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  1. Will the Russians run the worst candidate in US history against Trump.... Again?
  2. Probably not. Once you lose your place in line, it's a really long wait.
  3. Every corner of the Earth. Must have been a flat Earth newspaper.
  4. No water to make the grass grow, obviously no need for a lawn mower. It's the climate change circle of life.
  5. Sorry is already posted.
  6. Is he planning on cruising Applebee's parking lots for Canadian chicks?
  7. Can we get a fact check on this? Does Cocaine Mitch really possess the Infinity Gauntlet?
  8. Abolishing the electoral college should result in mass secession from the union.
  9. You're probably inclined to think that way because you're a sexist, racist, bigot.
  10. Multiple replays and it was well across the first down. Definitively.
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