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  1. Yeah, but technically it's 7/25 (gotta include the K, P, and LS). So, 28%. As an FYI, I don't see this as a big deal at all. The DL has a lot of talent, so let's keep 'em all around and utilize them.
  2. It seems like Dodson is on the side of Beasley, no?
  3. Don't know why we decided to start an all-new thread vs. getting the other one to 100!! 😉🤭
  4. June 1st is 22 days from now... do we think it's possible to average 1.77 pages/day to get us to 100 by then?
  5. It appears that many of the folks in here are for some reason. That throw/catch was one of the top plays in the league last year, so let's all try our best to not get all butt hurt over them tweeting out a picture. It's as if many of our users forget that they got excited over random plays throughout our 20 years of utter suckage.
  6. Yeah, idk what the big uproar is over this. We all know that if Diggs had an equivalent play - hail mary, last play of the game, surrounded by three defenders - we'd be showing that highlight 'til the end of time.
  7. That would be nice, but Beane mentioned in a press conference that he and Doyle are better-suited to play OT due to their height and will focus on the T positions.
  8. I think the better comp is Carlos Dunlap. Here are their measurables: Gregory Rousseau Height: 6'6" Weight: 266 lbs. Arm length: 33.75" Hand size: 11" 40 yard dash: 4.69 sec. Vertical: 30" Bench press: 21 Broad jump: 9'7" Shuttle: 4.45 sec. 3 cone: 7.5 sec. Carlos Dunlap: Height: 6'6" Weight: 278 lbs. Arm length: 34.5" Hand size: 10" 40 yard dash: 4.68 sec. Vertical: 31.5" Bench press: 21 Broad jump: 9'3" Shuttle: 4.61 3 cone: 7.21 I couldn't find any of Dunlap's college tape, but some of his NFL highlights look similar to Rousseau's. I'd be pretty happy if Rousseau turned out to be like him.
  9. Give me another DE or give me death
  10. Agreed. I had been looking forward to this all weekend and all day today.
  11. Okay, good to know others are having the same issue and that it's not just me... definitely strange that there's been no messaging or anything from the Bills about it on the page or in the feed itself.
  12. Did any other season ticket holders get invited to the virtual post-draft analysis? It says it's supposed to start at 7pm but it's just a black screen right now... I was going to post bullet points in here for anyone who's interested.
  13. I'm curious if we have our future safeties now waiting in the wings - Johnson & Hamlin
  14. You wouldn't be happy if our 7th rounder turned into a Feliciano-type player?
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