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  1. This would be a dream come true and there is no ***** way it happens lol.
  2. We are going to win the Super Bowl against the Lions after defeating the Houston Texans in the AFC Championship Game. Dalton Kincaid will be MVP. Josh will throw for 400+ yards and 4 touchdowns, with at least 1 rushing touchdown. Milano will have a strip sack fumble recovery for a TD. Stefon Diggs will have been put on IR in Week 10 with an abdominal injury.
  3. It's going to feel so weird watching Allen Cook him this year. A good weird though.
  4. The airplane and food ratings are pretty concerning. It's probably not a good thing for the team to deal with an extremely uncomfortable flight out for away games. This isn't Spirit Airlines. Every single % point for performance matters here. Do better.
  5. Nah. Not yet at least. Allen doesn't even come close to being on an NFL Mount Rushmore until he at least appears in a Super Bowl. Probably still wouldn't be accurate to include him unless he wins one.
  6. They're going to win the Super Bowl again, aren't they. JK, maybe. We should've signed him months ago.
  7. This probably cost them the game. Zero strategic advantage to taking the ball first.
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