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Vote for Fed X Air player of the year. You know what to do. Josh Allen candidate

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The winner of the award will be announced at NFL Honors, a two-hour primetime awards special airing nationally on February 6, the night before Super Bowl LV, from 9-11 PM (ET and PT) on CBS.


Keep Voting!! 



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The MVP will also be announced at the same event 




this kills me.. 


Josh Allen vs. Aaron Rodgers perception - 

Mostly a good argument except this >>> There are two layers of public perception working against Allen. Let's start with the broader one, team and market affiliation.


Who has a larger base? BUFFALO that's who!! 


https://www.sportsmediawatch.com/nba-market-size-nfl-mlb-nhl-nielsen-ratings/  (As of October 2019)


Since the odds seem to be stacked against Josh for MVP  


Vote for him to be Air Player of the year. 

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Voted Allen solely to trigger salty Chiefs fans still claiming Mahomes is MUCH BETTER than Allen.


The answer is clearly Rodgers but nothing beats uninformed idiots raging over fan votes.

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On 1/11/2021 at 5:14 PM, StHustle said:

I voted for Allen and Henry...the two guys with two first names.


Since it's a fan only vote, Josh has a chance with the Mafia voting like we do. However Rodgers really deserves it. He had the better year despite a few less yards.

Sure, but I feel like Allen has faced tougher defenses this year.

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Any other year and it would be Allen across the board on these awards - just stellar performance and it is hard not to be excited as a Bill's fan because I think Allen still has room to grow. If anything, he does not seem to be the kind of player that will ever stop working to perfect his craft.

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