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  1. Against good teams and in the playoffs it all comes down to the 'dudes' and the Bills have no dudes on their offensive line with maybe the only exception being a fully healthy Dawkins, other than that our Oline is journeymen/undersized technical players. We have no dominant(physically or technically) offensive linemen and it will show up in the regular season against front 7's like this and if we make the playoffs it will definitely be exposed there.
  2. Always the trenches, if the line plays well no blocked punt, and you force the defense to rush more than 3-4 players and then you can start to implement a gameplan, if not well just re-watch today's game the offense never had a chance unless Allen was playing at his highest level. He's worked a lot on his chemistry with his targets, his mechanics, imo he still needs to drill the mental aspects continually to have a better mental comfortability against any defense like you see in guys who have the mental part down 2nd nature(brady, manning, brees, wilson). I was worried all off-season that we were too complacent about what we had upfront,(was shocked they didnt bring in a better guard and a more physically competent center, not to mention the tackle position which was basically ignored aside from the draft and there were a lot of quality tackles being moved around this offseason but we're ok with Dion and Daryl and two rookies) yes they had an excellent season last year(the offense as a whole), I'd still argue that we have a serious talent deficiency on the offensive line especially when compared to the other playoff/super bowl contenders. Can anyone honestly say that our OLine is in the same league as say, Chiefs, Bucs, Browns, Ravens, Indy, Packers, Pats, Saints, Cowboys, Rams, 49ers, Lions, Philly, Tenn. ? Ok maybe we can be considered in the same league as Philly and Tenn but the rest of the list is head and shoulders better than the Bills and the rest of the league, I can almost guarantee the super bowl champ in on that list the only other way to be that effective in the playoffs without a top 5-10 Oline is to have a top 5 Dline/Defense.
  3. I am pretty much against these types of questions, not because they shouldnt be asked but because in most situations its a mutualism. Meaning that if you take any part by itself it is still functional but as part of the whole its becomes something greater. (sumthing about parts being greater than wholes or soemthing like that). Same with like any head coach and great QB, they are probably still successful apart but do not reach even near the heights they reach when together. If people would stop looking to blame or praise just one person or one side and see that everything is connected and important no matter what the role in the system that is being filled, however large or small a part without each the whole thing eventually collapses or at least doesn't reach its full potential. Its just that only the sith deal in absolutes. . .
  4. I agree about the physicality and washington, the giants secondary did the same thing in the first one at least according to our wr's.
  5. I F'ing LOVED those golden years teams(88-99), I was especially awed by the Front Office/Polian and how they were able to amass so much talent, also was inspired by how close those players became with each other after some initial adversity which points toward efficient and smart leadership and management(captains and coaches). When I looked back some years later the thing that really I still have trouble reconciling is how poorly those teams/coaches were at the X's and O's of the game, superb leadership, good time management, good organization, middling to poor at scheming and counter scheming. 1990 Bills- HC> Marv Levy DC> Walt Corey OC> Ted Marchibroda nyg- HC> Bill Parcells DC> Bill Belichek OC> Ron Erhardt (also Ray Handley, Charlie Weis, Al Groh, Tom Coughlin, Romeo Crennel) -anyone who argues they weren't out coached by a mile in this game is just not facing reality, easily the worst of the 4 especially with the talent differential The next year they get a Charlie Casserly built Redskins led by Joe Gibbs whose staff was not nearly as loaded as the giants and who were more on par with the Bills staff, I actually thought the refs had a huge affect on this game when I re-watched it years later but I'd also say Marv and them got out gameplanned in this one too though not as bad. Really that Redskins teams hammered everyone that year, their only close games were against two good ass teams in the Bengals and Cowboys. Then of course the two vs dallas both times we looked like we were tired of going and afraid to lose again especially in the 4th where they had a lead at halftime but still looked and acted like they had already lost then they don't even try and counter dallas halftime adjustments i meam c'mon tim tim For the record 1992/3 cowboys- HC> Jim Johnson DC> Dave Wannestedt/Butch Davis OC> Norv Turner (dave campo, jim eddy, cant seem to find any other position coaches). Coaching matters a lot, a lot a lot
  6. This is only case if you don't know where to go. See- Wind Jammers by the lake, O'Cals on Monroe, Kithnos @ridge n clinton, some might say the Jeremiahs/MacGregors but they're hit or miss, Murphs in I-Town are up there and Sal's/ Country Sweet have their fans, Bobo's/ChurchBoyz/R's are some would say in the ghetto locations but are good if they know you're from the neighborhood. There's a few other places depending on what Burb your in or what section of the city and depending on how down home or fancy you're trying to get.
  7. Nice post, totally agree Arent you glad I added something so profound to the thread?
  8. 'i dont want the vaccine because they made it too fast'- so you are not getting something that you know will reduce your chance of infection and of infecting other people, as well as significantly reduce the severity and strength of infection because you are afraid of some thing that may or may not happen in the future or long term because they made the vaccine too fast and your scared something might happen in the future when all current evidence suggests otherwise 'i dont want the vaccine because i feel like people/my employer/the govt are trying to force my decision'- same principle as above only not being led necessarily by fear but out of oppositional defiance aka spite.
  9. I was making a similar list, my top two are Oliver and Knox from within and Obada from without.
  10. lol 'our' roster isn't what it used to be (ironically in a good way)
  11. From my younger years as gifts for a kid who made it readily obvious to anyone that sports and specifically the Buffalo Bills were the most important/only serious concerns in my life> #12 Home Kelly jersey, #34 Away Thomas, #97 Biscuit custom, #78 Smtih, #37 Odomes not really all that strange Later on in the lost years my go to jersey's were my #24 home Terrence McGee and #26 away Antoine Winfield, and #93 udfa big Pat Williams Currently #55 Hughes is the go to, for lots of reasons both obvious and not
  12. This season is very impotant for his development, now its mostly going to come down to mental development> decision making, timing, audibles, a big thing for me will be his decision making/timing when to use his legs because teams will blanket our wrs and dare us to run and he will have to break teams playing this way with his legs(i thought he should have ran a lot more early on and throughout the afc champ game when they were doubling everyone). This will be even more true if we don't get the expected improvement in the run game like we all hope with a continuous starting five on the line. WIth his physical tools the sky is really the limit but the only way to maximize physical potential is by continual and constant pushing/learning the mental parts of the game.
  13. I totally understand this, and feel this a lot of times too, I just keep telling myself to realize that the defense I want us to run(more aggressive as opposed to keep everything in front of you) is NOT THE DEFENSE THIS TEAM WANTS TO RUN/USES, and thats perfectly ok but imo if thats the case you better have a top 5 DLine because the front 4 will have to be able to create havoc against the likes of OLines such as KC's, NE's, DAL's, TEN's, INDY's, GB's, because we are super bowl or bust at this point and going forward simply because of JA. And imo the only way to beat top QBs is to get pressure/hits like moving a shooter off his spot. I am fingers crossed that they have timed the development of Epenesa, Oliver, Johnson, etc. and got a steal in Efe to go with the top two picks this year and we have a nasty rotation and defense.
  14. Definitely agree, just thought from a strategic standpoint if they think they can still get a couple wins with cam under center using primarily their oline/run game and defense that way teams dont have as much to work with a far as Jones goes and I figure BB for taking any edge he can get. But they might just decide cam is too much of a liability and they go with Jones either way I hope BB retires soon and McDaniels either leaves or flops as his replacement.
  15. Tua's a joke, Wilson will be a joke unless they baby him, Jones I think will fit what BB and McDaniels like to do more than Cam and he will takeover, but they will take some wins on Cam's legs the Oline and Defense first to keep defenses from having tape on Jones then when Cam gets hurt later in the season they will transfer over. The Dolphins have a good roster but Tua limits them so unless we beat ourselves im not worried. The Jets need a least year before we even know what they have, I think Saleh will be good for them but he's gonna need at least 2 years.
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