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  1. I have them 7-9, over the Vegas line btw. That makes me an optimist.
  2. Because the Bills offense likes to give away the ball. Defense can't and won't be able to keep bailing out the offense, they will eventually wear down and suffer injuries etc.
  3. Defense hasn't been the issue with this team.
  4. I think it's more that his insane father taught him how to catch.
  5. Titans and Eagles. These picks are made after the 3rd preseason game btw.
  6. he would have dropped them anyways.
  7. The issue for other teams is that not many, if any have the required defense to stop Brady.
  8. His football regular seasons are like NHL regular seasons. I think he's at a point where he'd rather just play in superbolws only.
  9. They are one game better than I expected. Next 4 games I have them 2-2.
  10. He has no balls/awareness when it comes to fighting for the ball. If he was more aware on the sideline INT he could have pulled the DB out of bounds before he got the second foot down, or at least tried to. He looks like a 13 year old girl out there too many times. Go watch some clips of Eric Moulds, you'll see what I'm talking about.
  11. Allen, but that post seemed to indicate it is a win with Allen. I'm skeptical of that, Allen is hella mistake prone.
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