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  1. He should be more dynamic. ...or maybe wear shirts with a racing stripe on the side.
  2. No, Kgun5, it's my bad and my lame sense of humor. And if i was overly jerky in my response, my apologies. Peace, brother.
  3. Decaf. Seriously, it is just as tasty as the real thing. Furthermore, Sears can also fix sarcasm detectors if yours is broken.
  4. Ref: "Look, I can't begin to tell you HOW MUCH money they were offering me to take him out, but I can say, it was quite a bit."
  5. Please can i second that, and who is she? EDIT: sorry, I mean dib's avatar.
  6. I don't know how the NCAA can't see anything wrong with that. I don't know how any reason (other than illegal reasons) can be given other than flash back. Ref: "You don't understand...i was right there. I had a clear shot on the QB and that only comes up a few times in a lifetime, whether you're 18 or 48."
  7. Youtube link, murra, to help those on the board who are uninformed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PSm3oGO10Y
  8. Sitting around and explaining to the Lions how to win in this League is kind of like the witness protection officers trying to explain to Homer Simpson that he now has an alias in that Cape Fear/Side Show Bob episode. Although, I give Homer a little more credit.
  9. You go down hill a lot. Geez, think about these questions before you ask them, will you?
  10. JR, I watched it a couple of times, he got pushed back and to the right. Preston could have been riding him outside, but he still appeared to get into the backfield, or rather stymied Preston into the backfield. Partially Marshawn's fault, you betcha. Did he have a good game, yepper. I just really noticed that play. However, we do really need a new center. Sorry, Melvin.
  11. Man, can you believe we are even talking this way? This is nuts...I love this season.
  12. Yeah, maybe no influence on making it to the playoffs, but if Buffalo has 10 or more wins and Denver has 10 or more wins do you mean to tell me that a precursor to a potential playoff showdown wouldn't be of interest?
  13. Yeah, but I remember on the 2nd play near our goal line, where it looked like Marshawn tripped, or popped in the air, was due to Preston getting pushed back. We need a new center either way...I'm just sayin'.
  14. Ralph was really, really, REALLY mad at him. However, it doesn't make your point any less true. Yeah, it would have been better to have him right about now.
  15. 3cheese, please don't take this wrong, but there is no way, at least in my mind, that the playoffs or the division for that matter, are going to be on the line come that game against NE. As i posted a few weeks ago, I think it is going to be the Denver game. There is no way (again, in my opinion) that both the Bills and Broncos won't have at least 10 wins by that game. Although, the Jets game is a strong possibility, as well.
  16. Here is a crazy idea, Tony: considering that KC, even when they were good a couple of years ago weren't going to the Super Bowl any time soon, coupled with the fact that KC is a small market that you didn't want to play in...why didn't you just get to the end of your contract and go to the place and the team you really wanted to go to instead of re-upping 2007? ...oh, wait, yeah, that's right, the money.
  17. I know. I'm with you. Please. ...Please.
  18. Sorry that I don't have the link, but they mentioned a few weeks ago in USA Today that the Bills were the 5th best team in the NFL in games after bye weeks.
  19. I was at Tampa Stadium for that game and swear to you for almost a second and a half I thought the kick was good and the Refs were taking one step forward, about to throw their hands in the air. OMG, that hurt. The Giants fans around my brother and I were going nuts. To use a word that has gotten much play nowadays but was also appropriate then, I guess what I was thinking was... ...Really?
  20. Ouch, Baby. Definitely Ouch. However, I agree. I'm confident about us winning, but I am not comfortably about relying on a 4th quarter comeback, if we should need it. I love our Bills, but do you really see them putting a lot of pressure on Warner? ADDITIONAL NOTE: I know we have had a lot of guys step up when needed, but I get the feeling that when we win this game, we are going to need somebody to step up and shine greater than any other time this season. Fore example; a 100+ yard day by Lynch (with hopefully better run blocking), or 3 TDs and a 300 yard day by Edwards, or a day where the defense went just nuts and got to Warner 5-6 times.
  21. Don't get mad at me guys, but I am actually OK with this...with one caveat. Sure I see why some teams ahead of us with losses are ahead of us, but when we get to 5-0 (and we will), I don't care who anyone else has played. We are 5-0; At that time maybe only one of two teams in the league with that record, AND three of those wins coming on the road. ...so, enough with scratching your chin and thinking, "hmm, how good are these guys, really? Even if NFC East teams start losing to each other. That is their problem and not ours.
  22. My friend, you are not the only one that has been thinking about this. Some more tidbits? OK, how about DJ is 18-18, but Mangenius is only 16-20. How about if the Bills win on Sunday (knock on wood), that would make them 11-5 over the last 16 games. How about the fact that over his last 8 games, in which he is 5-3, three of Edwards victories are against playoff teams from last year (Washington 07, and Seattle and J'Ville this year). How about the fact that although the Bills have missed the playoffs once when starting 4-0 (I believe 1975, 4-0, 8-6) they have never missed the playoffs when they have started 5-0 (please correct me if I am wrong; '64, '80 and '91?). ...I guess I am just bored, too.
  23. OK, scribo, now I have to explain it to the girlfriend on why we are not watching the second half of the debate tonight.
  24. Is there a better manual out there on "How to Throw Away Your Life and The Future Well Being of Your Children" than what we have seen with Travis? This is so sad, and basically, because it effects more than just Travis, but his innocent children.
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