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Played scared on defense

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It wasn't just the D, either.   McD coached like a coward in his biggest game against his mentor that coaches to win.    

So weak it was embarrassing, safeties 20 yards deep and backpedaling at the snap. They played defense all game like they were ahead by 3 touchdowns in the 4th qtr

What was our defensive identity this year? Waiting for the All-22, but if you could isolate one play on defense where we didn’t play scared aside from the one good hit Hyde put on a RB. Whether it was

Was listening to a radio interview with one of the Tampa Bay defensive backs today.  They asked him how they were able to stop Green Bay on a few red zone chances and get them off the field on some big 3rd downs?

He said they had to play "edgy" against GB.  Edgy and physical against their receivers.  I'm curious if they can succeed that way against KC in the Super Bowl because Buffalo wasn't the least bit edgy on Sunday night.  On the flip side, KC was "sticky" against our broken down WR group,,,,  just can't happen in a big game. 

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We played a video game offense.  You HAVE to play it safe w/ the personnel we have. Try to take away the big play and go bend/don't break.  


Play overly aggressive, and chances are that the game would have been over even sooner.


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