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  1. I wish we'd cut TV in the pre season. Im sure some washed up Bear will be here soon.
  2. Yeah that's exactly when it is.....crap. Oh we'll see you in April for the next show.
  3. We'll be in Chantilly again next month if you want to swing by.
  4. Where did you get that adorable picture of VA Bills playing center ?
  5. Do you know why Neons have so much glass in them? ..So everyone can see the **** inside who bought one.
  6. I actually was thinking it was a lack of smarts.
  7. I DO NOT want to see him fielding punts again. I know he's freaking fast but at the end of last year and yesterday he's misplayed too many.
  8. I do as well but that one time it bit us in the ass hard.
  9. He takes a knee.....no penalty is called (maybe) and we are at the 20 to start the drive not the 7
  10. Had McGee stayed in the end zone this discussion doesn't happen.
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