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  1. Seoul_panther

    Bills FA moves garner praise from national media

  2. Seoul_panther

    How Things Look from the Other Side of the World

    Glad you’re enjoying Thailand Shaw! Are you in the Golden triangle? Are you surprised at the volume of FA players recruited? Does it bother you that the Bills haven’t taken any of the biggest ‘names’ in FA?
  3. Fair enough, I misinterpreted your post as taking pleasure at some of the reactions. I will say this. As an Englishman, many of our club sports were established and historically have been integral to a local community. This is a notion I can support. Links between sporting clubs and their integration and relationship with a local community right down to grass roots projects. The way sports institutions function in England is a huge contrast from a culture of franchises-even when a franchise has been based in one place for a lengthy period of time. However and this is the nerve that I think you have touched in this thread, I believe it’s a thing that people can become overly defensive and tribal about whether you are a ‘true’ fan of a particular club or not. Taken to unhealthy levels this can result as in the 1980s in English soccer in extreme levels of hooliganism and genuinely unpleasant fan environments. For me, sports should always be inclusive not exclusive.
  4. The fact that you get a kick out of triggering people probably says something about you.
  5. My answer is simple. I am not an American thus have no geographical affiliation. I AM however a sports fan. So what I like is watching the game and talking about it with anyone who will engage. My team has been the Panthers because my wife is from Carolina. When I was a kid and started watching in the mid 80s I followed the Seahawks and Vikings mostly because I loved their logos. One thing I tend not to do is follow teams that often win. I don’t feel that to be a particularly compelling narrative. I started following the Bills last year when MCD then Beane came across. That season when the Bills broke the drought I can’t tell you how much pleasure I took watching and rewatching the clips of fans celebrating. It was awesome. Nowadays I probably feel more excited about the Bills than the Panthers-frankly there are more reasons for optimism for the Bills. If that makes you uncomfortable sobeit but my bottom line is that following multiple teams is a source of pleasure for me.
  6. Seoul_panther

    Carolina WR Devin Funchess unlikely to be extended

    Just be aware that Daryl Williams has only had one good season for the Panthers-2 years ago prior to his injury. Prior to that he was very average. Furthermore during that year, 2017 as an RT DW received a ton of help from tE’s and RB’s. Mike Shula’s Offense ran 12-21 personnel a combined 42% compared to Norb turner’s 28% the subsequent year. in 2017 only Taylor Lewan 45.3% of plays, Jack Conklin 42.1%, RonnieStanley 42.0% received more help than DW 38.8%. coming off an injury too, I’m just saying there’s risk there.
  7. Seoul_panther

    Jason Witten returning to play for Cowboys

    Greg Olsen to replace Witten in the booth. I reckon.
  8. Seoul_panther

    Cuts around the League

    Really? I wouldn’t even want him as depth. He was a total liability this year having been pretty good for a late pick during his first stint. Our ST was very meh and I don’t remember him doing a thing all year-unsurprising as his speed is gone. In addition his attitude was so bad last year he was dropped for a stretch of games. Frankly an undrafted player seems like he would have much more worth. I want to see Buffalo do well hence I wouldn’t want to see Captain go there.
  9. Seoul_panther

    Cuts around the League

    He’s very bad. Don’t think you need him with Taron Johnson doing so well in his rookie year.
  10. Yes unfortunate for him but someone will get a bargain. He’s not due to miss training camp. Then again, the cautionary tale here is John Ross. I think OL is very interesting. After the hype surrounding the colts rise this season my feeling is that OL in general will be overdrafted. If you check out other NFL fan forums, nearly all of them have identical threads. Sign Saffold and Paradis in FA. Cody Ford, Chris Lindstrom and Dalton Risner. My theory is that everyone believes these guys will drop but the opposite may be true. So the question becomes do you want Risner so bad because he said some nice things about Buffalo, or can you live with a guy like Connor McGovern. Michael Jordan or even Ben Powers later? I like Risner (especially his position versatility) but he did have a dodgy first day at the senior bowl where he repeatedly was beaten on reps. Also he’s 24 which can be both good and bad. It makes me wonder even more about OL. We know that it’s not unusual to take a year or two to adapt to the speed at the professional level-especially for tackles. Fans expect to draft guys who will transform things immediately. But I remember the hype surrounding guys like Forrest Lamp, Billy Price and Frank Ragnow who were all considered very good picks. So maybe there is an argument for taking a guy with attributes like Greg Little, knowing that properly coached up he can be a REAL franchise changer. After all Beane has a track record for that having drafted Allen and Edmunds. It’s hard because most sport fans have no patience and GMs and coaches are expected to win now but that’s just maybe not always a fair expectation for OL. As I said, after the colts this year, it’s like every fanbase in the league thinks it’s that easy to transform your OL, but it’s the exception not the rule....
  11. Metcalf is going to be interesting for sure. How is his neck injury? We will see how freely he moves and the medical checkup. He’s also knocked for his route running due to the limited tree he ran in Miss. so some of the drills will be interesting. From the perspective of all theWR prospects the gauntlet drill is worth watching. Hakeem Butler for example has been criticized for drops this season past.
  12. There’s also Deionte Thompson, who finishes the season poorly and has an injury that will prevents him from participating in drills. That may affect his stock.
  13. Err...no. I mean it’s a sports discussion forum. I wasn’t expecting accurate predictions just opinions, which I’m interested to hear. Honestly I think the combine testing is more than a bit weird. But I’m still curious to see how people’s opinions change.
  14. https://thedraftnetwork.com/2019/02/21/6-pack-thursday-predicting-combine-standouts/ The combine is on this upcoming week. Which players do you see blowing it away with their physical performance. For me, Charles. Omenihu, Andy Isabella. Do you see anyone having an Orlando Brown type let down? I’m intrigued to see how DK Metcalf tests. Draft network says the TE class is deep so that will be worth watching. Who are some little talked about guys at the moment who you see their stock rising? My pick for this is Justin Layne can from Michigan. Watched him play against Ohio and was very impressed. He hasn’t been on the radar at all but I expect him to jump into 2nd-3rd R consideration after the combine. I was glad to see his name come up in this article. Who are you looking forward to seeing?
  15. Seoul_panther

    Process Guys At the Draft

    I’m also wondering if they will go after some new special team guys with some of their late round picks. Let’s hope they can replicate what they achieved last year with their later selections and UDFAs.