embrace a college style offense

    Don't most college systems rely on the imbalance of talent between teams? One would think there is a good reason that the Oregon offense didn't work in the NFL.
  2. Draft Grades in National Championship Game

    Probably need to trade both 1sts for a shot at QB
  3. St Doug >>>>>>>> McD

    Why did I click on this....
  4. Enough's enough - This team went 9-7......

    He was probably still butthurt. Just saying a lot of calls were going our way that usually don't. Maybe the NFL has forgiven us for those SB losses.
  5. Enough's enough - This team went 9-7......

    Had to make it look good and I think he was right.
  6. Enough's enough - This team went 9-7......

    I'm not, but it seemed weird. I think they were trying diffuse the issue from last week!
  7. What is there to do in Jacksonville?

    With this weather, head to St Augustine (about 30 minutes south) and America's oldest city. It's worth it. If you get there really early, head down south a couple of hours to Kennedy Space Center. Not much in Jax itself, except the beach and it's too cold for that. The zoo is good, though. Oh yeah, just about 40 west is the Olustee battlefield where the South won one of its last battles.
  8. Enough's enough - This team went 9-7......

    Did anyone notice that the refs seemed be helping us out for a change? They were killing Miami. Also in the Bengals game, they seemed to helping the cats along on that last drive. I'm a little suspicious....
  9. How do you buy playoff tickets?

    Thought about but the cheapest I could find was $100/each after fees. I have to be in West Palm that evening, so I'll be watching on TV. 9-hour round trip and all....
  10. I’m emotional

    I remember when getting into the playoffs was just a matter of fact. After 17 years in the wilderness, it feels good!
  11. Playoff Bound Baby! - The Drought is Over!!!

    Just dropped in to say Go Bills! The drought is over! Happy New Year, Bills fans!
  12. Can't compare the Steelers and Pats. The Steelers seem to earn their wins while something is just odd about the Patriots. Yeah, Brady and Gronk are really good and Belichek seems to have figured out something that works no matter what the personnel, but they are not like the old Dallas, Pitt or SF teams that beat you and you admired how good they were. I don't know what it is, but something doesn't smell right.
  13. I wonder if we would have even had the 90s Bills w/o the Greg Bell trade.
  14. I didn't think so, but upsets happen all the time, so I got my hopes up in the first half.