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  1. The text messages shared by the woman's lawyer indicate the woman's lawyer was calling both the Bills and Araiza. It is also insinuated that the woman's lawyer presented a settlement offer to Araiza directly. Araiza's lawyer told the woman's lawyer to stop calling both the Bills and Araiza. He tells the woman's lawyer that he doesn't believe Araiza is interested in "settling" any civil case that was threatened. Two days later, Araiza's lawyer texted the woman's lawyer and asked what number the woman was looking for -- as Araiza's parents wanted to know. Araiza's lawyer was making the point to the woman's lawyer that if he kept calling the Bills, pissed them off and they cut Araiza -- there would be no money to get. It sounds to me like Araiza's lawyer was being asked by Araiza's parents to see what kind of real money they were looking for to make this go away -- I suspect the initial ask/demand to Araiza was a big one. This case hardly appears to be an open and shut case. The woman's lawyer sounds very much like a scumbag and she sounds like she was interested in getting money from Araiza.
  2. I find this not believable as an outside observer. What High School student goes to a college party and announces she is a high school student.
  3. Attended Training Camp yesterday (8/2), here's some of my observations: About James Cook -- he was running behind Singletary and Moss. He appeared to to be quick and decisive in getting to where he was going, but they weren't really hitting -- so tough to tell how effective he was at reading blocks. Also -- note that the Offensive line is missing a lot of starters and preferred backups that will be hopefully playing key roles during the season. Bobby Hart (RG) and Cody Ford (LG) were the starting guards -- along with Quessenberry (RT), Dawkins and Morse. This wasn't a great sample to measure the inside running game. I also noted that they were giving him a look as returner. For those that have attended camp in the past -- the setup has changed for fans/consumers. There is no more giant climate-controlled tent that housed all of the merchandise -- which you had to pass through en route to the practice field. It has been replaced by 2 mobile Bills Shop trailers. The trailers do not have the same amount of inventory or variety. Not sure why the Bills aren't interested in maximizing their revenue stream from people like me that get suckered into buying something on display like past years. There's still kids games and concessions outdoors -- just seems like the merchandise section was an after thought this year. Now, back to football observations: Crowds are as full as I've ever seen them -- and they erupted every time a fan favorite entered the practice field from the tunnel under the bleachers. Von Miller and Josh Allen received the loudest ovations -- but Diggs and McKenzie were right up there as well. They did a lot of special teams work in front of the main field (defense retreats to a corner field out of view for most fans during this stretch). So -- as I was forced to take in special teams -- it was easy to hear (and see) new special teams coach Matt Smiley in action. He was barking out directions in terms of block angles and leverage for the return game. One particular drill was having a blocker sprint downfield towards the returner before looping around to take on a charging tackler. The drill focused on steering the would-be tackler for the returner to read and react. Smiley was very animated and seems like he always has the attention of his players. Pace of Practice -- there was no down time. Always something happening -- whether special teams, individual drills or team action (first team offense at one end, while second team running same drills at the other). This is not new -- but it is a fast-paced practice compared to some of the older regimes that I have witnessed. WR battle. I've never really noticed that Isaiah McKenzie stood out before -- sure he's been a fan favorite for a while -- but he never really caught my attention at previous training camps. This time was way DIFFERENT. For starters -- McKenzie was either the first or among the first to start every drill. When taking reps in drills -- its usually Diggs > Davis > McKenzie. He is carrying himself like a leader on the field -- certainly the WR group. Also -- he caught just about everything I saw thrown to him. He also is always moving his arms and hands -- and looks quick in and out of breaks. A couple other WR observations: Stefon Diggs is a man among boys. This is not a revelation -- I know. But seeing him up close in person -- MAN -- there is such a difference between the way Diggs moves and all the others. Not a knock on Davis or others -- but if they removed all numbers/names on the jerseys and asked an alien to identify the best player on the field -- it would be a quick response. Diggs is just that different. He moves different, cuts different and catches different. Davis should benefit tremendously from being full-time opposite Diggs -- because it is readily apparent that an NFL defense MUST roll coverage to/account for Diggs at ALL times. As much as I noticed/hyped McKenzie -- I think Crowder is the next smoothest catcher of football on the Bills. To me -- it looks like Crowder is still working to get acclimated to the offense and Josh. For this reason -- I wouldn't be surprised to see McKenzie in a prominent Slot role (or the starting Slot) -- but Crowder appears the more natural at the position (both of them are similar stature). Keep your eyes throughout preseason on Shakir -- he looks like a good one -- and a little bigger than I thought. Interior DL -- No practice from Tim Settle Jr. on this day, but our new look defensive interior looks to be incredible. Starters were Ed Oliver and Daquan Jones. Jordan Phillips is probably the biggest - and combined with a healthy Settle Jr. -- I really believe this group has all the makings to be the most improved unit on the entire roster. They look downright imposing. I came away feeling that the days of not being able to stop the run in crunch time is OVER. Hopefully -- this will also free up Edmonds to make more plays. Jordan Poyer injury. Once he got to the sideline he fell to the ground. My binoculars caught his facial expressions and he appeared to be in significant pain. After trainers worked on him, he got up and made his way through the sidelines -- where he again went down at the water station -- before getting back up and getting a cart under the tunnel. I've seen the reports since then -- but it sure looked more serious to me. Go Bills.
  4. Because they play in the first regular season game. The NFL allows them and the Rams to open camp earlier than others.
  5. So an update on my progress - I was stuck at 5721 for most of the day then it began to gradually go down between 2 and 3. Once I got to about 40 -- it was another painfully slow process until --- magically -- I entered the next window where it wanted me to enter my promo code BILLS22TCAPP. Once this was complete I got to select tickets for either Tuesday 8/2 or Thursday 8/4. The maximum you could get for 8/2 was two tickets, while the maximum for 8/4 was ONE ticket. I put my request in for the two tickets to 8/2 and hit the blue button -- only to be told they were experiencing issues and could not complete my request at this time. I proceeded to spend the next 28 minutes putting in my request and clicking the blue "add to cart" button. I probably did this about 80-100 times over and over. Finally -- my request went through and I was able to finish the transaction. Just thought I would offer a ray of hope for anyone crazy enough to still be doing this exercise like me. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, McDermott doesn't break out the ice cream social ala Sexy Rexy on the day I get to be at Training Camp. Go Bills!
  6. Worst. Process. Ever. Been stuck at 5721 ahead of me since 11. If anyone scores a bunch they don't need let me know -- I'll take some off your hands.
  7. If beane is being truthful about no first rd grade on johnson - then their scouts stopped scouting the noles in august - because johnson single handily kept the noles in games they had no business being in. i’m not anti cb/elam - but johnson is better than rousseau, basham, epenesa and lawson right now. would rather have him and have taken a cb in rd 2 - i think their are players closer to elam than johnson still left.
  8. nope - but saw every game of johnson at fsu including in person and i’m telling you he's better than anyone they have not named von miller
  9. should have been jermaine johnson. so much for highest rated player on board.
  10. Movin the Chains show on Sirius NFL Radio had Bills taking Watson in their most recent first-round Mock Draft (2.0) last Friday. Jim Miller (former QB for Bears and others) made the pick for the Bills and said it came down to him or Dotson. Said he thought about CB — as Booth was still on their board - but he was scared off about the injury. I was not aware Booth is coming off injury. IMO — wouldn’t be disappointed with Watson in the first, but I also think that OL is very much in the cards along with CB. I’m hoping a tackle can be had early — as the Bills have no swing tackle — unless you think Tommy Doyle takes a big leap.
  11. Petersen signed with the Vikings. I’m guessing they gave him a decent amount more $$$ than the Bills could have offered. I think the Bills sign a vet CB at some point regardless of the draft.
  12. I doubt he gets a big offer from either of those teams - why not bet on himself and the Bills to make another deep run and do this again next year when the cap goes up and more money is available. Plus it would make me less nervous about our OL depth.
  13. Thank god for Brandon Beane. So happy for his contract negotiations - the money given to Watson is nuts. For that money - he would need to deliver multiple championships and I don’t see that happening in Cleveland.
  14. I was not too surprised with this cut -- since they signed him to be a RT but with Spencer Brown outperforming him at that spot -- take the money and find a better fit at RG. I don't know what to make of the connection with their analytics though. Someone posted the RAS scores -- and it seems to be factoring into who the Bills draft/sign -- is this a proven thing over time? As much as I think analytics is a helpful tool -- I hope that Bean and Company are not using it as the be all.
  15. 1000 percent agree. The dislike for cole extends beyond his play and it is sad to see the stupidity. I also think they overpaid for a fourth wr gadget guy. Would’ve rather seen them go after a difference maker than pay for mckenzie - but we’ll see what this week brings i guess.
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