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Dog Tore His Knee


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Our Pittie/Lab blew out both knees about 2 weeks apart.  10k without dog insurance which my wife was smart enough to get when we adopted him. So, it was 1k total. He's been fine ever since.

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5 hours ago, UConn James said:

Again, with the news of using the leg, I stress trying the Cosequin joint health supplements. They help with pain, increase mobility, and reduce inflammation.






My cousin's dog had the TPLO surgery and just a couple of weeks ago they had to go back in to remove the metal and screws because she was going after them. She's a small frame yellow lab and they were irritating her. Cousin said the vet reported that these are getting more common because dogs aren't being allowed to grow fully before they're spayed or neutered. Timeframe should be about 1 year, but many are doing it at 6 months, especially rescue places that have a mandatory s/n policy before they adopt pets to people. One cat rescue near me does s/n to 8 week old kittens! That's really not good for these animals' health.

There wasn't anything torn just mobility issues with my sister's dog.  Taking cosequin gave her dog about 5 more years.

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No tear in his knee so his leg his healing. But seriously having the worst luck. He managed to cut his front leg. The gash is about 6-7 inches long and deep. Fur coat is torn maybe to muscle but it doesn’t look striated so some layer above that perhaps. At the vet right now to see if he can get stitched. I’d upload a pic but it’s too large 

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On 6/18/2022 at 9:03 AM, TheCockSportif said:

Our then ~6 year old yellow lab had the TPLO surgery in 2017, and while old now, fully recovered in a month or two.  Until then the dog would not put any weight on her hind leg, and the doctor feared that a tear would result in the other hind leg -- so surgery it was.


It was expensive, and took a LOT of diligence on our part to keep the dog to be calm (good luck with a fun lovin' lab like this one).  But in the end, it was worth it, and she went back to her retrieving and swimming activities at full speed.

my pup has had tplo on both knees.


3 years in a row June/July she had to go in (left knee popped, hardware had issues and was removed, right knee popped)


our timeline all three times was kind of 4th of July to Labor Day being a real chore. On the bright side august in New Orleans isn’t a big outdoor activity window. The counter point- hurricane season with an 85 lbs mobility limited dog was an added headache (evacuation is an extra chore or staying put becomes a bigger liability if weather goes too far sideways). 


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