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How did we not win a superbowl?


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6 hours ago, 2003Contenders said:

It goes in cycles -- and assuming we still have #17 for years to come, the Bills' time will eventually come.


It took Landry and the Cowboys awhile to get to the dance because Lombardi and the Packers stood in their way.

It took Noll and the Steelers awhile because Shula and the Dolphins stood in their way.

It took the Raiders awhile because the Steelers stood in their way.

It took the 49ers awhile because Landry's Cowboys stood in their way.

Then, it took the Cowboys awhile because the 49ers stood in their way.

It took Favre and the Packers awhile because the Aikman/Emmitt/Irvin Cowboys stood in their way.

It took the whole league awhile (including Manning/Colts, Cowher/Steelers, Reid/Chiefs) to get past the Brady/Belichick Patriots.

Now, it is KC with Reid/Mahomes that stands in everyone's way.


I am optimistic that with a few additions (especially at WR and on defense) and better luck with health come playoff time, we will eventually see the Bills hoist a Lombardi trophy.

post of the offseason. A+

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As long as McD keeps naming coordinators that get the job because they already are his underlings, not because of a history of proven success, this is what the result will be.  He wants guys who are simply happy to be there.  He wants to hear "yes Chef"....and that's it.

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4 hours ago, Augie said:


The defense was playing with a guy at LB who had packed his RV and was on his way to the Keys. When you’re down your top 4 LB’s and a few DB’s, things can wear thin. I’m not making excuses, it just is what is it, and I recognize that. I’m not distraught, but I am disappointed. 

My problem with this example is, unlike against the Steelers where AJ could be expected to be, and was, an asset against their running game, in his prime he was not a player who could have been expected to cover Kelce. You would expect a HC/DC to have a better plan than to take the guy everybody knew, probably including McD, physically could not do the job and asking him to do it anyway. If that’s the plan then COME UP WITH A BETTER PLAN. It was beyond infuriating in its predictable failure. He should have asked Williams to do it from the start and lived with the mistakes. At least he has the athletic ability to succeed.

I’m not surprised at the loss, and I’m not one to carry sports disappointment with me anymore, as I did in my youth. I am exasperated with McDermott, though. In my opinion, this was a prime example of necessity being the mother of invention and he did not even attempt to step up to meet the moment. If you’re likely gonna fail anyway, at least do something to try and better your odds. Get outside your comfort zone. Pull out all the stops. Go down swinging, ffs. 

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On 2/16/2024 at 7:11 AM, BringBackFlutie said:


That you know about as much about QBs as Jon Snow. 


...and don't get me started on your shark knowledge. 



If thinking Mahomes is a bit better than Josh means you know as much about QBs as Jon Snow, pretty much the whole world, including players and coaches, knows about as much about QBs as Jon Snow.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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