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Stat to ponder: Josh Allen: 3 rushes for 7 yards.


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Yes, it's good to point out the dramatic shift from Josh to the running backs, who really carried the load.  


I'd add that during the game, I had the sense that everyone could feel the threat of Allen running.  The TD to Knox was one obvious example where I felt that the defense reacted to the threat.  The nice pass on the rollout to the right that Davis caught for a first down was another.  Allen on the run out there in the flat got people's attention. 


So, there's a dual benefit.  Limit wear and tear on the QB, and still require the defense to respect the runs that Allen threatens.    

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Defenses can’t do everything. My big criticism with Josh when he’s at his lows is he tries to complete the plays he wants to complete rather than the plays he should. 

It’s a nothing burger.


If Josh sticks to this style, teams will start to cheat on some things here and there. At that point he’ll have some more room to run and favorable match ups deeper down field. I am sure he’ll go off on the ground at some point. 

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