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  1. 3 hours ago, DrDawkinstein said:


    I agree as well, but we are a little biased. And even if we are better, we arent over the hump to being a proven winner.

    For most players out there, picking between Houston, Miami, and Buffalo is like having to pick your hottest cousin.


    I'm guessing he knows that the team he goes to and the next long term deal he signs will probably be his last.

    Having to pick your hottest cousin.....hilarious!!

  2. 1 minute ago, Alphadawg7 said:


    I posted the above earlier this week.  It’s just like I said, people way over exaggerated last week to be more than what it was.  


    Zay needs to prove he can get open on his route and gain separation, not improvising when Allen is running for his life where it’s hard for a DB to hold coverage that long. And he needs to prove he can make catches consistently.


    Today showed his flaws are still rampant and he isn’t close to being a quality starting WR yet.  Foster is better than Zay right now and has the speed to stretch the field.  


    Zay right now is projecting as a #3 WR at best next year here.


    You made a very valid point earlier this week when you posted that Zay was really going to have his work cut out for him now that he would be facing the opposing team's top corner week in, week out.  


    Today was definitely not a good day for Zay at all..

  3. 7 hours ago, Alphadawg7 said:

    Let’s all keep in mind Zay still had some drops and only put up less than 70 yards last week.  People talking about him like he put up 10 catches and 180 yards last week.  


    It was an ecouraging game, and I’m happy Zay showed signs, but I want to see less drops and him get open on his actual route, not come open because Josh ran for his life scrambling and Zay got free cuz it’s so hard for a DB to hold coverage on a WR for a long time in those situations.  


    Zay needs to PROVE he can get open consistently by running good routes and gaining separation.  We can’t bank on Allen scrambling and buying a ton of time for the DB to lose track of Zay.  If our WRs get open more then Allen can get ball out quicker and not have to run for his life as much

    Excellent post.  Definitely encouraged by what I saw from #11, but no corner can cover a receiver forever.  Hoping Zay works on his route running more and he and Allen build on Sunday's game.  And you make a very valid point in him now facing the top corner from here on out...


    Would be thrilled to see him rise to the occasion and finish Sunday with 8 catches for 113 yards and a TD.

  4. Love your posts man, they always give me a good chuckle!  I'm thinking the only skulls that get kicked in Sunday are your poor lame duck coach havin Jests, to the tune of a 37-3 beating.  Allen throws his first 300 yarder, and Darnold does throw a touchdown pass....to TreDavious White.


    Happy Holidays Spags! 

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Bills2ref said:

    I don’t get the TD celebration? 

    Joe Horn, former WR for the Saints, scored a touchdown, pulled up the goalpost and pulled out a cell phone and acted like he was making a call....was a stupid celebration penalty back then, but actually idiotic today, IMO....the game was WAYY too close to be giving up 15 yards of field position to a team that has given you all you can handle....

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  6. 23 hours ago, jahnyc said:

    I would feel better about the future of this rebuild if we had more draft picks in next year's draft.  I understand that we have more than our usual allotment, but the additional picks we have next year are after the third round.  We may hit on one or more of those picks, but chances of finding quality players are higher in the early rounds.  I suppose we can trade down if there are opportunities to do so, but this team also needs pro bowl caliber players, and if we have a top five pick, we may have a shot at that kind of a player.  That would be hard to pass up.

    Solid post.  For all the talk about us having ten draft picks next year, I didn't realize until about a week or two ago that the first 3 rounds all we have are our own picks.  I dont know why I thought we had an additional second or third rounder to start things off.  

    Sitting at 2-6, and in possession of one of the worst offenses in NFL history,  we all know this season is over.  The chances of the Bills reeling off 8 straight wins are less than zero.  I've never been a supporter of the tanking logic, but I have no interest in W's this season.  All I want the rest of the year is to 1)see Josh Allen get the opportunity to start the last 6 or 7 games and see how he develops, and if he is in fact the QB of our future, 2)see the development of Edmunds as he continues to learn this defense, trust his instincts more, and use his freakish physical abilities, because unlike Allen, I've seen enough from Edmunds already to believe he will be a star in this league and our MLB for the next decade, 3)see our defense as a whole continue to gel, because this unit is really, really a good group, and with a core group like Hyde, Poyer, Milano, White, Edmunds,  Hughes, Phillips, this defense could easily be top 5 next year.  

    I have zero problems with us not winning a single game the rest of the year if I can see the things I listed above.  And if we have the number one pick, awesome.  Like you mentioned, we can use it to trade down and gain more picks, or if there's a one in a generation type talent there for the taking, pull the trigger...

  7. 4 hours ago, 26CornerBlitz said:


    Things will be rocking in the dome and that will cause some problems for the Rams offense.  Eli Apple better be on his game because Goff and the Rams will be coming after him.  Can't wait to watch this tilt!



    Indeed!   I cant wait to watch this one.  

    Regarding Apple, I agree with you that he's gonna have to step his game up a notch.  I thought he really struggled Sunday vs Minnesota, but I just attributed it to him still adjusting to his new team.  


    Aaron Donald is a force of nature.  The guy brings the pain on every single down.  Oh what I would give to have him in a Bills uni...

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  8. That Davenport injury hurts the Saints bigtime.  Kid was playing very well and was a great addition on that d-line.  


    Regardless, I fully expect the Saints to hand the Rams their first L of the season.  The Superdome is gonna be rockin and the Saints rarely lose bigtime games at home.  I'll be as bold as to say I dont think its gonna be close.  Saints win this one comfortably....31-17



  9. 2 hours ago, Playoffs? said:

    I could be way off... but I don’t think the Bills wanted to acquire any talent this year.. talent might mean we win games. I truly think Beane hopes we lose games and end up with a better pick in the draft. 


    I am still all in for Derek Carr (if we don’t have to give up a first)... but can’t get him now or else we may win a few games.. and then back to the middle of the drafting pack. 


    Maybe my brain is just fried...

    While I'm still willing to give Allen the year to see if he's the franchise QB we've been waiting for, I certainly think Carr is a very talented guy.  Will he be a free agent after this season or something?  

  10. 2 hours ago, thenorthremembers said:

    Still think it was a great move.  Problem here is everyone said they were ready to deal with the ups and downs of drafting a rookie qb, but in the back of their mind expected the rookie to be Tom Brady.  

    Agree with you wholeheartedly I thought it was a great move as well getting what we got for Tyrod.  I can also admit I am guilty of claiming that I was prepared to deal with the ups and downs of drafting a rookie QB, it's just that I was thinking we'd be dealing with the ups and downs of Josh ROSEN, and not Josh Allen.  Once they announced the word Josh, I immediately was filled with love, leeway, patience, and understanding.  When they then followed it with Allen, all those warm and positive feelings I was ready to invest in our rookie QB quickly dissipated.  I can say that Allen has shown me enough flashes of potential greatness mixed in with his rookie mistakes and accuracy issues that I am willing to give him the rest of the year before I make any judgement on him either way.  

  11. 25 minutes ago, Hebert19 said:

    Maybe I'm sick...sadistic or a glutton for punishment...I cant put a finger on it.  Bit here are a few possible reasons why anyone would want to watch peterman this Sunday.  


    1.  Holy *****...there is no way of could get worse could it?   I mean he really has no where to go but up right???


    2.  The meme and gifs monday after another epic fail will be hilarious as *****.  That's always good times.  


    3.  Part of me is rooting for Gurley to outscore us this year.  (Dawgs fan)


    4.  Can anyone say number 1 overall. 


    5.  Can the bears D score more points than our O for the second straight week?  


    6.  What's the record for sacks in a game?  He's going to he so gunshy we may find out.  


    7.  I just feel bad for the kid.  He has no right being out there so I hope he doesn't suck too bad. 


    What am i missing?  And in case there are people who dont see the humor in this.  It's a joke thread.  Ha

    Even if this is a joke thread, I'm actually right there with you in that there is a part of me that would be intrigued to see Peterman start Sunday.  And as you stated, I'm also of the train of thought that he really has nowhere to go but up.  I have a hard time envisioning him stinking up the joint ANY worse than he already has, and I really do feel bad for the guy.  I mean the poor guy's last performance was so bad he had to resort to stating that there are things in life besides football, and had to proclaim his faith in Jesus.  I honestly thought that was his last day in Buffalo, and as an NFL quarterback.   But lo and behold, he's still on our roster.  He is the laughing stock of the entire league.  I say there is no pressure on him, no expectations.  He is obviously of the feline species because he's close to his 9th life.  I would love to see him go out there Sunday and play his little heart out.   And to be honest, with his knowledge of the playbook and Daboll's offense, he's a better option than anyone we could possibly bring in off the street at this point.  So yes, I too must be somewhat of a masochist,  because a part of me does want to see my fellow Pitt alum go out there and get one last chance.  And the upside, in addition to the chance he actually does play well, is that if he goes out there and does what 99.9 percent of the football world is expecting him to do, come Monday morning he'll HAVE to be unemployed.

  12. Regardless of who we would possibly sign this week, am I correct in assuming Peterman will get the start?  I just can't imagine bringing ANYONE in, be it a halfway decent QB(if there even is one available), or a bottom-of-the-barrel guy, and them grasping enough of the playbook to start Sunday...


    Wow, times are really not-so-great at One Bills Drive.

  13. 51 minutes ago, Fadingpain said:

    Because the owner is a greedy Republican voting bastard who thinks Kap and his protest movement was taking money out of his pocket.


    Pegula only has like $3.5 billion, so he has to protect his money the best he can.





    Him and his family gotta eat....😄

  14. 6 minutes ago, Azucho98 said:

    I'll take this over sacks...



    God that never gets old watching that....thank you!!


    As much as I love seeing Brady nearly get decapitated, I give him credit for popping up and playin on after a hit like that...sadly,  the NoFunLeague has created an environment that we'll never see another hit like that again...without a player getting immediately ejected and possibly having criminal charges filed against him.

  15. On 10/18/2018 at 6:41 PM, hondo in seattle said:

    Today I went to the hospital with an acute pain in my side.  Turns out I have kidney stones.  


    I cracked a few jokes and smiled a few times during my stay in the hospital.  At no time did I actually think the situation was funny.  

    I've never had kidney stones, but from everything I've heard and read, the pain from them can be downright excruciating.  


    Hoping you have a speedy recovery!  Hang in there! 


    Go Bills

  16. 1 hour ago, PlayoffsPlease said:

    So you want players to lie?  He was clearly laughing on the bench in Q4 in a losing effort.  His reaction is phony.  He was just pissed because he did not realize he would not be called out on it.  Personally I don't want players who are yucking it up on the bench the Bills are losing or doing a frigging sack dance or end zone celebration when the team is down by three touch downs late in the game.  Clowns belong in a circus. 

    I agree with you 100% on this issue.  This is just my opinion, but I think professional sports players as a whole seem to have lost some of their competitive juices over the years.  Perhaps it's because they make insane amounts of money, and they know win or lose they're taking home a fat check every week.  I'm not saying all players are like this, but a good many.  I will always hate Tom Brady as a Bills fan, but boy is the guy competitive.  He HATES losing, and, on the rare @#%#@ occasion the Pats are losing, he is pissed.  I want that from my team's players.  I do feel the reporter had the right to ask the question,  and I also agree DA's angry response was more because he was called out on it.  I'm glad he stood up for himself and let the reporter know he busts his ass every week, but I still dont think it was a good look for him or his teammate getting caught on camera laughin it up.  If I was the HC and I saw it, I would've asked him the same question, right then and there.  I may be in the minority on this, but just had to share my two cents...

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