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  1. What I do is offer him a 5 year $250 million dollar contract with $150 mil guaranteed or 5 year $150 mil and all is guaranteed. That way he gets the option of all guaranteed or some. I no this won't happen and he would not accept the second option, but his demands and reasons are not realistic based on injuries the last 2 seasons. Also I get tired of former players stating that Patrick and Josh ruined it for the others. I say that Minnesota with Cousins and the Browns with Watson are who cause this problem.
  2. By not making them return the kickoff was giving KC a free play out to the 25. But I agree the defense should not have been giving them the middle of the field because as was stated, with 2 timeouts available, KC did not need to use the sidelines. Payton's thoughts are similar to what I saw. Also, why were our safeties so deep. They were basically giving KC those yards.
  3. This was my thought also. Don't need a dome but something a little more friendly for Josh to pass..
  4. I don't hate Cole but don't tell me you are Pro-choice and not anti-vac, then not get the shot. Not getting the shot tells me you are anti-vac. The guy thought he was above Covid..
  5. I met Marv Levy about 15 years ago at the visitor center in Williamsburg, Va and met Howard Cossell back in the early 70's. He was in a parade that I was at.
  6. I don't think we need Mac with Diggs and the drafted receivers. I must be missing something about him but for the few uses he gets and not that great of productivity. Hodgins seems to be the better choice. Diggs can do the gadget plays.
  7. When I look at this roster, I agree with this updated roster more as I would not risk either of the drafted receivers going to the Practice squad. But can someone explain why we are keeping both Roberts and McKenzie? I just don't think either brings much to the team. I would keep Foster over these guys because of what he did on special teams and he has shown that he can be an effective receiver. I was always rooting for Duke but I do think this draft will make him not needed.
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