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Jim Kelly on the all time passing list

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On 6/3/2022 at 6:57 AM, Kirby Jackson said:

Hot take: Kelly was a very good QB, not an elite QB. He belongs in the HOF because of his winning. He is in the Fouts/Moon/Aikman/Griese/Warner tier of HOF QBs not the Brady/Montana/Peyton/Elway/Marino tier.



Elway was not "elite" . Yeah he got some rings at the end of his career. image.png.2daf01969259242cad0e118695d0639d.pngimage.png.cc2dcfb4d127603896999b15c6133583.png

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9 hours ago, Mr. WEO said:

He played 2 seasons in the NFL. Sandlot football.  The NFL, he would see, was a little different...


It was?  LOL!  He made the HOF.

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On 6/5/2022 at 11:34 AM, Mr. WEO said:



Well all of those guys lasted a lot longer than Jimbo in the same era/rules.  


It wasn't the old rules that did him in..

Who else were USFL qb’s and how long did they stay?  Young?  Moon??

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Allen will be the best QB ever for Buffalo if he can lead a few teams to the Super Bowl.

His supporting cast of players will probably change many times. That is the modern NFL.


As for Kelly and time/durability let's look at age of retirement.

Pro Football Reference shows the 'age' a QB payed their last season.


Kelly - 36

Marino - 38

Elway - 38

Moon -44!

Favre - 41

Young - 38

Montana - 38

Aikman -34


The statistical mode is 38 for a lot of era similar guys. Kelly clocked out after his age 36 season as Buffalo was clearly entering a rebuild situation.


that is (-2 seasons) for Kelly. Kelly had 2 or 3 seasons in the USFL avoiding Buffalo (-2 or 3). Added up that is the difference between Kelly's 11 seasons in the NFL and most other 38 yr old retirees having 15-16 seasons.


All of these guys played more than an additional 16 game season in the playoffs. Those are high intensity games with a real physical and mental toll against the best competition at the highest level.


The difference with Kelly/ Thomas/ Reed/ Smith/ Biscuit/ Talley/ Odomes core is that they got that additional playoff season of games in a concentrated 4-6 year span and most had a few years of use on them dating back to 1985. 1989 was the only break where they 'only played' one playoff game. Most of the other QBS had that extra season stretched out over 15+ NFL seasons. The extra high intensity beatings those Bills took in the post season happened over 4-6 consecutive seasons. These guys just got exhausted.


Look at Aikman who had a similar run. Out after his age 34 season. There is so much a body can take, and Kelly did it 3-4 years older than most.


Bills Playoff Game Count By Season (Kelly era): 19 playoff games

1988-1989: 2

1989-1990: 1

1990-1991: 3

1991-1992: 3

1992-1993: 4

1993-1994: 3

1995-1996: 0

1996-1997: 2

1997-1998: 1


It's truly remarkable how those guys kept coming back extended season after extended season from 1988-1993. Few teams did that with the same core of players, and I think that shortened some careers and should be taken into consideration.


To compare:

Allen Era: 6 playoff games to date

2019-2020: 1

2020-2021: 3

2021-2022: 2


These Bills need to start securing home field and stop playing Wild Card rounds, or the post season beatings will accumulate too.

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