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  1. Rufridr101

    Startling Star statistic

    I think star does his job well but has a rookie middle linebacker without instincts playing behind him
  2. Andy Reid's offense is always helped quarterbacks put up numbers. Donovan McNabb, Nick foles, Jeff Garcia, McMahon, Alex Smith, and now Patrick mahomes. What if Josh Allen ran Andy Reid's offense? Yes Patrick mahomes is talented but how much of it is because the offensive system.
  3. Rufridr101

    The Quarterback Shuffle 2019

    If I'm the eagles I try and trade wentz to the raiders and keep foles. Jacksonville coaches and management hate throwing plus turnovers tyrod makes sense. Joe flaco fits best with giants if manning leaves because of the long ball. Tannehill seems like a fit to Washington. Derek Carr to Miami.
  4. Rufridr101

    Does Ted Washington Belong In The NFL Hall of Fame

    Absolutely loved watching him play. Couldn't sneak the cheese past him.
  5. Could dominate red zone and 3rd downs. Also seems like a outstanding blocker.
  6. Rufridr101

    Sunday Wild Card Game: Chargers at Baltimore, 1 pm on CBS

    Jackson is tyrod
  7. Rufridr101

    Wild Card Saturday: FA targets to watch

    Golden Tate plus Sean Lee in a trade. Dallas will need cap space Sean Lee has 1 year left on his deal possibly obtained for a fifth. Derek Anderson has helped Josh Allen tremendously. Sean Lee could help tremaine Edmunds the same way he helped the young bucks in Dallas.
  8. Rufridr101

    Wild Card Saturday: FA targets to watch

    Golden Tate
  9. Rufridr101

    Allen's first 300 yard passing game - when?

    When the offensive line, weapons, and running game improve
  10. When the season started the receivers were Benjamin, Kerley. Holmes and zay Jones. 3 of them are not on the team anymore. We lost are 2 best offensive lineman from a year ago and Josh Allen wasn't named the starter until week 2. The kid didn't receive many reps with the 1st team in spring training. Fast forward his receivers became a undrafted rookie Robert foster, another who was claimed off waivers McKenzie, and another guy who missed training camp and been underperforming Zay Jones. Josh Allen had 0 help of a running game, and would cause problems for the best of veteran qbs. I really think it's laughable people don't realize that the bills have struck gold. Maybe it's all the years of losing and past failures of drafting qbs that make people pessimistic. Reminds me of the movie money ball at the end when they watch the video of the big guy who was scared of running to second base and didn't realize he hit it out of the park.
  11. His competivness is off the charts! The Jacksonville game was proof of that! I have no doubt about this guy having a strong off season to improve his strength and technique . Awesome find.
  12. Nope! I said at the time he had the most potential of any of the quarterbacks drafted. The others drafted may have been more ready on day one but the goal is championships. Josh Allen has that rare talent and is even more competitive than I realized. Aaron Rodgers is a talented guy but lacks that competitive fire. When the bills lost this year it truly ate Josh alive. He hates losing and combined with the talent great news for buffalo bills fans.
  13. A mentor and lockeroom guy is needed to help the young guys. Golden Tate fits the bill. Playoff experience, Superbowl experience, quarterback friendly and won't break the bank. He plays with tenacity and confidence who's unselfish. I'd like him at a 3 year deal with the 3rd being easy to void without much penalty.
  14. Rufridr101

    Is Robbie Anderson worth a second rounder.

    I think Golden Tate might be a nice veteran to add. Quality lockeroom guy, 30 years old, Superbowl experience, tenacious blocker. Plus his stats were down this year which probably makes him affordable.
  15. Trent Murphy and shady