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  1. When you're comparing him to previous Bills head coaches, he would get an A+. Compared to head coaches from around the NFL, I think he would get a B+. He gets the most out of his players and they seem to respect him. The defense is obviously stellar. However, he is awful at challenges and his timeout usage leaves a lot to be desired. I also wish he was a bit more aggressive at certain points - example: earlier this year (can't remember which game) we got the ball back with 1+ minute in the 2nd quarter and two timeouts. We sat on the ball and went to the locker room. Why not at least try to move the ball and get into FG range? Needless to say, I'm happy he's our HC and I think the team is in good hands with him.
  2. It's awesome to see, and I hope he takes this opportunity and runs with it. He is always the most fired up player on the Bills' sidelines during the games. On 3rd down he's always standing up on the bench and waving a towel around, trying to pump up the crowd.
  3. Having a DL that can create pressure (internal pressure from DTs, especially so) is probably the most important aspect of McDermott's defense...
  4. A few for me: Batted passes at the LOS - does anyone know how many we had last year after two games? The entire season? I don't remember seeing anywhere near this many. TE blocking - not only do Smith, Knox, and Sweeney do it, but they seem seek it out/crave it. It's awesome to see guys take pride in that aspect of the game when so many don't Morse pulling - holy crap, having a mobile center is awesome. He gets out in front of the play SO quick. I love seeing Morse/Spain, or Morse/Feliciano out front in front of Singletary The mean streak our OL plays with - we seemed to have a bunch of pushovers last year. There's still kinks to be worked out, but I'd rather have a mean OL with minor issues than a passive OL with minor issues Shaq Lawson - he's definitely motivated to get that next contract and I've been pleasantly surprised with his effort/play Josh Allen - he plays with confidence and he doesn't go for the hero ball every play. He still makes bonehead plays every now and then, but he seems to be growing in that regard, which is great.
  5. I'm looking for some vintage Bills crewnecks and a Starter jacket from the 90s.
  6. I have a family friend who had 4 daughters and decided to try one more time for a boy.... they ended up having triplet girls.
  7. He's just channeling his inner Dick Jauron!
  8. Pff. At this point we've put up with losing to NE for the last 18 years. Brady is almost done, and I have a feeling Belichick won't be far behind. I want the Bills to dominate them first, then we can get rid of divisions
  9. Agreed. It would have been great to have Kyle on the DL alongside him, but I'm sure Alexander and Hyde can fill that leadership gap to some extent.
  10. A little thing I noticed in episode 4 that I found interesting: McDermott was explaining to Oliver why a penalty was called on him, and he turned his head/started walking away. Shaq Lawson grabbed Oliver to pull him back around to look at McDermott (22:56). Nice little leadership moment there.
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