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  1. 5 minutes ago, Big Turk said:


    It's not as paper thin as you might want to believe

    I agree, but if you do think it’s paper thin, that’s a commentary on our drafting. It’d be best to go in a different direction and draft offense. Try to get that elite playmaker, we’ve already drafted tons of defense. If that side doesn’t have depth, there’s not much we can do since we’ve pumped so much into it. 

  2. 2 hours ago, Back2Buff said:

    I dont trust Joe Brady enough to be able to scheme plays where a traditional X is not needed.  I think we will end up with these smaller slot guys all getting jammed at the line.

    This sums up my feelings, and although most of this board agrees on the need for a receiver, most people are higher on Brady than myself. Brady hasn’t shown the ability to turn us into those Pats teams with dominant tight end play and slot receivers. I think Allen and Brady both need a traditional number one. We’re not dealing with an offensive coach like Shanahan who can scheme new ways to win. Brady showed absolutely zero ability to involve Knox and Kincaid as a cohesive entity. Instead he threw everything back on the shoulders of Josh Allen. Two play makers at tight end should have allowed Josh easier throws, less need to run, and less difficult passes. We didn’t see that at all. I think I’m one of the few who isn’t on board with Brady at all. 

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  3. 20 minutes ago, BananaB said:

    High D draft picks by this regime struggle to crack McDs starting lineup

    I think part of the problem with our defensive draft choices is the type of players we pick. I realize that success can’t be guaranteed, but this regime is too hung up on having a type. We tend to go for undersized speed guys who aren’t unanimously regarded as impact players. Our defensive draft choices are often guys with potential, but many red flags. We reach for guys who fit McD’s scheme, and I think we suffer for that. 

  4. 20 minutes ago, Dr. Who said:

    It's been explained quite a bit, but McConkey lined up on the outside close to 80% of the snaps. Folks who are painting him as a gritty slot receiver are mistaken. He's the best route runner in the draft and faster than I think many folks imagine. He'd be a great pick at #28.


    I like these fella's rankings. If you go to the 46 minute mark, they make the case for McConkey.  



    I just watched McConkey’s college highlights, and can’t stop seeing a slightly versatile slot receiver. I want to see what others are seeing, but I don’t get it. The college highlights look strikingly similar to a Kincaid, Shakir, Samuel type player. We don’t have a need for that. I appreciate the fact he lined up on the outside, but that’s college. The NFL is a huge step up, and I don’t see a guy with the physicality to play on the outside consistently. Our greatest hope is finding a Metcalf, Lamb, or AJ Brown type player. Someone who can dominate physically, while giving Josh a downfield threat. I’m not saying you’re wrong, I just struggle seeing this in McConkey. He looks like a slot receiver twig figure running down the field. 

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  5. McConkey gets a lot of love on this forum, and rightfully so, but can someone please explain how he’d fit in with Shakir and Kincaid? I ask as a legitimate question I’d be interested in hearing feedback on. I don’t understand how we’d use him without taking away from those guys. McConkey as a Buffalo Bill makes no sense to me. 

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  6. 18 hours ago, billsfan89 said:

    I would argue that Brady was also mostly a game manager plus in that 2018 Super Bowl run as well. The Pats team was ground and pound with a great defense and a clutch QB that didn’t make mistakes. That 2018 team was built much more similar to those early 2001-2004 teams. 

    I think the narrative has shifted far too much against Bill B as the way some fans and pundits make it seem as though “Brady was the system” which ignores the fact that 4 of those titles including the last one were won on the strength of great defenses, great special teams and a strong ground game complemented by a QB who took care of the ball and made plays when needed.


    It is not a knock on Brady as Billy B had to shift the team away from a defense oriented approach starting in 2007 and all the way up until about 2017 and in that time they made 5 Super Bowls and won 2 with a team built around Brady and a powerful offense. The defenses were not dominant defenses in that era but rather more so solid units whose strength was forcing field goals in the redzone and creating turnovers.

    The end of Belichick’s tenure in NE made everyone think he’s less valuable. People conveniently forget that BB was in his 70’s at the end of his time in New England. There comes a point for most people where it’s just time to retire. I think he reached that point, and it doesn’t tell us much about him as a coach. 

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  7. 6 minutes ago, Low Positive said:

    How do you feel about Michigan State guys? Because that’s where Coleman was until their coaching situation hit the fan.

    Good point, apparently I don’t think anything about Michigan State 😆 He just struck me as the perfect FSU guy, all potential. Potential is a dangerous thing when you’ve got plenty of receivers who produced more at the college level. I’ve never liked “potential” players who didn’t dominate at major programs. I’ll take that chance on a small school guy who doesn’t have crazy stats, but this draft has too many guys who produced more in college than Coleman. 

  8. 2 hours ago, Warriorspikes51 said:

    IMO Coleman is either a huge bust like Chase Claypool without the 1 season  or the Josh Allen of WR’s


    & I believe the bust chance is WAY too high to warrant picking him at 28, maybe even 60 depending who else is there

    I don’t like Coleman much. I know every player is unique, and you shouldn’t hold their school against them, but FSU guys scare me. They don’t play smart or disciplined football. FSU attracts very athletically gifted players, but also seem to lack discipline, and football smarts. I watch college ball, and rarely love what I see from FSU guys the past few seasons. It’s all about potential with their guys. It’s exactly what you say, a huge bust potential. 

  9. 2 hours ago, 90sBills said:

    Isn’t the point of having an elite gifted qb is having him be a force multiplier for your receivers? I think that’s what most is making the argument for here. Similar to Mahomes and KC. Their highest paid receiver was MVS at $11M. When you’re paying your qb high end $ it’s hard to do that with receivers as well without neglecting the rest of your team.


    I see a couple of arguments of Kelce being their elite guy. That’s true but not this last year. He was very ordinary. The difference is KC’s players step up in the crucial playoffs moments and Bills players don’t.

    True, you can’t really afford much around a highly paid QB, but that’s all the more incentive to draft a receiver with an affordable rookie contract. This is the time you take a big swing on receiver. You’ll get a decent number of years before that contract expires. If we don’t have a Super Bowl when that guy’s contract expires, Josh will be in his thirties, and the likelihood of that ever happening will be trending close to zero. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, HappyDays said:


    Brady actually proves the point you're making. He undoubtedly had an elite set of weapons for most of his career. He had the best all around TE to ever play the game to go along with his solid (at least) WRs. His final year in New England they had a below average group of weapons and people declared his career over. Instead he joined a different team that had an elite set of weapons and immediately won another Super Bowl. It blows my mind that people still want to argue we don't need elite weapons when even the GOAT himself needed it.


    Also let's not generalize the conversation. Mahomes and Brady at different points had the benefit of elite playoff defenses that could carry the team when the offense faltered. Let's be honest, Allen isn't going to suddenly have an elite playoff defense unless another change is made. So we have to account for that in our team building strategy. The 2023 Chiefs are not a good model for us to follow.

    I agree with this, you’ve made some fine points. Brady looked washed at the end of his Pats tenure when Belichick left the cupboards empty. He was a different QB with a very skilled receiving corps in Tampa. I don’t think teams should build themselves based on others. I’m fully on board with giving Josh an outside receiver in the first round, and quite frankly don’t care how other teams are built.

    Allen isn’t Brady or Mahomes, every player is different, and I think he’d benefit greatly from a security blanket on the outside. Allen needs a guy he can heave the ball to downfield. That’s part of who he is, and you need a roster that compliments it, rather than changing the offense itself. You’re absolutely correct about defense, and that’s why we can’t copy KC. We have more in common with Manning’s Colts teams. It makes sense to continue building an unstoppable offense that might steal a Super Bowl win one year. 

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  11. I can’t believe the amount of people who believe a mediocre receiving corps is alright. I’ll be extremely disappointed if we don’t land a big time receiver in this draft. It’s a disservice not to find that for Allen. Manning had elite wideouts during his career, and most other greats as well. Brady is the freak exception, but we’re also talking about a dude who was elite into his 40’s. Nothing about Tom Brady will ever be the norm.

    I’m also not about to compare anything to Matt Ryan either. Ryan had a few good seasons, but he’s a far cry from Josh Allen. Mahomes also has an elite receiver, and his name is Travis Kelce, Kelce is ELITE. The guy is absolutely unstoppable, and a hall of fame player. Mahomes has “no elite receiver” is a ridiculous narrative with Kelce. Kincaid is very good, but he’ll never be close to Kelce imo. We need more because we don’t have Kelce on this roster. A failure to draft a first round wideout would result in an ugly 2024 season. 

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  12. I don’t care if you’re favorites or underdogs. The goal is to win football games. This underdog stuff makes great movies, but I don’t think guys like Josh need that to be motivated. There’s money and generational wealth on the line every time these guys step on the field. If that isn’t enough, I don’t know what is. It shouldn’t take middle aged journalists talking trash to motivate them. 

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  13. It’s missing the option of only trading up for MHJ. I’m staying put at 28 if I can’t get Harrison. He’s the only guy I’d make a big move for. I don’t think there’s enough separation with the others to justify moving up. Harrison is going to be special, the rest have equal boom/bust potential. 

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  14. I love the game of baseball itself, but everything associated with MLB has become a joke. The NFL makes ridiculous moves, but they’re such a loved institution it doesn’t matter. MLB already shredded the minor league system, and seems insistent on bringing the game to fewer fans, at a time they should be reaching out to more fans. Baseball isn’t a TV driven sport like football, they should be looking for an opportunity to bring the game to a larger paying audience, not a 14K seat stadium. 

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  15. I think Beane has done a great job overall, but he gets carried away with signing subpar veteran players. People like pointing to the Diggs and Knox contracts, but I don’t mind taking a chance with special talent. It doesn’t always work out, and that’s ok. We lost more money signing below average offensive and defensive lineman when cheaper options were available. It’s the smaller amounts that add up to big numbers, just like personal finance. The excessive small unnecessary purchases are what destroys the budget. That’s what’s happened here the past offseason. 

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