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  1. We lost because we played like ass in the first quarter. And receivers didn't play very well and Allen had some bad throws. Blaming officiating is what weak people do.
  2. kbarrettb

    1st Half Thread: Bills vs. Dolphins at 1 PM ET on CBS

    Josh Allen is not a quarterback
  3. kbarrettb

    1st Half Thread: Bills vs. Dolphins at 1 PM ET on CBS

    Tannehill is not good but guy is completing 10/15 passes Josh Allen is 3/8 this is just dumb. Learn accuracy before scrambling
  4. kbarrettb

    1st Half Thread: Bills vs. Dolphins at 1 PM ET on CBS

    Allen 1/5 for -6 yards incredible
  5. kbarrettb

    Was Baker Mayfield a DOUCHE Yesterday?

    Hue is terrible. That being said we have no idea what their relationship was like internally. It seems from the outside that Baker and Hue did not get along. I like Baker I dislike Hue. Going back to last year the way he would run through qbs in one game was a joke. If I was an nfl owner I wouldn’t let him anywhere near my football team.
  6. kbarrettb

    How much more mileage is left on the Shady chasis?

    If I were the Bills this would be Shady's last year here. No way do I want to go into next year with a 31 year old running back. You can find a good running back in the draft or undrafted. He will take up too much cap where we can spend it in other places. It's been fun Shady but bye bye.
  7. kbarrettb

    Rate the rookie QB's

    1. Baker 2. Rosen 3. Allen 4. Darnold 5. Jackson Allen while we got another win today. He ran for a lot but right now it is so easy to pass the ball and he still isn't completing passes at a 50% clip.
  8. Have a qbr over 50 and throw for an act of 200 a game
  9. Bills wont finish even 2nd in the East let alone win. They are not making the playoffs this year. Absolute 0 chance. Have you seen Allen play? It is not good. Jacksonville will make Allen.... ahh nevermind fan bois will fan boi.
  10. That game was absolutely incredible. Everything you want out of a football game. Defensive plays, offense went nuts, the playmakers on both sides of the ball showed how truly great they are. You want to know why people here aren't a fan of offenses and this game I can sum it up with one article. Bills haven't had an offense in 18 plus years. Allen has no accuracy and a cannon for an arm. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/11/20/rams-chiefs-produced-more-touchdowns-than-the-bills-have-all-season/
  11. When Allen was healthy he was quite inaccurate. Until that is fixed can we stop with this playoffs talk.
  12. kbarrettb

    Bills have #27th ranked Defense according to ESPN

    You honestly don't read articles. You look at a headline flip your lid and then post something. Nothing you said is true at all.
  13. kbarrettb

    Predict Buffalo at Jets score

    I don't care to Let this be over