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GMFB - best rookie performance of preseason week 1 - Bills got 3 out of 5


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30 minutes ago, GunnerBill said:


I think Benford was right there. He was excellent. Super hyped watching him play. Shakir > Elam and a guy who hit one punt though.  Not that either of those two were bad. 


Benford - excellent

Shakir - excellent

Elam - good for the most part

Araiza - good (limited sample)

Spector - good

Bernard - mixed, nice awareness for the scoop and score but struggled a bit in coverage, seemed a step late in anticipating the ball on a couple of occasions

Cook - tad disappointing (not helped by the awful run blocking of the mix of 2nd and 3rd up front, bit frustrating to only see him targeted once in the pass game)

Tenuta - awful, not sure on that showing I'd even put him on the PS. Let's hope he improves but I am sceptical. 



Araiza- excellent. Anything short of that is a complete understatement. You realize that Ray Guy who is a hall of famer never had a punt go as far as Araiza’s did on his first NFL punt? If that isn’t excellent, I don’t know what is. 

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52 minutes ago, mannc said:

And what about Braylon Spector?

He looked okay? LB is pretty much locked up anyways. He's playing for a 4th-5th on the depth chart role with maybe some ST.  Shakir might have the chance to see meaningful reps as a 3rd outside WR/slot/gadget player. 


He really didn't play against any starting caliber competition either. 

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