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Nostalgia Time - What it Means to Be a Bills Fan (Wash Post of all places!)

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Some really nice reminiscing here from long-departed Buffalo writer Harold Goldberg. It may be paywalled; I hope it lets folks read at least the comments, which are just as good as the main story. Days like this bring out the memories and make me proud to be a Buffalo guy myself (although I haven't lived there since I was about 10 years old) and a Bills fan. Bring on the memories, good and bad. But mostly good.


It's all summed up in those two words. "Go Bills."


I was born in Lackawanna, a scrappy industrial town 10 minutes south of the Queen City, where the steel dust fell from the sky like snow. Without a dad around, I was looking for a father figure. In my uncle’s car, we’d drive over to Henry’s Hamburgers, star tight end Ernie Warlick’s restaurant. Then I’d watch Warlick anchor the sports segments on the TV news. He was a standout beyond the field, a barrier breaker, a role model just like my never-swearing uncle.



The Bills run so deep in my high school friends’ blood, it’s like a mystical, shared DNA. When the Bills succeed, as they have during this year’s 13-3 season and march to Sunday’s AFC championship game, it feels like an old friend has succeeded. I’m more energetic, happier, more fun to be around. It’s not just me. My three pals kick into another gear, too. They tell Bills stories that are as ingrained in our lives together as any trip we’ve taken, any joy or sadness we’ve shared.

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Born and raised, and I will never leave my home


Life is so much more than fancy houses and foreign cars. 


And the Buffalo Bills and the City of good neighbors give me something that no place on Earth can give me

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