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  1. Are you using the masculine or feminine form of idiots?
  2. Bills just wanted to know if it was true that they actually ended his career.
  3. Are those headlights her version of night vision?
  4. You do see the difference between individual people in the government working in their own self interest and the government as an organization that tries and fails to run various social programs? Different meanings behind the use of the word "government." And if you've actually read DR's stuff on the government he's consistent with his opinion of there being bad actors or deep state people across party lines.
  5. Pick a better game to play. At least gator's stupidity was fun for a while. This is just boring and sad. You seem like someone that could possibly do better, but your ego won't let you risk either being wrong or just showing a lack of knowledge on a subject.
  6. It's really best not to engage JA. He's worthless. He's playing the "Nazi" game here. Automatically call someone a Nazi and then everything they say and everything anyone else says about them is automatically discounted because the person is a Nazi. Just substitute "Nazi" with whatever label he comes up with instead. And if you declare that you're just going to ignore his stupidity from now on, he'll celebrate a victory as he accuses you of weaponizing the ignore feature. It's all about protecting his ego.
  7. Wow. Look what global warming has done to Willie Nelson.
  8. 1) The offense is so complicated he doesn't even know his own name. 2) Maybe it's so complicated because he's using Josh's playbook instead? OK last one. 3) Looks like we got the wrong Josh
  9. JA continuing his war against DR with every post. Your crush is cute, but at this point it's probably not gonna happen and you should just let it go.
  10. Biden will end up like Custer if he goes against Warren.
  11. If black face made me look less Canadian I'd wear it too.
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