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  1. Let him know who the real boss is. When you walk in say, "Oh good you're here. Can you give me a hand with this?"
  2. Between you and Trump, you are definitely the one that's racist.
  3. The word you're looking for is xenophobic. It's different than racism. And xenophobic is still debatable, but at least it's a better debate.
  4. Are your balls in your wife's purse or yours?
  5. Claws? Military R&D leaving no stone unturned.
  6. Why do you spend so much time here making multiple accounts to participate on a forum you think so little of?
  7. It's all part of their strategy to keep people from watching their network. And from looking at the ratings it's working perfectly.
  8. This picture is offensive and triggering for those with triskaidekaphobia.
  9. If you put AOC in a room with that thing, do you really believe she's smart enough to know which end to drink out of?
  10. Biden is more of a lover not a fighter. Or is that a hugger not a fighter?
  11. Good thing we're not blaming the victim. Maybe next time he'll get raped, because he was probably asking for that as well.
  12. I had an English teacher that believed she was a reincarnated horse.
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