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CFP considering expansion to 12-team format


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6 hours ago, Buffalo Timmy said:

 And to the two Bama fans downplaying the UCF 2017 team I just watched the entire peach bowl and  UCFspent 3 qtrs kicking the crap out of the Auburn team that decimate the Bama team. It reminds me of the Bills vs 49ers this past year. UCF offense was clearly better than Alabama's unless your beliefs from before the season mean everything and what happens on the field means NOTHING.

Many college teams do not go all out for bowl games that cannot lead to a championship. Countless players even sit out these games, but I think that you already knew this. 

Alabama just lost 3 of the 5 Heisman trophy finalists, and another (Jaylen Waddle) was injured or he might have made it 4 of 5. All played on the offensive side. Clemson lost Trevor Lawrence and co. Ohio State lost God knows who and these teams will still be great. 

That said, the NCAA seems willing to throw bones at 8 weaker teams and in doing so, increase the injury rate of the players (who are almost exclusively poor kids) just to increase profits. And they will do this under the guise of giving inferior programs a supposed "chance" to win the title.

Fat chance.


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On 6/10/2021 at 4:49 PM, Bill from NYC said:

Also too many games for the players. Too much risk.


If they expand the playoffs they should do away with conference championship games imo. Those games are unfair to the SEC, but I suppose that this is what expansion is all about.

How do you feel about this?

They've been doing this for many years with the smaller schools. Why would this be any different?

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2 hours ago, Bill from NYC said:

Doing it in what way MV? What school large or small played as many games as Alabama last season?

They've had playoff systems involving at least 8 teams long before Division I or the FBS ever started.

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I love college football, but I do believe this is a mistake.


The term "Student-Athlete" is already stretched thin. As is players are playing in conference championship games up to within a week of finals for fall classes.


If you are a top 4 team you don't get to start spring semester on time. At some point they are no longer amateur players. 


Adding 2 or 3 games to top teams is going to make this much worse.


At a certain point you have to pay them if you continue to increase revenue off of them. 

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