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  1. 2 hours ago, apuszczalowski said:

    That might be a good idea, except it would have to be an indoor stadium since they don't usually build barns without roofs

    The Bills could have the largest wooden indoor stadium and if they can get enough of them, it could be erected in a weekend......

    Might be hard to broadcast after without power and lighting  

    You literally just broke something inside of me....omg thank you for my laugh of the day!!!  😂😂😂

  2. 3 hours ago, Bangarang said:

    Wondering:  1)Has Buffalo officially submitted the request to the governor's office?  2)when we can expect a decision?  I'm thinking that even though the game is 17 days away we would need to get approval fairly quickly considering all of the planning and work that would need to be done to make this happen.


    LET'S DO THIS!!!  

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  3. Man I REALLY, REALLY hope he allows this!!  That would be awesome to have fans in the stands for that Thursday night game!!  And if both teams are still undefeated, ooh wee!!  Sad thing is, it hasn't been approved yet, and I have no clue as to which direction the governor is gonna go, but I already want us to request a higher number.  7,000 seems like such a low number.  Didn't the Dolphins allow like 13,000 or so?   


    Man I'm greedy....

  4. One thing I believe so much more concretely than anything else is that when Allen's career is over, he will have broken all of Kelly's records, by a long shot.  The passing game has evolved so much from the 90's.  I was shocked when I read that no other QB in Buffalo history had ever thrown for 400 yards with 4 touchdowns and no int's.   Like really??  I lived through all four super bowl years, and back then I thought our offense was "prolific", and "unparalleled".  I coulda sworn Kelly did that at least once right?  Nope. 


    So yeah, it's gonna happen.....and then you figure, he's only 24 freakin years old....holy smokes...

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  5. 4 minutes ago, DrDawkinstein said:

    One surprising fact I heard recently that really opened my eyes to the uphill battle Josh would have to earn the MVP award: To date, Russell Wilson has never received a SINGLE vote for MVP across his entire career.


    If Wilson hasnt even received a single vote yet, we may just have to be patient before we see our guy properly recognized.



    WOW.  Yeah that's a real shock to know that, and considering Wilson is a media darling, Josh may have to throw for 6,000 yards, 50 touchdowns, the one "int" he threw yesterday, 85% completion, and also develop a cure for Covid AND cancer.  

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  6. 2 minutes ago, Gene1973 said:

    He's been saying that since last week, and getting laughed at. I do think it is way to early to have an opinion on this however.

    I don't think it's too early. Yes we're only three games in but Allen has only gotten better with each game, AND....he's getting better each week as the level of our opponent has gotten better too...that's impressive...

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  7. 3 minutes ago, Kwai San said:


    I would also like to point out that JA has something to say about his development too.  Not like he is being wound up like a toy by Daboll and set out on the field.  The kid is working his butt off during the offseason, working like crazy during the season.  As good or as bad as BD has been his success has been predicated on the product on the field.  What happens when he has a lackluster QB with next to no tools at his disposal, ie a crappy line, no running game and weak receivers?  Methinks he won't be looking so good then.


    This is not to degenerate nor down play the success BD is having but A LOT of his success is coming due to the product on the field including JA.  A LOT!

    I don't disagree with you at all.  To make the kind of progress that Josh has made this season, I don't care if you have Bellicheck as your HC, McVay as your OC, Peyton Manning as your QB coach.  You have to put the work in yourself.  And its obvious Allen has done this.  I think it's definitely a combination of the two, and that one benefits from the other.  Kind of reminds me of the great debate, who is better, Bellicheck as a coach, or Brady as a QB?  Would one be what he was if he didn't have the other?


    No doubt Allen/Daboll make a great pair, and I'd love for them to remain together for the next 10+ years.  Whether that happens or not remains to be seen.

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  8. The funny thing for me is that it seems like so many people, particularly the ones who still like to bring up the headscratching plays, the negative ones, conveniently forget that ALL of the elite quarterbacks make the same kind of plays, on a weekly basis!!  The first ballot HOFers, the Mahomes, Jacksons, Wilsons...all of em.   And to me what makes what Allen is doing even that much more impressive is that this is a QB, no, this is THE QB that everybody dumped on coming out of college(me included).  I'll be honest and say I seriously doubted he would be able to overcome his accuracy issues.  The improvements that he has made from one year to the next are absolutely mind-boggling if you ask me.  For what he has done so far this year, I will happily take the one or two hiccup plays he commits, because that's just the nature of the position.  You have to be willing to take risks, and I love knowing when the game is on the line, and it's 3rd and 22, our QB goes for the jugular, or at the minimum the first down.  I have too many bitter memories of past Bills qb's with the game on the line, it's 4th and 9, and he throws a 5 yard out pattern.   I thank God for who we have behind center now.  


    The bottom line is his good BY FAR outweighs his bad.  And he's only getting better....

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  9. 4 minutes ago, DCofNC said:

    Hopefully, this was a one week issue, but the Rams destroyed the D in the second half, the blueprint is there.  I fear the Pats will steamroll the Bills again, just in a different form.  The good news is the Offense has scored, but Billicheat seems to have another good D this year too.  I’m definitely not crowing the Bills as division champs yet.

    I don't think anyone has crowned us division champs yet either.  We're(most of us) smart enough and have been through enough with this team to make such a bold prediction three weeks into the season.  But John from Riverside said exactly what i was thinking.   The pats O isn't anywhere near the level of the Rams offense, by a country mile.  And as bad as our defense has performed these past two weeks, I have all the confidence in the world that by the time we play the pats we'll be ready.  Hopefully Milano and Edmunds will both be back to or close to 100%.  For the first time in forever the pats game doesn't worry me. I think we'll be fine.

  10. 7 minutes ago, ChevyVanMiller said:

    The only thing missing from yesterday's roller-coaster ride of an instant classic win was TSW's resident recapper and his musings on the game. Until we hear from @Virgil here are some speculations about why he went MIA after Josh's game-winning heroics yesterday afternoon.


    1) His head exploded. Literally exploded during the second half collapse and ultimate game-winning drive. I know mine almost did.


    2) At 28-3, he figured the game was in the bag and began the shots of Jameson early. He's still at some roadside shanty singing, "Show Me the way to Go Home." with a bunch of Bills' good time buddies.


    3) When Smoke Brown left the game in the 3rd quarter he became so concerned, he collected a Shaman, Voodoo Doctor and Wiccan Witch into his Nissan Cube and headed to Bills Stadium to offer aid and assistance in Brown's speedy recovery.


    4) He had the Bills, laying the points and headed out to his bookie's house to collect early when the Bills pushed the lead to 25 points. The bookie told him, "No payouts 'til the final whistle." Virgil couldn't believe it when the Bills won by 3 and the game was a push. He had already used the winnings as a down payment for an inground swimming pool.


    5) Oh, where have you been, my blue-eyed son?
    Oh, where have you been, my darling young one?
    I've stumbled on the side of twelve misty mountains,
    I've walked and I've crawled on six crooked highways,
    I've stepped in the middle of seven sad forests,
    I've been out in front of a dozen dead oceans,
    I've been ten thousand miles in the mouth of a graveyard,
    And it's a hard, and it's a hard, it's a hard, and it's a hard,
    And it's a hard rain's a-gonna fall.


    6) After the first TD he had the "Lee Smith on a milk carton" tattoo on his arm reworked into a dreamy likeness of Kim Pegula.

    7) He's been busy firing off a "How do you like our trash now?" missive to Jalen Ramsey.


    8  He just can't find the proper superlatives to accurately describe an offense not seen in these parts since 12+83=TD was everyone's favorite equation. Calling Mr. Bartlett, calling Mr Roget, your assistance is greatly needed.

    9) He's been on hold with the Colin Cowherd Show since the end of the game. His wife told him to, "let it go," but Virgil says that he has a piece to speak and won't rest until it's been spoken.

    10) I can't even bear to type this last one, but we must consider the possibility that he's gone over to the dark side and has spent the past 18 hours on the Tampa Bay Bucs board extolling the virtues of the ageless blood-sucking vampire known to the free world as one Tom Brady. Say it ain't so, Virgil.

    Looking forward to your thought on the game, buddy. Sooner the better. :)




    Love it!!  Lmao especially @ #4!


    Good stuff! 😆

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  11. 1 minute ago, BillnutinHouston said:

    We've all heard the talk about Daboll becoming a likely candidate for more head coaching interviews in the future, and that will likely continue as Josh Allen ascends.


    I have to admit, I'm holding out a bit of hope that as the Bills continue to move into the top echelon of teams, that Daboll will pump the brakes on his own career aspirations and stay focused on bringing a championship to his hometown.


    Or maybe, Pegula revisits his contract and sweetens it a bit in light of Allen's development?


    Is this hope on my part completely irrational?



    I hope the same as you, although if we continue to dominate offensively as we have been, and Allen continues to shine, Daboll is history.  To take a quarterback coming out of college with as many deficiencies as people perceived him to have, and develop him into not just a franchise QB, but into a possible league MVP?  He's a goner, some team is going to pay him handsomely as a head coach. And you know what? He will have earned it.  


    I'm in love with the way he's called these first three games. I know for a fact this isn't a flash in the pan dumb luck streak, Daboll knows what he's doing, and now he has the general he needs to run this offense through every defense we face. 


    I'd hate to lose him, and I would love to see Terry and Kim throw the vault at him.  But if the offer comes his way, he would be wise to make the career move that 99 out of every 100 other coaches would make, and that would be to advance his career to become a head coach.  

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  12. Surprises -  1.  Allen's degree of improvement. I fully expected progress, and was cautiously optimistic. He was saying all the right things in the off-season. Even in camp you could see improvements, but in no way did I expect him to perform at this level, so early, with a severely scaled back training camp and no preseason whatsoever.  This is a completely different Josh Allen.  

    2.  Gabriel Davis.  Even after a stellar training camp, as impressed as I was, a big part of me kept thinking about so many WRs in the past who were training camp darlings who lit it up all the way through the preseason to earn a roster spot and then vanish.  Davis started to pay dividends from kickoff.  He does NOT play like a rookie by any stretch of the imagination.  This kid is a dream, and is only going to get better, faster, and stronger.  

    3.  Brian Daboll.  He has called an INSANE offensive game plan for the past three weeks straight.  Man I hate to see him go, but if he continues to call games like this there's no way we don't lose him to a head coaching gig somewhere else, and he will have deserved it. 


    Disappointments -  1. Edmunds -  I know he's banged up, and I'm hoping that's part of the reason for his performance, but even before he got hurt, he looked lost and out of sync more than one or two times.  The missed tackle against the Jets was a backbreaker and cost us a touchdown.  Yesterday he looked like a rookie.  

    2. The refs getting a call blatantly wrong like that.   Everyone and their momma knows if two players come down with the ball simultaneously then the possession goes to the offensive player.  I'm sorry but this is too hard of a game and players put too much of their lives into this sport for a game to be decided by a referee.  ANY other team besides this one, a blown call like that happens and we lose the game.  Thank God we have a clutch QB who was able to overcome such a horrific call.

    3.  The defense as a whole.  Even with the Jets game, we've yet to defensively dominate a team. It's sad but it's also more of a testament to just how much better our offense is now, because last year, three defensive performances like these and we are sitting at 0-3 no question.

  13. 13 hours ago, BillsMafi$ said:

    Bit more of a home field advantage 


    Decibel level of music and audio prompts (“It’s 3rd down!”, foghorns, train whistles, etc.) previously were capped at 75 decibels. Now, no limit. As always, it must be shut off when play clock hits :20, but teams hope to regain a bit of home-field advantage.

    I like it.  Anything to get just some of that home-field advantage back.  Even during some of the worst seasons during our drought, Buffalo has always been voted as one of the toughest places to play for the visiting team.  (Kansas City, Green Bay, Oakland, Philly)


    That's actually a real sore spot for me this year, probably the toughest thing for me to deal with.   Not just the fact that we can't have fans in the stands, but the fact that this is BY FAR the most complete, competitive, and talented roster we've had SINCE our glory years!!  


    So yeah, this is a good thing to me....

  14. 12 hours ago, Big Blitz said:

    Off top of my head:


    2018 Vikings and Jags

    2019 Cowboys Steelers 


    Is this Rams team better then those?  I'd say they are more complete.  But winning in Dallas on Thanksgiving would still rate higher to me.  

    This. Agree 100%.  That game in Dallas last year, on Thanksgiving, in Dallas???  A game nobody expected us to win, and we don't just win, we show our a$$es?  That was as complete and impressive victory as they come...

  15. Kap is in the game?  Wow. I don't play video games at all anymore(the last console I had was a Playstation 2 my wife bought me for Christmas back in 2007 😄), and I didn't know Madden has players that aren't even in the league.  Is the old Bills squad on there, from the early 90's?  If so i might need to go and buy myself a console as an early Christmas present to myself...


    As far as Allen goes, my personal obvious biased opinion would be to put him at least in the 80's.  If Mahomes is a 99, then I would try to objectively put Allen between 83-86.  He still has a ton to prove, and if you look at his statistics as a whole, I don't think 77 is a slap-in-the-face blatant wrongdoing.  I mean it should definitely be higher.  


    Just my two cents though 🙂

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  16. 4 hours ago, SCBills said:

    Im not sure why there’s this hostility from some of you over this issue.  I’m pretty positive about our team otherwise.  

    The national narrative for the Bills is that the next step is to beat, perceived to be, good teams.  

    That’s not without reason.   

    Not sure why some of you get so in your feelings over this.  


    I don't see anything wrong with your perspective.  I already believe the Bills to be a legitimate super bowl caliber team, and honestly I haven't had expectations this high since our glory years.  I don't NEED the national media to validate my opinion of our Bills. BUT, it would be nice to see us get the kudos and the respect that we deserve from the so-called "experts".  If you really stop and read alot of the articles online, and watch alot of the national football shows, the Bills really are starting to garner alot of respect and national attention.  I fully agree with you in that if we do beat the Rams Sunday, we will be even more recognized as a legit SB contender.


    Two things about this team, this year to be precise, that encourages me more and more about them are:  


    In SO many years past, when the Bills would get off to a fast start, or string together a nice little winning streak, the media would start to notice us, and start giving us respect.  And then we would immediately proceed to sh!t the bed and get blown out in our next game, and then go on some crappy losing streak to finish out the season.  "Same old Bills" they would call us.  Not this year.  Buffalo started the season being recognized as not only a legit team, but many picked us to finally win the division.  And you know what?  We have delivered, emphatically.  Game 1 should've been a 40 point blow-out, and game 2 should've never been as close as it was, you show me ANY team that loses BOTH of their starting linebackers AND has to play a division rival that doesn't struggle and I'll come and personally re-shingle your roof for you, free of charge.(labor fees notwithstanding).  I don't care what the Jets or Dolphins records are, division games are.NEVER.easy.  period.   And the second thing that has me truly encouraged, and fully believing that we are a legit SB contender is one Josh Allen, and the fact that he is CLUTCH.  He is at his best when the game is on the line, and i effing love him for that...the kid rises to the occasion each and every time, and that is something you just cannot teach. Either you have it or you don't.  And he has it.  In spades.  


    It's those two reasons for me that make everyone else's opinion outside of OBD(and TBD) obsolete.  I know for a FACT that we have what it takes to make a run for the Lombardi Trophy this year, right now.


    But I too wouldn't mind seeing us getting even more respect/recognition. And I think your feelings are valid as well.  

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  17. 10 hours ago, Putin said:

    I’ll say this Ed will have a better game then Donald this Sunday !!! 
    GO BILLS !!! 

    Love your enthusiasm sir, and would love it if it came true....I'm sooo happy we have a mobile qb who can make the defense pay for being over-aggressive.  And I was really pleasantly surprised to see that a huge portion of his 729 passing yards and 6 of his 7 touchdowns came while under pressure....wow!  My bet is McVay dials back the pressure on this one.  Donald is a freak so all we can do is try and minimize the damage.  Keep him double-teamed...and i love that Josh is taking what the defense gives him, so I have zero problems with dinkin and dunkin until the big play opens up, then BAM!!  

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  18. 18 hours ago, AirAllenPower said:

    I was a baker/ Rosen guy


    My whole issue with Allen was in the Iowa game I got really put off by him. I thought he was scatter shot, erratic and just not a natural smooth qb... 


    His progress from the beginning of his rookie year, to the end. The jump he took in year 2, and now a massive leap in year 3 is really amazing... 


    His leap this year reminds me of the leap jo e burrow took in his jr to Sr year at LSU 

    Ditto 100% on several things you said.


    I was also squarely on the Rosen/Mayfield train, (wanted Rosen 1st, Mayfield 2), and I'll even clarify further in that I actually thought Darnold would be the best of them all, but I just naturally assumed he was going to be the 1st pick and that we couldn't afford the cost to trade up to 1.  So my heart was settled on Rosen or Baker.


    As soon as I saw that the Bills had pulled off the trade to move up, my heart began fluttering, and I was ready!!  Welcome to Buffalo Josh Rosen!!   When they announced that we had selected the wrong Josh, I literally fell out of my chair, curled up into the fetal position and began rocking back and forth sobbing and screaming...metaphorically.


    But I did scream at the TV, and began exchanging horrified/disbelief/disgust text messages with all my family up in Buffalo.  I don't think a single one of us BESIDES my Uncle Reggie was happy with the pic. I wrote my own obituary telling everyone I had gotten into a barrel and plunged myself over the Niagara Falls. 


    BOY was I wrong!  My crow actually tasted pretty good though. 🙂


    Josh Allen IS the franchise QB we've been waiting for.  And you hit the nail squarely on the head when you compared his leap from year 2 to year 3 to Burrows jump from junior to senior season.  I couldn't agree more.


    Let's go Buffalo!

  19. 1 hour ago, DrDawkinstein said:


    27:09 - Breakdown of the Diggs TD. The way Diggs resets his route after getting bumped by Van Noy, and instantly goes from being well covered to completely open. THIS type of stuff is what makes him one of the best WRs in the game, and shows what we have been missing in our previous WR groups. He gets bumped, resets, and that HAND GOES UP!





    Agree 100%.  The things that Diggs does, his work ethic, his preparation, they are elite in every sense of the word.  His competitive spirit, fiery attitude, leadership, are all INFECTIOUS, and I love hearing so many teammates that he makes them want to be better.  I was one of the few who felt we gave up wayyy too much to get him, and now just two weeks into the season, I'd give up two first rounders lickety split for him.


    And with regard to that play, it's just a thing of beauty how he was able to reset and shift so quickly, yet making it look effortless.  He makes corners look downright foolish, play after play.  IMO, he's the finest route runner in the NFL.  He runs his routes with an absolute surgical precision.  


    So glad he's on our side.  Please forgive me for such a unicorn/sunshine/lollipops prediction, but I see no reason Josh doesn't throw for 4,500 yards and Diggs doesn't top 1,400 yards receiving.

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  20. 2 hours ago, BillsToast said:

    The problem with these types of analysis is every QB who has protection could have thrown for 500 yards with 7 TDs. 


    Many plays can easily be shown that the QB missed a read. If it was so easy everyone would be a QB. 


    In real time you just want proficiency on the play, not perfection. Perfection is the enemy of the good. When he shows Brown open I don't think any QB is that capable. 


    I'm not saying Allen is infallible, but as far as a QB that is as close to perfect as you can get in the last game. 


    I'm sure Drew Brees 2 years ago might have had a higher completion % in that game, but not as many yards or TDs or yards as he checks down frequently. Each QB has their strengths. 

    Very, very well said sir.  👍

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