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Reasons for Optimism


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This is a great list, OP. There's plenty of reason to be hopeful. My biggest hope (or concern if it doesn't happen) is what the players do in the offseason. Will Josh bring everyone together again for extra work? Will he recommit himself to putting in extra time on his mechanics? I think they need that type of all-in commitment again. And I'm hopeful that Beane will draft offensive lineman, they'll sign Edmunds to a long term deal, and more. I'm glad they won't be the presumptive Super Bowl favorites going into next year. I think that will be a good place for the team to be in, and I hope it motivates them

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13 hours ago, Dr.Sack said:

I put the the reason for optimism entirely on Dorsey year 2, Coach McD dialing it all in, and Josh Allen making a massive improvement in his game above his shoulders this offseason.  

Bills Home Opponents 2023

New England Patriots W 

Miami Dolphins W 

New York Jets W 

Las Vegas Raiders W 

Denver Broncos W 

New York Giants W 

Dallas Cowboys W 

Jacksonville Jaguars W 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers W 


Bills Away Opponents 2023

New England Patriots W

Miami Dolphins W

New York Jets L

Kansas City Chiefs W 

Los Angeles Chargers W 

Washington Commanders W 

Philadelphia Eagles L

Cincinnati Bengals L


Home 9-0 (London, Detroit wherever)

Away 5-3 


I see the Jets as our #1 competitor in the AFCE. I see us splitting the home and away. The Jets 2023 season rests on their chances to acquire a QB. I do not see them overcoming the Bills with anyone outside of Lamar Jackson who the Ravens are highly unlikely to trade.

Miami has a MVP caliber part-time QB when healthy. I assume the NFL will make us play another early road game in the heat to make things extra hard and add to the intrigue.


New England is lost with Mac Jones. Belichick will not abandon his golden boy. 


KC will soon realize Kelce at 34 is not the same player he was in 2018.

The Bengals game will be personal and I see the Bills falling short but in more competitive fashion. 



If that's the schedule, that's a very difficult schedule. The road schedule is a monster. Why are we always getting KC at KC? I know we've beaten them 2 in a row during the regular season, but that actually makes me less optimistic. We get the AFC West duds at home and face the two playoff teams on the road. Eagles and Bengals (again) on the road. Sweeping Miami? They barely beat them in 2 home games this year, and the last one without Tua.  No way they go 14-3 with that schedule. 12-5 would be quite the accomplishment. I think the over/under will be 10.5 or 11.5.

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12 minutes ago, DapperCam said:

Hey pal, I think you might be lost. You’re looking for the “Reasons to be Pessimistic” thread, which is every other thread except this one.


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Beane will make moves.

One thing I've come to expect is that Beane will deal. The Von signing last year was totally unexpected but he made it happen.

I think he'll make major moves with the OLine and WR corps and next year (prob RB too) we'll all be excited to see Josh work with new tools.

I don't think Cooridnators will change though, so all this new talent might go for naught. 

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I dont think Poyer will be here next year.  His wife posted something on twitter to the effect of "we just packed up our house for the first time in 6 years."  and basically gave thanks to Bills fans.  I dont think they expect to be here if they are packing the house.


Just for optimism, I will add: Beane cant think we are that one pass rusher away from beating the Chiefs, during this off season like he thought last year.

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