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  1. Rufridr101

    Ed Oliver to visit Buffalo

    I believe sweat has a higher ceiling because of the athletic ability and size. Depends on his work ethic to perfect his craft.
  2. Rufridr101

    CB EJ Gaines 1 year deal

    His play against the run is great in 2017 he had 43 tackles in 11 games.
  3. Rufridr101

    CB EJ Gaines 1 year deal

    Gaines when healthy was our best cornerback 2 years ago. Plays the run physical. 2 years ago when he was on the field the defense had a confidence boost. This is a phenomenal sighing.
  4. Cj Anderson is a younger better ivory and is highly motivated. Definitely would be on board with this.
  5. Rufridr101

    Bills still looking to add to DL in FA per Beane

    Maybe suh is on the table for a one year deal
  6. If Williams is on the board at 5 beano should try and trade up with Tampa he's a game changer. The bills don't have a defensive line player that commands double teams or a specific game plan.
  7. Rufridr101

    Ledyard: 2019 NFL Draft Edge Defender Rankings

    Everything beano and McDermott have done to this point is about scheme fit. From the secondary to the linebackers it's been lengthy players. The Trent Murphy move because of the length and not trusting shaq to loose weight to his credit he did. The buffalo bills board will have these players ranked on scheme fit above all. Bosa, sweat, and Ferrell are the ones who fit the scheme best because of the size and length. Tremaine Edmunds is a perfect example of the bills drafting measurables.
  8. Rufridr101

    With recent news, Is Sweat worth the risk?

    Depends what the bills medical staff says but this guy is a monster.
  9. Rufridr101

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to sign with Miami

    Hope we don't play him until week 5
  10. Rufridr101

    Saints C Max Unger retires

    True This is true but maybe worth the pick
  11. Rufridr101

    Saints C Max Unger retires

    We have backup guards though
  12. Rufridr101

    Saints C Max Unger retires

    Spencer can play center also
  13. Rufridr101

    Post your mock draft here

    Quinnen Williams montaze sweat Noah fant Andy Isabella Chris lindstrom + a running back and whatever trades beano needs to make it happen with no 2020 picks though.
  14. Rufridr101

    Adrian Clayborn a Bill

    But next year we get nothing in return. Teams that run the wide 9 or 34 looking for a rush linebacker will pay for Jerry.