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Ron DeSantis's Test of Leadership, Hurricane Ian Closes In On Tampa Bay


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DeSantis leads ‘defanged’ Crist after hurricane, poll shows


The Republican governor holds an 11-point lead as Florida voters begin receiving vote-by-mail ballots.



Ahead in fundraising and advertising, Florida Gov Ron DeSantis has a large 11-percentage-point lead over Democratic challenger Charlie Crist, according to a new poll of likely voters.


DeSantis’s 52% to 41% advantage in the Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy survey comes as Floridians began receiving vote-by-mail ballots across the state as it recovers from the ravages of Hurricane Ian, which made landfall in the southwest of the peninsula and exited its northeast quadrant last week.


The poll was completed Sept. 28, just as the storm struck and after DeSantis received wall-to-wall media coverage ahead of the hurricane’s landfall. Mason-Dixon pollster Brad Coker said the exposure fortified DeSantis’s standing with voters overall, with 55% approving of the job he’s doing compared to 42% who disapprove.


Also, Coker said, the poll indicates that voters weren’t too bothered by the negative coverage of DeSantis’s stunt to secretly fly about 50 Venezuelan migrants from Texas to Martha Vineyard to make a political statement about illegal immigration.


“I don’t think it was a problem and, if it was, the hurricane just wiped it out,” Coker said. “DeSantis is going to be Governor Hurricane for the next couple weeks. The disadvantage Crist has is two-fold: he’s completely out of the news and he never managed a hurricane so he can’t stand up and point to what he did. So Crist is totally, totally defanged.”





Lol "defanged."  So sad.  Libs are such a disaster.  


I don't recall Obama "defanging" Romney post Sandy.   

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