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  1. 8 hours ago, Buffalo Boy said:

    I dont disagree and that is sad

    I couldn’t agree more, expectations are going to be lower, but they should never be lower with Allen at QB. They’ve only lowered because the roster has been mismanaged. It takes time for poor decisions to catch up to a franchise. The overpaid veteran players and plethora of average defensive linemen picks have finally caught up with us. The regime talks like this is an act of nature due to aging veterans, but it’s really weak early round draft picks over the years that hurt us. 

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Einstein said:


    I would like to see some non-anecdotal data for this assertion.


    A few years back an analysis was run on the Bills draft record during their drought. Nearly 20 years of data. In that span, it was shown via analysis that if the Bills front office had simply followed a publicly available player ranking (think: Kiper, McShay, etc), they would have drafted more impact players than they actually did.


    A similar one was down for Oakland I believe.

    Thats right - the professional NFL front offices of multiple teams, with access to dozens of scouts, in-person interviews, and player data galore, was beaten out by a generic player ranking list. 


    Too many people buy into the “expert” fallacy. That simply because someone does something for a living, that they are better at that job than someone who doesn’t do it for a living. It’s not always accurate. 

    You can know a player inside out, but that’s the college version of that guy. There’s no way to predict player success with one hundred percent certainty. Some GM’s obviously do better than others, but this isn’t science. NFL GM’s simply speculate with more knowledge than the average fan, but it’s still a game of chance. 

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  3. I respect this take, but I think differing opinions is what makes a football message board exist. We can’t all say “great draft, Beane knows everything, and can see the future”. I’ve always really liked Beane, and he certainly knows more about football than I, but that doesn’t mean he’s always going to be right. Brilliant musicians have horrible albums, and it’s ok to say we don’t like them too if we’re looking for an analogy. Beane has a vision, and it’s different than what mine would be, that’s alright, but NFL GM’s aren’t always right. Discussing whether we like a draft isn’t that bizarre. Beane might be right, but there is a chance this draft is a bust. 

  4. I still can’t believe how little our stockpile of fifth picks has been discussed. It’s probably just me, but I found it bizarre. We collected picks in a manner that indicated a likely big trade. Instead, we draft a bunch of defensive players in the fifth round. I’m not sure how this was the best use of wheeling and dealing in the draft. This was a drought era type draft, and I think we’ll pay for years to come. At least we got our high motor lunch pail safety for Tyreek Hill to run past. 

  5. 1 hour ago, KentuckyBillsFan said:

    The problem with this draft is it shows there’s no change in philosophy. They’ll add to the offense when they have to but the priority is getting “team captain” guys on defense. They’re doubling down on a strategy that’s failed.


    Beane and McDermott won’t change. 

    Exactly, The inability of these guys to adjust will be their eventual downfall. I’ve loved everything McD and Beane has done for us, it’s time to change course, but they’ll keep drafting upstanding citizens who play defense over anything else. That’ll be the demise of this golden era of Bills football. I hope I’m wrong. 

  6. Beane is absolutely incorrect imo. This team is not in transition. This team has Josh Allen, and that’s all it takes to maintain some sense of continuity. This regime places too much emphasis on feel good stories and “good guys”, so they overvalue the loses this offseason. Most offseason loses were guys on the downside of their career who didn’t contribute much last year anyway. We have a foundation in place, although with several missing pieces (wide receiver for example). loses


    Loses like Poyer, Davis, Diggs, White, and Morse are not cause for a rebuild. I think the process is getting stale, and this regime doesn’t know how to react next. Beane has been phenomenal in Buffalo, but neither him or McD strike me as guys who are highly open to change. 

  7. Just now, H2o said:

    Meh, meh, and meh. This draft, so far, has been the worst I've seen from Beane. The trades don't bother me. What we've done after that has. Just my 2. Very underwhelming. 

    I agree, but the trades do bother me because the draft shouldn’t be underwhelming with all those picks. I’m struggling to understand why he stockpiled all those picks. The value of a bunch of fifth round picks aren’t great, unless you bundle them for a trade, which seems unlikely at this point. 

  8. 3 hours ago, Beast said:

    The damned dumbest argument I’ve seen is the Chiefs would have got Worthy regardless.

    You don’t trade up with the team you think is going to select your target, you trade in front of that team.


    Obviously, the Chiefs felt one of Tampa Bay, Dallas or San Francisco was going to take Worthy. 

    True, and SF drafted a WR. Who’s to say Worthy wasn’t the guy? 

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  9. Just now, Mojo44 said:

    Certainly possible. But I would be shocked if it was prevalent. You can be overweight and be in good shape and not have type two. My assumption, which is all it is, that it’s not prevalent 

    I agree it’s not prevalent, I just don’t think that being 300 pounds is ever “healthy”. They are very strong guys, and better athletes than me, but there’s a reason most offensive linemen lose a ton of weigh in retirement. It isn’t healthy to maintain, and they’re intentionally gaining weight to be lineman throughout their football careers. 

  10. 7 minutes ago, Mojo44 said:

    It’s almost certainly type one insulin-dependent diabetes. Young athletes in good shape are not candidates for type two. Also, managing IDDM is much easier with current medical technology. I don’t see this as a major issue. If he has character issues it’s very unlikely they’re related to his diabetes

    To be fair it wouldn’t shock me if there have been offensive lineman with type 2 over the years. 

  11. 1 minute ago, Roundybout said:

    Not really. Through the entire process I wanted Beane to go all in and get Josh a stud WR1 to play with for the next 10 years. I hate being timid. 

    Similarly, feels like Beane got caught with his pants down when Jacksonville took BTJr (which was stupid because they have a lot of defensive needs). 

    Yeah, once I got over the KC trade, I was more disappointed we couldn’t make any trades up the board. It felt like the right time to go all in considering where Josh is in his career. This felt like a conservative McBeane play, and very much part of the philosophy that keeps us from taking the next step. You can only worry about tomorrow for so long. It’s a great team building philosophy to end a drought, but I think it’s time to be aggressive. 

  12. Beane historically has made great use of trades during the draft. I think he got caught up in the idea that every trade down is good because you build draft capital. This might all work out, but I don’t think he got enough to make these trade downs worthwhile. It felt like starting out with a brand new car, continuing to trade them in to save money, until you’re finally stuck with a clunker at the end of it. 

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  13. 1 minute ago, sven233 said:


    In theory, this is fine as a concept.  Get an established #1.  Stockpile picks to still have some semblance of a draft and trade for a WR.  But honestly, I don't see Tee Higgins as a #1 and Debo is a little older and has more miles on him than I would like.  Ayuk is interesting, but is going to cost a fortune probably in assets and definitely an extension.  Is there another guy out there that they could be looking at?  There has to be a plan.  I refuse to believe Beane got stupid all of a sudden.  There has to be something cooking.  Not giving up on Beane yet.

    I agree, I don’t think any of these veteran WR’s are what some people think. Jefferson would be the only extremely impressive addition. 

  14. Just now, jkeerie said:

    Folks...think this through.  The Bills obviously were not going to take Worthy.  It's likely he would have fallen to the Chiefs anyway and the Bills get a 3rd rounder in the process.

    Here’s my issue, it doesn’t matter if we didn’t want Worthy. You don’t give Mahomes a speed receiver. It’s ok that Beane didn’t want Worthy, but there’s no way you take the risk of giving any help to Mahomes. Maybe the Chiefs draft Worthy at 32, but why be directly responsible for potentially watching Worthy catch deep passes against us in the playoffs? I just don’t get it. 

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