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  1. Darby trade

    Just quoting this so more people can see. Here's the answer ^
  2. Zay Jones Arrested

    Now is probably not the best time to cut him.
  3. Zay Jones Arrested

    I don't really care if anyone trusts / believes me or not... I'm friends with someone who's very close with Zay. (Knew him from ECU, was at his draft party when the Bills took him, was at the Poyer wedding, etc.) Will try to find out from [this person] what the story is and report back.
  4. Ross Tucker Says We're Likely Signing McCarron

    Sorry about that. Mistook that tweet as just having been posted a few minutes ago and didn't see it on the page!
  5. Ross Tucker Says We're Likely Signing McCarron

    No idea how to embed, but Benjamin Allbright said: https://twitter.com/AllbrightNFL/status/973730416384495617?s=20
  6. DT Star Lotulelei to Bills!

    He was tendered at a 2nd round level, so we'd have to give up something below 64, no?
  7. DT Star Lotulelei to Bills!

    FA hasn't even opened yet and we're still 6 weeks out from the draft. I should think we may find more athletic LBs at some point.