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  1. Can I get a Amen? .....AMEN Brother!!!
  2. I never considered this as "THE" year anyway. Any one who has been following this team knows we are in the final stages of a rebuild. The Bill's look good now, but given another offseason of wr, d line ,o line ,overall depth at key positions. and more time for Josh to 'normalize discipline " at his position then we can talk about being a finished product. Furthermore, I d like to remind people that while some of us are wanting to trade for that shiny toy before the deadline, that's not the line of thinking that got us to this point. Be grateful that we have a GM that's sticking to his plan (or what it seems to be) We need those picks for the draft...and that money to retain the talent we already possess.
  3. Sanu..happy now? Geez..
  4. Well people...maybe Beane can pull one out the hat. Thoughts?
  5. The Rockpile Report is pretty good. Locked on Bill's is awesome also Omg I forgot to mention Buffalo Fanatics on YouTube with Rico..AWESOME
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