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  1. I think he is better than anyone we have. Bills have a glaring need at punter, this move makes a lot of sense to me.
  2. I appreciate your observation but respectfully disagree with several takes: did you watch Josh Allen consistently climb the pocket and fire balls to his receivers — I did...consistently. The only time he struggled was with the short throws. Also — completely disagree with regards to the OLINE. It is 1000x improved from last year. Ford is a bit inconsistent but shows you all the traits of a really solid RT. IMHO. Go Bills!
  3. My observations from this morning’s practice.... 1. John Brown was the most impressive player on offense — he has all kinds of quickness and made an absolutely ridiculous adjustment on a deep throw. 2. Cole Beasley absolutely humiliated Kevin Johnson on a zig route — faked him out of his shoes for a quick completion. 3. Roberts Foster — if he is not a starter — we are going to be playing with a lot of three and four wide receiver sets — he was impressive all day. 4. Josh Allen has amazing touch and accuracy on deep throws. His short stuff is another story — not sure how to correct that — but he struggled with those again today. 5. Devin Singletary is going to be a STUD. He is so small and gets lost in the scrum — but then emerges and is off to the races. I think we see a healthy dose of him this season — even with Shady. 6. Contrary to reports I have seen today — Levi Wallace impressed me a lot. I think he is not giving his starting CB job up without a real fight. He looked good in the 1/1 contested drill against John Brown. 7. Love the presence of Line Coach Bobby Johnson — I think he is a real upgrade. 8. Tyree Jackson has a ways to go to be a pro QB — I think practice squad is his future. He struggled holding the ball too long and not seeing the play. 9. Our starting OLine (Dawkins, Spain, Morse, Feliciano, Ford....as well as Long and Nyseke) looks legit — they are also some big dudes. NIGHT and DAY difference from last year in camp — when I also noticed they looked putrid. 10. Tre White wins the award for having the best time out on the field — he is constantly dancing, yapping out there — he is so much fun to watch. I think he is a lot of fun. Also closest personality we have to the likes of Antonio Brown, OBJ etc.... Go Bills!
  4. Zay Jones led the Bills receivers in snaps last year with almost 89%. Next closest was Benjamin at 48% and Foster at 42%. I think Zay is a more solid WR than people give him credit for -- I like Foster alot, but think Zay is the more likely starter opposite Brown.
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