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Mario Addison on honoring his late brother with his play

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Tough thing to get over.  Yikes.





On October 27th, 2019, Addison was on a plane flying back from a road game when the Panthers played the 49ers. That’s when he got a text message that his little brother, Gjamal Antonio Rodriqcus was shot and killed in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama.

“It broke me down to like my lowest point and I really had a hard time with dealing with it. I did everything I possibly could to try to keep a clear head but I couldn’t. Even to this day I’m not even that social as I used to be,” Addison said.

“I’m always replaying it in the back of my head of looking at my little brother in a casket.”




Everywhere someone has dealt with or is dealing with the loss of a loved one and Addison’s story can be an inspiration on how to get through that painful experience. He had a message for those struggling with losing someone they love:

“Find a way to deal with it in a positive way. Yeah it hurt and it’s gonna hurt for a while you know try your best to stay around someone like a family member, someone you love,” Addison said.

“The more you stay around people, the more it will help you out. Don’t be alone, you’re not alone in this thing. That was my problem, I wanted to be alone and it wasn’t good at all. Once I got out of that shell and talking to people and opening up.”

It’s okay to cry ya’ll, let it out. Once you let it out it will make you feel better. So don’t ever feel like you’re alone.”

“If you need help, people always say go see a counselor, if you’re not ready to talk to one but talk to them when you’re ready because they can be a good resource.”


Wish Mario the very best in keeping on keeping on and learning to turn the hurt in a positive way.


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5 minutes ago, Aaronthebaron said:

Josh Allen pointed out that Mario Addison spoke to him after his grandmother’s death and that it had an impact on him. Now we know why.

That’s cool to hear. I love when people do that for others especially when they went through their own difficulties before.


Even when you try to live life on a different perspective, this must take it to a whole new level when it comes to losing a brother so tragically.

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