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  1. What a horrible post! Do you know how many people you just offended with that comment? That dove was probably someone's cherished pet and everyone on here whoever had a dove as a pet is really upset. C'mon man, that's disgusting.😉
  2. I'm also "surprised" that he threw so well on a windy day. I read it here that he struggles when it's windy. LOL
  3. Thank you for that scientific, statistically based analysis.
  4. That's a fair point if we're talking about a discount on most things. But that's not the way rich people think and that's why they're rich and the rest of us are not. Also, I'd be surprised if their share of the cost approaches $1 billion.
  5. Is that really a concern? The guy probably has the strongest arm in the League. Is there really some evidence behind that question/concern?
  6. The NFL knows that either Tennessee or Baltimore will have Covid issues and will need the extra day to get everyone on their roster eligible to play.
  7. If you do the math, it's unlikely very many seats would have PSL's in the $1,000-2,000 range. They need a lot more money up front to finance the amount they are likely going to be asked to contribute. If 60,000 seats averaged $2,000 per PSL, that's only $120 million.
  8. I'm a Cuse grad and I live here, but sorry I will tolerate this slander and will not join you in the parking lot. I find it hard to listen to her announce any game and I'm probably the least sexist person I know. ( I know, that sounds like Trump saying "I'm the least racist person you'll ever meet")
  9. No doubt it sucked losing to the Phins for so long and there were certain players (e.g., Cox) who it was easy to hate. But they don't compare to the Patriots and their horrible fan base and their obnoxious owner. All the cheating, the dirty plays, the bad calls in their favor, and a whole list of players to dislike...Brady, Gronk, Edelman, Aaron Hernandez, Wilfork, etc etc make them the most despicable team ever.
  10. I'm guessing it's their way of thanking him for getting hurt so that they can see Justin Fields play. Sick bastards.
  11. I'm just curious, rank the info you care about before game time, in order of importance: 1. weather conditions 2. officiating crew 3. TV announcers 4. uniform colors 5. actives/inactives 6. injury report 7. point spread 8. face mask color 9. time gates open 10. vax policy at stadium 11. whether Josh has visible cupping marks
  12. I'm surprised that a dude named "Bubba" cares so much about fashion. Just sayin'
  13. I will be really concerned if someone finds a photo of Josh with a leach on his arm to get rid of "bad blood".
  14. Sorry, I was being sarcastic and should have so indicated.
  15. If you enlarge the photo and look at the contorted throwing motion it shows, there is no wonder he needs cupping therapy. But OP, this is an interesting find and some good sleuthing on your part. The photo definitely shows the mark of cupping therapy (yes, it's a real thing. Google it) but hard to say if it's an indication that he has something affecting his throws. Cupping therapy can be done for reasons other than pain management.
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