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  1. I curious if Oliver could play defensive end some.
  2. The jets jets are trying to build a team with high priced free agents. This never works and always gets the gm fired. When a team is close to the Superbowl and and wants to get over the hump then a high priced free agent makes sense.
  3. Jimmy g Kyle Murray and Jared Goff will be harder to sack than Rosen brady darnold.
  4. I'm not sold on the story yet. Sounds like ziggy's agent is squeezing the bills.
  5. Duke Williams is a younger dez
  6. Beano has built the roster the right way for the long haul. The jets built a roster on high priced free agents, that never works. The dolphins are just beginning the roster rebuild and are a couple years out. The patriots have a 42 year old quarterback plus lost trey flowers, trent Brown, Rob gronkowski. The bills have a complete roster for the first time in 20 years. If the rookie class plays to their potential, the bills will challenge the patriots this year.
  7. Fitz only for September games Barkley for the jets and tyrod if wanna make the playoffs.
  8. After seeing Josh Allen play on Sundays it's clear that he absolutely has the highest ceiling of the quarterbacks selected last year. His talent is more raw but his competivness is second 2 none. I'd take Allen over all quarterbacks selected over the last 5 years except mahomes.
  9. Has the potential or ceiling to be the best all around TE in class.
  10. I'd rather not have a high maintenance receivers until Josh Allen has matured some
  11. I think duke Williams makes the team in that marcus Easley roll. Could become our special teams ace. Zay Jones is in real danger of not making the squad. McKenzie offers a unique Jack of all trades roll. Zay is in trouble.
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