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  1. Allen didn't have a slot WR that was where he was supposed to be, when he was needed to be there. Allen threw away a ton of passes due to that fact. Having a player like Cole B, will add to Allen's completion percentage. Prescott had his numbers because WRs were open, and where they were needed to be on time.
  2. Bruce Smith is the reason I'm a Bills fan. 1st game I ever watched was Bills/Fins in 1990 when I was 11. Watching him make o-line players look stupid was the best thing I had ever seen. Now I'm 40 and my kids are also Bills fans, all thanks to Bruce. Happy Birthday
  3. With Daboll running the offense I can see a Patriots style game plan. Where the slot WR is highly important as well as pass catching TEs. If Allen has learned when to put touch on a pass and not power, I think Beasley has the best stats of any WR on our team.
  4. I think this up coming season he will have between 5-7 sacks while getting used to the speed and quality of NFL O-line players. But next season he jumps to double digit sacks.
  5. I wasn't meaning that a rebuild just started, only that Shady was the main player on offense that we had at the start of this rebuild under McD, and he isnt going to be a part of the finished product.
  6. He also said Buffalo would have the greatest defense in their history, when Ralph hired him. So I don't buy anything that pours out of that hole in his face.
  7. He was a pivotal player on some bad Buffalo teams, he made games fun to watch again. But his age wont allow him to be a player in a serious rebuild. For the 1st time since Polian I see a real rebuild, I think Singletary will be given a lot of playing time to see what they have in him as a part of the youth movement. Aside of a few players, the Bill's are a very young and hungry team. It used to be Shady's team, now it's Allen's team.
  8. I'm hoping Foggie makes the team, he is a pure coverage LB that used to be a WR so he would recognize plays. I can see the PS for him this year, but making it next year as a ST guy and back up.
  9. I think Duke Williams is more than fodder, I think they are hoping he can be the big target player that KB was supposed to be.
  10. I remember the OC and GM saying they don't buy into the having that "true" #1 WR and would prefer to have a group that plays off one another. I think we will see every WR in different spots depending on who we are playing and the type of DBs they have. I really think the offense will be really fun to watch this season.
  11. I think Zay is the type of WR that will take 3yrs to hit his stride. This is his make or break year. I am really hoping he can put it all together and become a legit #2 WR I think either Brown or Foster will play in the #1 spot to take the top off the defense. And of course Cole will be a great slot WR, Williams, Sills, and Robert's I think can be decent role players. The Bill's are in far better shape WR wise than at any time the past few seasons. Go Bills.
  12. While being very happy to see Tre get some love, I can't help but think 3rd is to low. I have never seen a DB shut down Gronk the way Tre did, Gronk was so embarrassed he tried to injure Tre. I see him as nearly the best DB, one that takes the top WRs out of the game. But I'm a homer.
  13. Between Zay, Foster and Sills we may have to many good WRs and not enough spots.
  14. I have to say Bruce. He is the reason why I became a Bills fan. He was just so fun to watch.
  15. Foggie, his speed, and coverage ability at LB just might be to good to pass up. He is a perfect example of a McD style OLB
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