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  1. flmike

    (hypothetical) Alabama vs. Bills spread

    Yeah, just spoke to former NFL player he shook his head, saying that the difference between the worst NFL team and the best college team is still a lot. He said the main difference was that he could run around or push around guys at the college level (major program) but in the NFL everyone is too fast and too strong. You have to execute to do well.
  2. flmike

    McBeane Confidence

    I'm only talking about the rebuild of the Cubs since about 2011. That was painful but worth it.
  3. flmike

    No Edmunds - Not Good At All

    I love all the Peterman INT jokes, but I predict he has a good game with high percentage passes. Maybe 1 pick, cause even Brady gets picked every now and then. Will be back to check on this. I think the guy has just had some tough luck when he tries a bit too hard to make a play. Hopefully someone has gotten into his ear and told him he doesn't have the arm for that type of thing. Play YOUR game, son.
  4. flmike

    Bills are not that bad.

    I have to agree. I watched our OL do some really decent work yesterday. Some very below average WR and TE play and and old average QB doing what one might expect. Nice defense until they gassed out. Very winnable game last night in the midst of an epic tear-down of the roster. I think some folks got too excited about that fluke playoff appearance last year. This team has already tried the "fire a coach every year" plan. Sit tight for another couple of years and then make your call on this one. Get some talent and see what happens.
  5. flmike

    McBeane Confidence

    I lived through the Chicago Cubs rebuild. It isn't fun but man did that pan out. 2015-18 have been worth the horrors of 2012
  6. Wish you guys could do a tandem report!
  7. Just stop. You are only setting yourself up for a letdown. Anderson had no preseason with this team and he's approaching Brady age. We all know how this will end.
  8. I'd like to play, but your draft depends on your FA signings. If we don't sign anyone... OL first two picks. It's not conventional but good OL are way overpriced in FA and the rest were allowed to walk for a reason. Good WRs can be had in FA and have a better ROI if you do your homework.
  9. Somehow he still benefits from illegal picks by his receivers. Game after game
  10. First game I've had a chance to watch this year. Allen is the real deal. He reminds me in some ways of Jim Kelly when he was young. Different styles of course, but I totally expect to see Allen bringing down a defender on a pick off like Kelly used to. As soon as he gets some experience, he is going to be one of the best in the league.
  11. Didn't see the game today, so thanks for the thoughts. This team will improve over the season and every year, teams that start hot, fade by Thanksgiving. We have been that team a couple of times. Let McD build his team and sort out coaching. Looks like every draft pick will be O-line next year.... Wouldn't hurt in the long term.
  12. flmike

    Complete Board Implosion

    Thankfully didn't watch this one. Very disappointed that they were so unprepared for Baltimore. I understand the lack of talent on offense and the inability to address it in the off-season due to salary cap hell, but it seems that the OC and DC lacked any imagination in dealing with that. Maybe best to root for an 0-fer season and clean up in the draft next year.