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  1. When Allen was healthy he was quite inaccurate. Until that is fixed can we stop with this playoffs talk.
  2. kbarrettb

    Bills have #27th ranked Defense according to ESPN

    You honestly don't read articles. You look at a headline flip your lid and then post something. Nothing you said is true at all.
  3. kbarrettb

    Predict Buffalo at Jets score

    I don't care to Let this be over
  4. kbarrettb

    Peterman actually played quite well!

    He had a QBR of 8.7 and a QB rating of 45.4 For context Mitch Trubisky who didn't have a great or good day had a QBR of 48.8 QB rating 76 This is insane to think Peterman played well. But hey people are fan bois for a reason.
  5. kbarrettb

    Good Head Coaches

    Rivera is a good head coach. Marvin ehh ask a Bengals fan they want him gone. Tomlin is a defensive head coach but he didn't bring his defense he kept the defensive scheme as when he got there, if you read stuff on Tomlin he is much more an overseer as someone that puts in his play book. John Harbaugh was a special teams coach before becoming a head coach. Let's go with each argument. Brees has been to the playoffs more times than not and has won a super bowl Rodgers Brees and Ryan have been to super bowl once. How many times have they been to the playoffs? So you are saying the 16-0 regular season Patriots weren't good because they didn't win the super bowl? HAHA ok.... John Harbaugh was a special teams coach Brady has gone 5-2 in super bowls and look at his numbers, just because the defense made one play means nothing brady put up 500 yards passing i think he did ok John Fox was the head coach but Peyton Manning was the QB and they fired Fox and made the OC the head coach and they won the super bowl the next year. That was easy. Bill Bellichik look at the numbers of brady when he had this OC rather then when they didn't have McDaniels. Bill is a mastermind of scheme and changes the playbook to fit who they are playing no other coach in football does this. Also Bill is the greatest coach of all time. He is the unicorn.
  6. kbarrettb

    Good Head Coaches

    So I have wanted to bring this up but didn't have time. The NFL is an offensive lead I think we can all agree to this or at least agree mostly about this. I was talking to a friend and we were talking about good head coaches and then we were talking about what side of the offensive defensive or special teams they coached before becoming head coaches. It got me thinking I don't hate McDermott I just think there are so few defensive good coaches in the league and in the league historically. We could only come up with Pete Carrol and Bill Belichick who were great head coaches who were defensive minded. Total there are 21 Offensive head coaches 10 defensive head coaches and 1 special team head coach. Out of those coaches there are much more good coaches on the offensive side of the ball then there are defensive good head coaches. I just think with the way the NFL is today you need a good offensive coach as the head coach. You can always find defensive coaches. But if you have a superior Offensive Coordinator the second he has a good year or even just people interested in him he is gone and he is basically taking your offensive system with him which messes with the QB if you have a good offensive head coach he runs his system he is there for the duration.
  7. I dislike EJ thought the Bills were dumb for taking him. Actually laughed out loud with friends who were laughing as well when he was taken. Look at the just utter horribleness. Nevermind the context that right now it’s never been a better time to be a qb in the NFL. EJ Manuel rookie season QBR 39.5 QB rating 77.7 Josh Allen QBR 28.9 QB rating 61.8
  8. kbarrettb

    Second half: Wk 9 Bears at Bills, 1 pm FOX

    Not really haha I think it’s funny football fans are some of the dumbest fans out there. Baseball fans at least have analytics. But but but these stats are wrong wah wah is hilarious.
  9. kbarrettb

    Second half: Wk 9 Bears at Bills, 1 pm FOX

    What a beautiful game 41-9 and 2-7
  10. kbarrettb

    Second half: Wk 9 Bears at Bills, 1 pm FOX

    Inaccuracies like a Josh Allen throw? Or the fact peterman has 3 picks and a now 40 qb rating haha ya dispute that. Stats lie wah wah wah.
  11. kbarrettb

    Second half: Wk 9 Bears at Bills, 1 pm FOX

    Same big picture as not trading an old ass rb when he’s clearly on the downside of his career. Hahaha you can’t count to three if I spotted you two numbers.
  12. kbarrettb

    Second half: Wk 9 Bears at Bills, 1 pm FOX

  13. kbarrettb

    Second half: Wk 9 Bears at Bills, 1 pm FOX

    I just love that there are fanatics here that defend this team.
  14. kbarrettb

    Second half: Wk 9 Bears at Bills, 1 pm FOX

    You’re a clown. Defend Peterman and the Bills offense. This is an elite bunch.
  15. kbarrettb

    Second half: Wk 9 Bears at Bills, 1 pm FOX

    Haha defend away that 31.8 qb rating and 3 int. You make my point for me haha ***** classic.