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Pine Barrens Mafia

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this is a recording of my daughters most recent show. She is an accomplished vocalist. The last note the place went nuts. wait for it.



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I saw a cartoon recently with  Bill Cosby leering down at her when she was younger . That was creepy I would never repost it. This song inspired by the lyrics thread. One of the GREATS of all time



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On 5/16/2024 at 1:47 PM, Bills4everNY said:


check out these hippie Freaks lol


this band was my first live show ever.  In Niagara Falls circa early 70's time frame. Im guessing 1972, Now this is a stroll down memory lane. 2 car loads of friends from Batavia went that night



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I recently returned from Scotland.  I heard this song, and it moved me quite a bit.  Reminds me a little bit of Alison Krauss.  Just a beautiful voice.  



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