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  1. Less than 2 days left in this auction. Bring it back to Buffalo! Can't go wrong with it being made of gold.
  2. Just had to bump this post back up. Less than 2 days left in the auction. Bring the 1920 Buffalo championship fob back to Buffalo! (It's in New Jersey, at the moment.)
  3. ButchCT

    Turns out it was Bellichick not Brady!

    14-6, actually.
  4. The NFL is most definitely a business first. There will be a team in London soon. I think the Jags will move to London, to the AFC East and then the Dolphins go to the AFC South. The Patriots were going to be moved to St Louis before Kraft bought the team.
  5. If someone is smart, they'd go after the NFL's first year 1920 Buffalo All Americans pendant I posted on here and parade it. Buffalo easily has a claim to the 1920 and 1921 championships. https://auction.lelands.com/bids/bidplace?itemid=90440 10 days left. Ockie Anderson was a legend in his time. Those two seasons dwarf what Levy and Kelly have done in Buffalo, in my opinion, from a 100 year perspective. Buffalo has the right to be an original NFL town like Green Bay and Chicago. Actually, moreso than Green Bay, since the Packers joined in 1921. The town of Pottsville, PA, still wants recognition for their title in 1925. Here's a ring from that team for their title. Not made of gold or silver because the retired players couldn't afford it, I was told. One player did have his made of silver. https://auction.lelands.com/bids/bidplace?itemid=90443 The NFL will be in it's 100th season next season. Might as well claim the first 2 titles in 1920 and 1921, given the circumstances. Harvard created football in 1874 and 1875. Princeton vs Rutgers in 1869 being the first game is a myth. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1874_Harvard_vs._McGill_football_game 1908 Harvard unclaimed championship pendant: https://auction.lelands.com/bids/bidplace?itemid=90441 Harvard doesn't care to claim the 1908 title, though they are worthy. Like I said, Buffalo fans should claim the 1920 and 1921 titles.
  6. https://auction.lelands.com/bids/bidplace?itemid=90440 Championship claim from 1920.
  7. ButchCT

    Spring League Success

    It is possible thay both can succeed since they are aiming for different audiences but hard to see it happening. XFL may die out from the stigma of being a WWE product. As the WFL and USFL proved, cant compete with the NFL. There's people who feel the USFL could have succeeded if it stayed in the spring. I have no opinion myself on that. But there most definitely is a gaping market in the spring for some markets that would only have baseball, such as AAF markets. And also a potential for minor league football to develop and succeed at this point in time. I'd say the AAF has the best plan.
  8. That Clemson QB and o-line might be able to beat the Cardinals. Only because the QB is that good, IMO. Let the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes commence.
  9. ButchCT

    The NFL's Obesity Scourge

    Sometimes, it is. Example, some cases of PCOS.
  10. ButchCT

    About Tom Brady and the Patriots

    Mahomes is potentially dynastic material. His commad of the field is ridiculous, obviously. AFC is in a tough spot for everyone but NE and now KC.
  11. ButchCT

    The NFL's Obesity Scourge

    Football is a sport of excess. Hard to see that changing, as the sport has always tested the limits of the human body.
  12. Had to share this with fellow fans, here's a co-championship gold pendant up for auction from the most underappreciated NFL champions, the 1920 (and 1921) Buffalo All-Americans. https://auction.lelands.com/bids/bidplace?itemid=90440
  13. ButchCT

    The NFL's Obesity Scourge

    Stretch marks are no fun.