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  1. flmike

    Watch: AJ McCarron "Highlights" from 2015

    McCarron's arm looks just fine here.
  2. I think the one thing that fans can reasonably call out GM's on is their philosophy of drafting. For example, I have always believed that good football players are better choices than guys who have eye-popping measurables but no real success at the college level to show. Especially with quarterbacks, you can see clearly that a guy is a winner, one of those guys who hates losing more than anything in the world. Maybe he is an inch short and doesn't jump as high, but he makes everyone around him better. Hoping to coach up a player at the pro level too often is a fool's errand.
  3. flmike

    2018 NFL Draft - Day 2 debrief

    Would love to see Josh Sweat on this team. He is a baller. Go Noles!
  4. They never asked about that troublesome completion percentage.
  5. But the boat will still sink if you plug the one big hole. IOW get a QB in this draft and you have a choice to make. Play him right away and waste all that effort (cause he will get killed and lose any confidence he had) or sit him at least a year until you can somehow rebuild your OL and get 2 good WR and maybe a great TE. The boat will likely sink in 2018 no matter what you do.
  6. flmike


    Maybe, but this is my prediction.
  7. flmike


    Our run D might not feel that way
  8. flmike


    LB, WR and OL are very weak areas. I see Beane standing pat at no. 12 and trying to rebuild the roster.
  9. flmike

    What ya'll are getting with AJ

    I have high hopes that this guy can be good for a couple years, while a rookie learns the pro game. Starting rookies almost never works. You ruin them quickly. If I were drafting QBs, I would put emphasis on how well they played against the best college teams. Winners are winners and you can't force that at the pro level. Accuracy and toughness are not something that can be coached, so those are next on the list. I'm not enamored of this QBs mechanics. He seems to flail around a lot, but he's fearless and I like that.