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  1. 1 minute ago, MikePJ76 said:

    well the qb's are much weaker for sure.


    this game looks really bad for shanahan and lynch.  Today has been a big confirmation day for Lamar Jackson in Baltimore and now these two here in SF. 


    they have been able to keep their roster the way it is because purdy makes no money and trey lance is counting a little still.  


    completely missing on lance and dumping him and now losing at home in the playoffs with the guy they went with is just a bad look.


    the cousins to sf will be the talk of the nfl by the time we get to the combine.

    I agree, it’s just a lot more difficult to find a QB than some think. There aren’t many legitimate QB’s in the NFL. The big mistake was definitely the Lance draft pick, followed by giving him away for peanuts. I’m not sure you can easily fix the QB position. They built a good roster, but are just playing awful tonight. They’re being out coached and outplayed. 

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