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  1. Their other 3 games were against the Bears, Seahawks, and Broncos. Not exactly the Titans, Dolphins, and Ravens degree of difficulty.
  2. I heard the opposite, that Cook was all world in practice. Von even said something similar after his fumble against the Rams, that he consistently made plays and he told the rook “take the next one for 80.” Many beat reporters who showed up at camp said “Cook just looks different. He’s the most explosive back the Bills have.” We’ve seen none of this in games though, his opportunities have been limited, which doesn’t help his confidence.
  3. I commented in the game thread that it was odd Allen’s vision was 10 yards and in on almost every play in the first half. He had WRs running open deep and intermediate, had time in the pocket, but didn’t take advantage. If one pass in particular was thrown to McKenzie who was wide open in the middle, he could’ve outraced the DBs to the endzone. Another had Diggs frustrated because he was open about 15 yards down the field but the ball was again thrown short of the sticks. Receivers are open for explosive plays, Allen just needed to get that aggression back he seemingly misplaced in Miami. We saw more of that in the 2nd half.
  4. Whenever Kelce is on the line rather than split out wide, I’d have a DE jam him before rushing. Every single time. But teams never do it, why I don’t know.
  5. Pacheco is 5’10 215 lbs and runs a 4.37 40. I don’t know how he lasted til the 7th just based on measureables, but good find Chiefs.
  6. Every time Moss gets the ball I’m assuming 2-3 yards at best. 1 or negative yardage most likely. I wish the team would move on. The rookie Dameon Pierce in HOU has a comparable athletic profile but is 10x the runner.
  7. Allen has stopped looking down the field. His vision has been 10 yards and in almost every play, regardless of time in the pocket. It’s strange.
  8. Was just coming to say this. Wide open. Josh is playing small ball more often these games.
  9. After scoring only 17 pts on 90 plays, if there was one position on offense that should shoulder most of the blame, it’s OL. Not Allen.
  10. He’s the most dangerous dual threat at the QB position and has a league MVP to his name. With that said, he’s never really gone off on the Bills. Let’s hope this ages well…
  11. Was it from a reliable source? Rhodes apparently has a long history of hamstring problems.
  12. It was an absolute bomb exactly when they needed it. If he uncorks a routine 50 yarder or so, and the Bills don’t get a holding penalty, you’re talking about 25 more yards there at least for a FG. One of the strangest games I can remember where the Bills dominated everywhere but the scoreboard. Felt worse than the Patriots wind game.
  13. High ankle sprain, probably will be out a month minimum.
  14. To be fair, there shouldn’t be a willingness to stick with the running game when moving the ball through the air is what we do best. One of the most egregious drives of the game was that run, run, pass on the 8 yard line with Moss where Allen was strip sacked. Almost every run feels like a throwaway down because the line doesn’t consistently move people.
  15. Went back and looked at the play after hearing him talk about it. At first glance I thought he had a clear path to the sideline, but after watching it again, Howard did pop up, I don’t know if he had the angle to take him down before they reached the sideline, but it’s true, he was there. McK said he got the ball to the ref with 9 seconds to go, but that wasn’t true. It was more like 6.
  16. He talks about that play at length. Says he didn’t run straight out of bounds because Howard “popped up out of nowhere” on the way to the sideline and he made a split decision to cut up and then try to get out, but was tackled. He said running backwards to get out of bounds wasn’t going to happen.
  17. When I saw it was an hour I almost didn’t play it, but did and just thought I’d bow out after a few mins… but Im still watching. I think what makes it most interesting is that he takes you into places with teammates and doesn’t have the vagueness filter that his HC has. He will speak candidly, which makes the interview interesting.
  18. I can see how Lil Dirty gets under his teammates’ skin. He knows Micah has a season ending injury and asks him “does your neck hurt?” (around 29 min mark) Micah didn’t take too kindly to the question. “No, my neck doesn’t hurt. Why would you ask that?” McKenzie said nothing is off limits to joke/talk about.
  19. The secondary played admirably and I commend them for it, but that playcall did them no favors. I suppose I would’nt be as upset if it was the first conservative approach that the Bills have been beaten on, but to see the pattern over and over in big moments is what has me at a loss. Ask yourself this, could you imagine being a defensive coordinator who’s playing the Bills and you rush 3 against a 3rd and 20+ while only leaving your two inexperienced safeties deep? I think everyone here would thank that defensive coordinator for the gift - you’ve just afforded Allen all the time in the world to hit Diggs or Davis over the top - but because it’s Frazier and he’s employed by the Bills, he gets more leeway.
  20. It’s scary some are entertaining the idea of trading Milano and his salary to accommodate Tremaine’s next contract. Milano is the superior player, always has been.
  21. For those defending the play call on 3rd and 22, I most certainly wasn’t advocating for a blitz, but to rush 3 and ONLY have two inexperienced safeties deep against the fastest pair of wide outs in the league is indefensible. I criticize the call because of its timid approach. Rush four, play 2 safeties deep and have your corners play off coverage against their two star wide outs. Whatever you want to do with the remaining 3 coverage players, fine, but that was an incredibly dumb play call on 3rd and 22. Whatever. It’s over. But I’m sure the ultra conservative, timid approach will happen again this season at some point.
  22. Stretches back to the 3rd and 18 the Texans converted in the playoffs in OT. Frazier had the defense SO FAR BACK that when Watson threw the ball and the guy caught it after 7-8 yards, he ran untouched until he reached the first down marker. Imagine having your players so far back that no one is in position to tackle a guy until he picks up 19 yards? You’d think he learn, but 13 seconds and now 3rd and 22 says he hasn’t. Bills at Texans 2019 Playoffs (17:00 min mark)
  23. Over the last two seasons, the Bills have looked like the heavyweight boxer who packs the meanest right hook in the ring. They obliterate their opponents when they win, TKOs early and late, but for those few fighters who can take the punch, dish out a little of their own, and last until the final bell, the Bills lose on the scorecards, all close decisions. They’ve only been knocked out once (Colts), but generally they do the knocking out. 20 straight fights that have been stopped. One more stoppage and they’ll break a record. We’ll start winning on the scorecards soon enough…
  24. I didn’t think the Davis TD “catch” qualified as one, but then I saw Kelce’s 2 point conversion against Indy. If that’s a catch, then Gabe’s catch should’ve been ruled a TD as well.
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