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Josh Allen on Bussin with the Boys Pod

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That was a very long interview but I watched most of it. I think my favorite part was seeing how much respect they all had for Buffalo’s fan base.


on a side note, this is the 2nd time I’ve watched this ‘bussin with the boys’ this week and I have to say, I am not the biggest fan of this podcast. I don’t think it will be one that I watch regularly.

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Just a rehash of stuff that’s been talked about constantly by every sports talk outlet for quite some time now, not particularly interesting or entertaining, the only flash of something was that Josh is not, shall we say enthusiastic about the Players representation, the topic was quashed pretty much as soon as it came up, outside of that, a big yawner imo.

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4 minutes ago, KDIGGZ said:

Why did Josh have to keep leaving? Was it too hot or was he *gasp* hungover?

My sense is two things.  Hot bus first time.  And appointment second time.  

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