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*Brandon Beane Draft Presser LIVE @ 1:00 PM EST, 4/20/21*

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Brandon Beane is having a live draft press conference at 1:00 PM EST today.


To be carried on MSG and 'One Bills Live'. Presumably on Bills Mobile, as well.

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“I wish we were picking at 32”

The most telling comment to me is "we're thinking more long term than short term" at pick 30. It would seem to indicate that they're not thinking "who's going to push us over the top in 2021", bu

If there's one thing to bank on about a press conference one week before the draft it's that a GM will be 100% honest about his draft intentions.

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1 minute ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


It does merit the "rare event siren" 🚨


But don't gloat, it causes wrinkles


I rarely start a thread so I will take the win. :devil:

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Just now, Hapless Bills Fan said:

Has he said anything about Bills OTAs?

 Not yet.

Can be patient and sit still or move back if their board is still stacked or may have to move up if their board is getting "cleaned out". Reassess after each round.

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13 minutes ago, YoloinOhio said:


I think the Edmunds thing is telling.  LB is in play.  I’d wait until after the season for Edmunds (if they can, or must it be done sooner).  Clearly Josh’s option is picked up during contract negotiations.  

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