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RIP Michael Gambon ( Albus Dumbledore "Harry Potter" )


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Both Dumbledore Actors Are Dead Remembering Richard Harris & Michael Gambon

https://coopwb.in/info/are-both-dumbledore-actors-dead/#:~:text=Richard Harris initially donned the,remain etched in fans' hearts.



Excuse the phrase but both actors were magic in the role.


My daughter wanted to see upcoming first Harry Potter movie and I told her it was strongly based on the book and there would be too many questions if she went to see it during movie if she did not read book first.  She told me it was too hard and I told her I'd help her read it. I read first chapter and she asked me to read next and I read 2nd and then told her enough for the night.  I repeated this every day reading a few chapters until she got frustrated and just finished the book herself.  When she said she finished it I asked her questions on the book as if I was teacher and her grade was high enough for her to go to see movie when it came out.


I thank both of these men in inspiring my daughter to read more.

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