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  1. We’re lucky to witness this Josh Allen led era of Bills football. I don’t like to nitpick, but only one thing bothers me about the current team. The Chiefs are better than us seems to be the mantra of this franchise. I realize the Chiefs are three time champs, but we need a little more swagger. We need to believe we are as good as them, we need believe we are a Super Bowl team. Instead, I hear coaches and players state the other side is just better. That’s not the mindset of champions. This team has a lot to be proud of, but I wish the public statements that hint KC is better would stop. 

  2. On 3/26/2024 at 9:25 AM, NORWOODS FOOT said:

    Right, Toronto. And can you imagine trying to attract free agents with Canadian taxes? What a mess.


    If a team ever ends up in a country with high taxes, if I were the NFL, I would try to negotiate with that country to pay a different tax rate (maybe an average of all other teams) by arguing that being competitive is more lucrative.

    I wonder if pro sports leagues already do that. Canada has MLB, NFL, and NHL. I’ve never heard any complaints about taxes in those leagues. 

  3. 9 minutes ago, AlCowlingsTaxiService said:

    Apparently one of the more prominent funeral home owners decided against it, and I’m sure they’re not going  to be the only ones

    We’ll see if other local businesses feel the same. The funeral director wasn’t going to bring a very lively crowd anyway. 

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  4. 35 minutes ago, LeGOATski said:

    Yeah, I would probably take a break from this place for a while....


    Based on the "at least twice that" quote, a dome stadium there would approach $3 billion when all said and done.


    But just purchasing that land alone...and now the cat is out of the bag, the current occupants aren't going to be selling low...seems like a huge waste.


    At least the Bills already had most of the land.

    Yeah, very disadvantageous to let the location of a potential stadium get out. I wouldn’t put it past Haslam to leave Cleveland if this doesn’t work out at the right price. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Punching Bag said:


    I think Pegulas are depending on ticket and travel agencies to buy the PSLs who sell to out of area fans to create demand for ones they do not buy.

    Many of those agencies have deep pockets due to investments from private equity funds.

    This will turn Buffalo into one of those stadiums where visitor fan percentage is high which is not good for crowd noise.


    The good news is "NFL private equity plan won’t get vote this week" which will slow investment into these short term investors into NFL.


     The committee again met yesterday at a hotel in Orlando. The committee is comprised of

    • Falcons owner Arthur Blank,  (   )
    • Broncos owner Greg Penner, ( 💰 )
    • Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, ( 🤮 )
    • the Patriots’ Robert Kraft ( 👎 )
    • and Chiefs owner Clark Hunt as an ex officio chair. ( 🦀 )

    No one like Ralph Wilson who will stand up and say this is stupid and makes no sense. 






    I am waiting to see one of the big, older owners in NFL (i.e. Jerry Jones, Kraft) to see what that impact does to NFL.

    I think you just summed this up very well. The highest PSL’s are not geared towards “legitimate” fans. I don’t want to veer off topic, but this type of investment geared sale is very commonplace outside the sports world these days as well. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Buffalo ill said:

    When kc gets a game changing first down in the playoffs because a Bills db "hip drop tackles" Taylor Swift's boyfriend, I hope you stooges who support this will be happy.

    Yep, and anyone thinking Josh Allen is going to get all these calls are fooling themselves. 

  7. 23 minutes ago, MrEpsYtown said:


    Also deciding they just weren't going to call holding on the KC offensive line essentially handing them a championship. 

    This is my biggest issue with more new rules. I can see KC winning five titles in a row once the refs call a “hip drop” tackle on every crucial play. I’m all about player safety, but this stuff is impractical in a game of tackle football.

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  8. A few things I gather from that game. We had an amazing defense, and it was a shame to waste. Eric Moulds would be an all time great if he ever had a QB. 2002 Bledsoe during the first half of the season was the only time. Lastly, I can’t believe that anyone thought/thinks Johnson was a decent QB. I’m not starting a Flutie vs Johnson debate, just saying the guy wasn’t good enough. QB play was a big reason the 1999 Bills didn’t go far. 

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  9. I’m going to give a hot take. I don’t think pass rushers are paramount to defensive success as much as the past. Most elite QB’s are mobile athletic guys who can move around the pocket. I’m not saying pass rushers can’t make a difference, but they can be neutralized. Every year the playoffs come around, I fail to see pass rushers make big plays. The 49ers have Bosa who made zero difference in the Super Bowl, and the Lions Hutchinson wasn’t enough to slow the 49ers in the NFC title game either. 

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  10. 5 minutes ago, BBFL said:

    Oh. I’m not advocating anything is false or true. But like the old adage, where’s there’s smoke there’s fire. 

    Again both parties have their parts to play. Not to judge but they don’t exactly seem like absolutely homely women who devote their life to being a great wife, mother and friend to their family. A lot of them seem to propagate toxic situations. Throw that in with someone who may not be able to handle their emotions or anger soundly and it’s an absolute recipe for disaster. 

    Wonder how often they goad the situation to escalate to regrettable or detrimental events. 

    I’ve had a few friends over the years who have done their share of wrong in marriages but their wife’s poked a bear in arguments for years for hours on end when there was a dispute. Eventually to the point where one of them was beating him up regularly in those same arguments and he ultimately and unfortunately slapped her. 

    Dude got arrested, dragged through the mud and is paying out the nose for child support and alimony now. 

    Sometimes a women can make things appear worse and different than they are. 

    This can be the case in many situations, and you wouldn’t be wrong. I just don’t understand why pro athletes can’t be smarter than this. The average Joe‘s relationship problems are something I can understand better than a pro athlete. Pro athletes have far more marriage/dating prospects than the average guy, yet they often choose toxic situations. That would seem indicative of someone who craves drama. Poor self esteem is one of the leading causes of remaining in a toxic relationship, that’s not an issue for a guy like Tyreek, I think it’s more an issue of a dude who doesn’t know what a healthy relationship is. 


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  11. 16 minutes ago, BBFL said:

    Like anyone in trouble consistently, they have their part to play. But regarding his relationships and having done some simple looking into it due to the stories; seems like these women take him for a sucker and pay day. 

    No wonder he tried burning his house down. Allegedly. 

    I don’t disagree, I think a lot of these guys find themselves in bad relationships with questionable people, but that says a lot about both parties. Let’s say every accusation is false, there’s no need for a pro athlete to stay in that type of toxic situation, unless they are a mess themselves. 

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  12. 1 minute ago, Jerry Jabber said:

    I don’t get why people get upset everytime Diggs makes a post. Unless Diggs holds out from playing in the regular season, who cares what he says in social media?! It’s apparent he likes to create drama and people feed into it so quickly.

    I agree, and none of this drama has been destructive to the team in the past, so I’m never very concerned. This doesn’t seem TO in his prime where the drama hurt the team. My greatest concern is the possibility that Diggs is past his prime. I worry about that far more than social media posts. 

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  13. 1 minute ago, Sweats said:

    I'm not sure if the guy was used properly in the past teams schemes. He's coming into a situation with an elite QB, adequate coaching and perhaps a chip on his shoulder, wanting to prove himself.......I think Hollins is going to surprise some people this year.

    He did some nice things with the Raiders, so I agree, but I don’t like the fact he’s thirty. In today’s NFL that seems to be the expiration date for productive wide receiver play. 

  14. 8 minutes ago, NickelCity said:

    They're the primary reason we haven't won it all. It's not going to go away unless we get that trophy. 


    That said, in my phase of life I watch the games and frequent this forum, and that's it.

    Same here, I once viewed sports media as professionals with more knowledge than the average fan. I’ve come to realize they’re just guys with opinions, no different than random water cooler talk. The games are good enough for me. I still like talking football, but I don’t need articles or monologues from talking heads. 

  15. 7 hours ago, stevestojan said:

    $500 for a ticket from the 2nd biggest comeback in NFL history sounds…. steep? And this is coming from a guy who spends his money on a lot of stupid *****. 

    I’m with you. I like collecting music stuff, so so I get it. People will put a hefty price tag on things they love. I wouldn’t make fun of anyone for buying these, but the sentimental appeal of that game no longer exists for me. As you mention, it’s not the greatest comeback, and it was just the path to another losing Super Bowl. I think recent success has made me less sentimental about that game. I still treasure the Super Bowl appearances, but that game doesn’t mean as much for some reason. 

  16. 6 hours ago, billieve420 said:

    Brady is a freak of a nature. I don't think most people have the dedication to the game like he had.

    Agree, and it’s not just physical limitations, much of it is mental. I realize everyone wants more money, no matter their wealth, but I’m sure players think they can make money in other ventures. It’s easier to make money once you have it. I find it hard to believe the fire doesn’t burn out by the time a player reaches their late thirties. It’s a grind, and it must be a greater challenge when you have fewer things left to accomplish. I think that’s human nature, but Brady didn’t think that way. He is simply wired differently than anyone who ever played the game. There has to be a pretty large appeal to retiring in one’s thirties with the opportunity to do whatever you choose. 

  17. I don’t even want to discuss Allen in this post, because these talking heads are a joke, but some of the other QB’s listed are ridiculous. Jackson can barely move his offense in the playoffs, and Love was a mediocre QB in GB until late in the season. I know a lot of people like Jordan Love, but I’m not convinced he doesn’t regress next season. I don’t think we’re seeing a genuinely great QB. His game has a lot of weaknesses, and LaFleur’s system helps him a lot. Love can make all the throws, but he’s wildly inconsistent, and not in a Josh Allen way. 

  18. We’ve invested heavily in defense with a great QB who can put up a lot of points. I attribute the point deferential to feasting on bad teams. This defense can totally shut down mediocre QB’s, but that doesn’t happen against the great QB’s. The playoffs become an offensive battle that we continue to fall slightly short in. 

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