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  1. What’s got better odds? Someone going to jail for the attempted coup or someone going to jail for anything to do with Epstein? Also who are the possibilities of being in both categories?
  2. It’s true. Check out the new Ford Bronco image. FYI - Harpoon gun is an upgrade.
  3. Many people like to refer to teachers as heroes. This seems very hero like. When some of the weakest in society are in need, turn your backs on them and make sure to put yourself first.
  4. Joe may not know who Omar is, but he’s heard Omar’s coming:
  5. Why do I feel this is going to be start of the great nationwide “What is a sandwich?” debate. Anyone want a plate of chicken wings two pieces of bread?
  6. Don’t be surprised if she talks out of both sides of her mouth. She can also see out of both sides of her head.
  7. In my opinion a payroll tax cut makes more sense than a stimulus check. That would benefit both businesses and employees. It would help incentivize hiring and rejoining the workforce. Another check does none of those things.
  8. I’d probably be willing to pay him to stay out of classrooms after all the dumb ***** thoughts he’s posted here.
  9. So if you get raped in Minnesota, don’t worry about justice or protecting others from a violent person, just learn to deal with it? He should float that idea as a new Nike slogan: Just Deal With It.
  10. Every time I hear about this documentary:
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