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  1. I wonder who is claiming the belt this year. Looks like some of y’all slept in hammers lot last night. 😜
  2. A lot of long term issues with this Virus, the severity and length is Unique to each person. My wife’s mother died last September from COVID, being perfectly healthy and never been in the hospital ever before this. I was training for the MURPH for a fundraiser with the Navy Seal vets in Florida. Was running 7 min miles with the 20 lbs vest. Got covid pretty bad. A month after being “cleared” I still couldn’t even finish a .25 of a mile, running very slow and no vest. 3 weeks after that I was back in the hospital with inflammation of the heart. This thing is no joke. Could be very possible that he’s out for an extended period of time or could be back soon, just depends on how the virus effected him.
  3. The chica and I have started calling him BABY BASS. Just sounds right.
  4. Just got season tickets this past March, club sec 216. Have not been able to sit in them yet. Looking forward to next year.
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